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Enticing Eve,
Entrancing Eden
and Adam's Apple!

P,..CS(,t-tuL by
'Walt,,. .Morosco

EoweU Sherman ""'------~

Eouise f)resser­
and ehari£sRay

"TODAY'S MOVIES can be divided into two categories :

straight whiskey and coca-cola. THE GARDEN OF
EDEN is wine. Lewis Milestone here out-Lubitsch's
Lubitsch! The screenplay is by the witty Hans Kraly,
Lubitsch's favorite scenarist. Corinne Griffith is en­
chanting and ethereal-the way screen stars used
to look. There is the delightfully polished villainy of
Lowell Sherman as a Baron eternally "on the make"
-and the cynical Maude George (remembered from
the Stroheim films) as the procuress who provides
him with girls. Life in Budapest and Monte Carlo­
an absorbing, humourous, sophisticated delight."

1928 8 Reels Fine Quality

Directed by Lewis Milestone, Camera, Charles Rosher, A.S.C .
With Charles Ray, Louise Dresser, Lowell Sherman, Hank
Mann and Dot Farley.

16MM $165.00 8MM $50.00

8y Birth he was a Russian


Alllbil;on spurred him (0

tilC a rm y.

Fue brought him love - a


Love brought disasler.

Then came revolt, rage,

flame. Power-his opporru.

Did h e use il? H ad his

fiery lo\'C' died?

St-C'! The 1I10S1 gripping,

Ihrilling romance America's

Mosl Distingu ished AClOr

ever fllaJc .


')lorn and


S"l'<"r~, ... d I>~


"THE MOST GLOWING of film dramas . . . the finest,

most genuine motion picture which Barrymore has
ever made . .. a superb story crammed full of drama
. . . beautifully designed and photographed . . . a
1928 10 Reels Very Fine Quality.
Directed by Lewis Milestone. Camera, Charles Rosher, A.S.C.
The days of the Czars, War and Bloody Revolution.
Sweeping, breathtaking drama. John Barrymore in his
great moods: drunk as in MAN FROM BLANKLEYS,
tortured as in REDEMPTION, vital as in JUSTICE! The
cast includes, besides Louis Wolheim and Camilla Horn,
George Fawcett, Ullrich Haupt and Boris DeFas.
16MM $210 8MM $58.50


1915 2 Reels Fine Quality
"Produced by Essanay with marvelous illustrated titles, it
was Chaplin's first film made in Hollywood. Ranked as the
first authentic Chaplin classic, it remains as one of his
most important pictures, the first in which he injects a
clear note of pathos. . . . In the fadeout scene we see
him, back to the camera, starting dejectedly down the
lono road ... . " - Theodore Huff.
16MM $40.00 8MM $14.00

1926 11 Reels (These are short reels­

3258 ft. 16mm - 1629 8MM) Good Quality
One of the 10 Best Films of 1926.
Directed by Albert Parker. Camera, Henry Sharp, Art,
Carl Oscar Borg.
With Billie Dove, Donald Crisp, Sam DeGrasse, Anders
Randolf, Tempe Pigott, Charles Stevens and DOUGLAS
"Alone, THE BLACK PIRATE stood out as a brilliant
film. Taken for what it was, a glorious collection of im­
possible situations in delightful settings, as fine as any­
thing Fairbanks had ever done. Rapid in pace, strong in
feeling-above all, stimulating." -Paul Rotha.
"A legitimate successor to Edward Teach and other
hearties of the Spanish Main." -Hugh Walpole.
"Fantastically well done, in the manner of Howard Pyle."
-Richard Bissell.
16MM $175.00 8MM $50.00.



1925 8 Reels. Good Quality

Directed by Rupert Julian, with Norman Kerry, Mary
Philbin, Arthur Edwin Carewe.
Possibly the finest quality of this subject offered any·
where. Our source material is the print from which most
others are descendants. Horror, thrills, macabre!
16MM $165.00 8MM $40.50

5 Reels Good Quality.

Directed by E. A. Martin

with TONY



With Bessie Eyeton,

George Fawcett, Frank Campeau

Selig Polyscope, 1917

"A lusty old western.

Loads of action."-Tom Hedrington

16MM $100.00 8MM $30.00
~~cN O~'(S ·
11-\~1 Sw)OI(
{.h~ .~.~:
~~ . .from
._ ..... book
REED by l
,. I •

5 adion- packed
.. reds" ­


19.2.2 w ,lh lt
a '''ru''i,•• c..
MISS DU !'--=-=-=
DireC+ed ~nd
, \t~::'"" &~ , ••••

by ERICH VO"",,
\/ j

13tan llrnmmtl
lLl ~'ASTO:R



'­ -~ ,. -.=~.
\ '----.:-...::~~ d\J'ccled. b)'

Ha.~r'y Beaumont
reels - "ton",. $175.00"* B,"",.~50
Douglas Fairbanks in And - to remind you - we now have high quality
prints of:
19175- Reels - Finest Quality Douglas Fairbanks in THE MARK OF ZORRO (1920)
8 Reels Fine Quality 8MM $41.50. VARIETY by Du­
Directed by John Emerson and written by Anita pont, Starring Emil Jannings. 6 Reels 8MM $35.00.
Loos and John Emerson. The blithest, most sophisti­ Restricted 16MM $125. COPS and BALLOONATICKS
New Jersey residents, please add sales tax. cated of all "Doug's" early films. He dreams he is both starring Buster Keaton. 2 reels each. 8M M now
King of Vulgaria. Wonderful comedy, athletics and $9.50 each. The Greatest all-time Western Spectacle
terrific social satire for the year 1917. A unique -William S. Hart in TUMBLEWEEDS. 1926. $50.
Foreign orders please add 10% for shipping, packing item from the time (before costume films') "Doug" Stunning Quality.
and customs declarations. was known as "His Majesty, the American". Booth 16M M (restricted) $175.00
Tarkington called him: "A faun who has been to Sun­
Please include postage and insurance: 12 cents day School". Made though it was in 1917, the blood THE BEST SCENES from eaoh of these marvelous
postage & 25 cents insurance for first reel & 6 still races and laughs ring out at this marvelous, SILENT FILMS!
cents for each additional reel. nostalgic picture.
8MM $35 16MM (Restricted) $125 best scenes were used as "Come- Ons". These are SO
NOW! GREAT . .. Run altogether or split- 'em up. Make
your audience believe your Collection has these 14
F. W. Murnau. UFA, 1924 - 8 Reels Scenes from 14 SILENT CLASSIC FILMS.
Starring Emil Jannings
The Last Laugh is incomparable I Not one title LADY - with Conrad Nagel
With ERNEST TORRANCE. is used; the story is told exclusively by picture­
progression. An old Berlin doorman at a hotel owes 2-1927 BETTY BRONSON in BRASS KNUCKLES
Directed by Chuck Reisner. with Monte Blue
his popularity to his Franz-Josef whiskers. His two
8MM Only. 8 Reels. Good Quality - A terrifically talents: saluting and heaving luggage. The manage­ 3-1926 WHAT PRICE GLORY - McLaglen & Lowe
funny film. A fine addition to any film library. ment observes that he is no longer as strong as he The Barrage Scenes
"Keaton's face ranked almost with Lincoln's as was and he is demoted to lavatory attendant. (slightly disintegrated)
an early American archtype; it was haunting, hand­ 4-1927 DETECTIVES - Karl Dane and George K.
some, almost beautiful, yet it was irreducibly One of the most deeply moving, simple films of Arthur
funny ... ." James Agee all time. Jannings is incredibly good. The camera
work is beyond anything we know today. Not only is 5-1925 CLARA BOW in PARISAN LOVE with Lou
Price, 8MM $45. Tellegen and Donald Keith
the film not dated, it has a freshness lacking in con­
Prints made up on receipt of check or money order temporary product. A revelation in the art of the 6-1928 LORETTA YOUNG in THE HEAD MAN
motion picture. with Charlie Murray
KISM ET (1920) with celebrated actor, Otis Skinner "Imaginatively conceived; sensitively executed, MAN with Carmel Myers, Marcelline Day
as Haaj and directed by Louis Gasnier. With Hamilton utterly absorbing, it brought Hollywood up sharply to
a realization of the possibilities in t echnique." 8-1925 CLARA BOW in KEEPER OF THE BEES
Revelle , Herschel Mayall and Rosemary Theby 7 reels. -Lewis Jacobs. with Robert Frazier-a Joseph P. Kennedy
8 MM . only $45.00 Production
"Not until 1924 was a filrr to appear which en ~ 9-1928 RAMON NOVARRO and RENEE ADOREE
tirely justified the position of the cinema. TH E LAST in FORBIDDEN HOURS
LAUGH, the joint product of Murnau, Mayer, a~d 10- LAURA LA PLANTE in Mary Roberts Rinehart's
In Addition: Jannings established the film as an independent FINDERS KEEPERS - A Wesley Ruggles
Mme. Alia Nazimova in SALOME. medium of expression . Made without subtitles, not Production
1922 - American a written or spoken word is needed. Cine-fiction in
its purest form; exemplary of the rhythmic com­ 11-1927 PATSY RUTH MILLER and Glenn Tryon in
position of the film." HOT HEELS
Directed by Charles Bryant, Photography, Charles
Van Enger, Design and Costumes by Natacha Ram­ - Paul Rotha 12-1928 ROL D'ARCY, DOROTHY REVIER and
bova (Mrs. Rudolf Valentino) from the drawings by MATT MOORE in BEWARE OF
Aubrey Beardsley. "If my executioner told me I could see one more BLONDES
film before I died, - it would be THE LAST LAUGH. 13-1928 FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN, HELEN CHAD ­
A lush spectacle from the work by Oscar Wilde, Completely gripping. Perfection." WICK, MARGARET LIVINGSTONE in
with Nazimova, Mitchell Lewis and Nigel DeBrulier. -Royden Stringfellow SAY IT WITH SABLES
A true work of art.
8MM $42.50 16MM (restricted) $165.00 14-1927 CLAIRE WINDSOR in THE OPENING
NIGHT with John Bowers. By Albert Pey­
New Negative of Fine Quality' New Price I Battleship son Terhune.
Potemken by Eisenstein - 5 reels.
8MM $27.50 16MM (restricted) $75.00 8MM $28.50 8 MM $8.50 16M $20 (Restricted)
ness of the human form into the steel figure with such OCTOBER. Eisenstein was able to dragoon all he needed
Henry King's TOLABLE DAVID brilliant efeling as Fritz Lang? With its rows of rectangu, from the Soviets. The result Is stunning. The fall of the
1921 - Starring Richard Barthelmess and Ernest lar windows, its Slow-treading workers, its great geometric Kerensky Government and the storming of the Winter
buildings, its contrasted light and shade, its massed masses, Palace.
Torrance. 8 Reels. its machinery-METROPOLIS was an .. . achievement." "Unparalelled examples of rutheless, throbbing, vigorous
Directed by Henry King. Photographed by Cronjager. - THE FILM TILL NOW. direction! Intense, dynamic vitality."
A model of cutting and camera realism . " My favor ite all·time film. " - Forrest J. Ackerman. - THE FILM TILL NOW.
TOLABLE DAVID is as fresh and gripping as any Editor " Film Monsters"
film. past or present. Here Is ON E silent film that can be 16MM $165.00. 8MM $40.
screened for any audience today without explanation or 16MM $165 8MM $45.00
Ibsen's GHOSTS
"conditioning." Simple. deeply moving Americana. This is
Richard Barthelmess' greatest role in which he is sensitive VARIETY 1915 Condensed from 5 to 4 reels. Perfect con·
and superb. Ernest Torrance plays a moronic killer. LUKE UFA 1925 6 Reels-Fine Quality tinuity. Finest Quality.
-a horrifying and unforgettable performance. The tran· Directed by E. A. Dupont. Starring EMIL JANNINGS GHOSTS i. a "lost" classic. A film that would not,
quil village of Greenstrum is invaded by a trio of mur­ and Lya de Putti. A sensational classic of t he European COULD not be' made today! One of the first iluthentic
derers from "up Tug River way." This is a flawless film Vaudeville era. As absorbing as when first shown-incred ­ horror films . Directed by George Nichols, supervised by
of greatest power, wonder and delight. Print quality re­ ibly good shots of the trapeze artists. D. W. Griffith for the Mutual Film Company. With the
tains the glossy darks and shimmering sunlights. ' Griffith "Stock Company" . • . including Henry B. Walth·
"TOLABLE DAVID was what is known as a smash hit. 16MM $125.00 8MM $35.00 all, Mary Alden, Nigel DeBrulier, Thomas Jefferspn (Joseph
• • • Frank, pungent, simple and unmelodramatic rather Jefferson's son) , Monte Blue and Erich Von Stroheim.
than sentimental . . . Pudovkin selected sequences from COPS - Starring Buster Keaton Hereditary syphlitic insan ity-told with taste and power
TOLABLE DAVID as examples of the correct use of plastic . . • from the first "taint" to LOCOMOTOR ATAXIA.
material." - Lewis Jacobs 1922 - 2 Reels - Good Quality Brilliantly, horrifyingly, explicitly portrayed by Henry
"Had me on the edge of my seat--so great." Buster and 1,000 policemen. Wild Walthall in a dual role-OSWALD and his father, CHAN­
- Jason Robards, Jr. comedy madness. CELLOR ALVING. Definitely NOT for children.
16MM $165.00 8MM $50.00. 16 MM $29.00 8 MM $10.00 8MM $29.00


Erich Von Stroheim'sFOOLISH WIVES THE GOLEM 1925 5 Full Reels

1922 - 9 Reels. Good Quality. UFA 1920. 7 Reels-Good Quality Eisenstein's Masterpiece. Good Quality.
Stilrring, written ilnd directed by "The Man You Love " Unbearable suspense . . . the massaCre on the Odessa
Directed by and starring Paul Wegener, with Albert steps an all-lime scene of realistic horror - THE MOST
to Hate"-Erich Von Stroheim. With Mae Busch, Maude Steinrueck, Lyda Salmonowa, Ernst Deutsch, Otto Gebuhr. POW ERFUL IN ALL MOVIE HISTORY." - Paul Rotha.
George, Dale Fuller, Rudolph Christians and Miss Dupont. The Expressionist period. Horror and Wonder! The first
" Foolish Wives" has fire. storm, malignant swamp, tre· 8MM only, $28.50
and best treatment of THE GO LEM legend from ancient
mendou s pace and action. Yet it is pure, stark cinema in Hebrew mythology. A giant clay figure is brought to life 1922 TH E LEATHERPUSHERS
its truest sense. The film is sere yet opulent, decadent, by Rabbi Loew to save the Jews in the ghetto of medieval REGINALD DENNY in the wacki..t, whirlwind films
sophisticated and utterly f;ascinilting. It is also very, very Prague. about the Gentleman-turned-Boxe(. Two Episodes - 2
funny! Von Stroheim's CO UNT KARAMZIN is the most Reels each - each a complete story: ROUND II and
despicable liar, cheat and coward ever depicted-yet-you 16MM $135.00 8MM $35.00 ROUND III. Fine Quality.
LI KE him! Beyond scope and spectacle. FOOLISH WIVES 16MM-each $35.00-8MM - $12.00
Is a COUP for serious collectors.
"Von Stro~eim emerges here as one of the most impor· LORNA DOONE - 1923 6 Reels ELLA CINDERS
tant directors in American fi lm history not only for what Exquisite Quality. Maurice Tourneur's classic from the 1925 5 Reels Quality Fine.
he accomplished himself but for his stimulation of other Blackmoor novel starring Frank Keenan as Sir Ensor
directors and for his artistic integrity. No director since Doone, Madge Bellamy as Lorna and John Bowers as Starring COLLEEN MOORE. In this one film Colleen
John Rldd. Devonshire to London In medieval England. Moore is the peer of Chaplin. One of the most delightful,
D. W. Griffith has so fired the motion picture world ... Marvelous Tourneur compositions-No C. Wyeth illustra­
a man of creative passion, whose will could not be broken tions come to life! Action · and pageantryl FabulouS heartwarming performances in film history. Marvelous
and whose integrity could not be compromised • . . the scenes of the "Bloody Doon.... . . . Greatest of all Americana indigenous to the American hometown ilnd the
aclion climaxes-thousands of aclors-Rldd tears the bi­ Hollywood of 1925. "Cinderella" wins the hometown
biggest money-maker of all, "Foolish Wives" elicited a cep from Carver Doone's arm and costs him Into quick.
'review of the pictur.e that is an insult to every American sand Beauty Contest and a trip to Hollywood. Wonderful "Main
• • • sly thrusts at our traditions and sentiments.''' Street" and great scenes in the studios and on location •
8MM $36.00 With Lloyd Hughes, Vera Lewis, Jimmy Duffy and HARRY
"It was after seeing FOOLISH WIVES that I decided to tANGDON.
become a film director."' - Jean Renoir. 16MM $125.00 8MM $35.00
"One of the ten greatest films of all time."
- Williilm Wyler. Harry Langdon in SATURDAY A"ERNOON
16MM $165.00 8MM $50.00 (Fine Quality) THE BLUE ANGEL About 1926 3 Reels. Quality G"Od.
German 1929 9 Reels A Mack Sennett Pathecomedy with Vernon Dent and
The FIRST and .. GREATEST Science-Fiction film. The original Von Sternberg classic starring Emil Jan· Peggy Montgomery. Langdon's peculiar brand of comedy
Fritz Long's METROPOLIS nings and MARLENE DEITRICH who sings "Falling In madness.
Love Again." SOUND and TALKING (in German) with 16MM $60 8MM $17.50
UFA 1926. 9 . I s - 10 in 8MM. Fine Quality. translation titles. Simply TREMENDOUS! Jannings as the
A German "Things To Come" prOjected from 1926 to " Fallen Professor" is wonderful and heartrending.
about 2500 A.D. Tremendous action and spectacle. With BARBARA FRIETCHIE
Alfred Abel, Gustav Froelich, Rudolph Klein-Rogge, Brig. 16MM only $165.00
ette Helm, Theodore Loos, Fritz Rasp. 1924 8 Reels Finest Quality
" • • • METROPOLIS contained scenes t hat for the ir
TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD Produced by Thomas H. Ince, Direct)on, lambert Hili·
grandeur and strength have never been eq ual !~ d either by yer. Starring Florence Vidor and -Edmund Lowe. ' A line
Russian - 1927 - 8 Reels - Fine Quality. Civil War film - "The Birth of A Nallon" without
Britain or America. Who, for example, could have handled Directed by Sergei Eisenstein, photography by Eduard Racism arid the Klan. Great battle ICOne••
the sequence when ROTWANG transfe rs life an d the lik e­ Tisse. From the book by John Reed. Sometimes called 8MM $40.00
16MM $30.00 BMM $12.00 SALES ONU!


1926 Six Reels 263 HARRISON STREET

2 Reels 1917 Quality - Fine.

A slapstick. RIOT. Cross·eyed Ben and his pal come to Slarrinll Harlan and Viola Dana. Far from tho NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY 07110

SiI.... Norlh tho Roar of Iho broakinll of tho Gigantic

town in a 'side door Pullman"-set up a money machine-­ lco Padl On. of Ihoso marv.lous Northwest Lumber· PLEASE MAKE OUT CHE':;KS AND

print bogus money and get drunk. camp thrillors n.v.r allain as well don. as In Ih••1I.nt MONEY ORDERS TO

ora., mountln9 SUSPENSE al tho C.'aely""

thunders downriver, de.astlnll all b.fpr. It - crashinll GRIGGS-MOVIEDROME

John Barrymore in BEAU BRUMMEL into a ten.. human lilualion in tho North Woodl.
1925 7 Reels Fine Quality. All prints made up to order on receipt of check.
8MM $33.50
Directed by Harry Beaumont. The finest of all Barry­
more silent pictures made between his seasons as HAMLET.
THE LOST WORLD Please include postage and insurance; 12 cents postage and
With Mary Astor, Willard Louis, Irene Rich, Alec B. 1925 6 Reels Fine Quality. 25 cents insurance for first reel and 6 cents for each
Probably the best of this subject on the market with additional reel.
Francis and Carmel Myers. We follow George Bryan Brum­
More of the MONSTERS than from other sources. Conan
mel from the greatest dandy and friend of the Prince of
Doyle's story of Professior Challenger's expediticn to the
Wales through his fall from grace and to a madhouse in
headwaters of the Amazon in search of Pre·History. With
Marseilles. A consummate, poignant performance, heart· Film prints here offered for sale are, as nearly as
breaking and magnificent. Well researched and based on Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone ilnd Bessie Lowe.
16MM $100.00 8MM $35.00 can be determined from the Library of Congress
the Clyde Fitch play. Copyright Office, out of copyright and in what is
8MM $42.00 THE CONFESSION called "Public Domain." However, they are offered
1919 7 Reels. Fine Quality. to film collectors, educational institutions and others
VAGABONDING ON THE PACIFIC WITH for private and semi·private use only.
A melodramatic thriller starring Henry B. Walthall. A I have been collecting film for many years. M.y
JOHN BARRYMORE gripping story of the Roman Catholic Seal of the Confes· collection has cost many thousands of dollars. Offer·
1926 Good Quality 1% reels sion . . • a tremendous Northwest Canadian Manhunt, A ing prints of certain items is an attempt to recoup
Shot and edited by Barrymore on a yachting trip to Race For Life--and a Miracle. at least some of the investment.
Mexico. With his pet monkey, Clementine. He wrestles Music Track and voicing from 35mm negative: As a collector I know that QUALITY is ALL.
with Elephant Seals. It is well·made and wittily titled by $200.00 Silent: $135.00 There is a minimum of acceptability I will not go
Barrymore. From 16MM Negative - Good Quality - $125.00 below. Nearly all of the films have been made from
10MM $30.00 8MM $15;00 No 8MM - unless demand. original I6mm prints from 35mm negatives-or close
to original. All are good, honest quality and as fine
John Barrymore's HAMLET SCREEN TEST THE LONG LANE'S TURNING as can be obtained of each subject anywhere. Films
About 200 ft. 16MM Sound Only. Quality Only Fair. 1919 5 Reels. Good to Fair Quality listed as "Fair" are well above my minimum.
Made in 1937-all that remains of the greatest HAMLET. A charming period piece about an alcoholic lawyer, star· I believe my list is an unusual, exciting one.
16MM Only $25.00 ring HENRY B. WALTHALL with Mary Charleson. Where some titles are offered elsewhere, I believe
16MM only $100.00 my quality to be superior.
Complete Newsreels of - .JOHN GRIGGS
1 reel condensation of a 1926 feature starring Henry B. Douglas Fairbanks in
1927 1 Reel Fine Quality. Walthall. Good Quality.
16MM $21.00 16MM $25. 8MM $8.50
8MM $8.50
1924 - Full 14 Reel Release. Fine Quality.
BALLOONATICS Directed by Raoul Walsh. Sets by William Cameron
William S. Hart in TUMBLEWEEDS. Now 1923 2 Reels Good Quality Menzies. With Julianne Johnstone, Anna May Wong, Sojin,
Starring Buster KEATON with Phyllis Haver. Silent or Snitz Edwards, Sadakichi Hartmann and a cast of, liter·
with Hart's spoken prologue in 16 mm. with amusing musicill track. ally, thousands! An Arabian Nights' Fantasy in the m ,.
1925 8 Reels Magnificent Quality from 16MM $29.00 8MM $10.00 ner of Fritz Lang's DER MUDE TOO. Filled with spect ;
ular settings and amazing effects.
Finegrain 35mm. Directed King Baggott THE HAUNTED HOUSE " . • . Fairbanks most brilliant achievement. W
William S. Hart's MAGNUM·OPUS - Tho 1922 Two Reels Quality Fair to Good. could ever have supposed that in our time life wou .
AII·TIm. Weslern Spectaclo of Iho Sllont Era - wilh Top BUSTER KEATON. French titles.
Lucion L1ttl.fiold and Barbara Bodford. Hart's final and give him a chance to go on a pilgrimage with an Easterr.
fino.1 weslern Ihriller havlnll as its climax tho openinll 16MM $65.00 -vagabond, to pass through the Valley of Fire and over the
of Iho Ch.rokee Slrlp . . . Iho maddest ru.h of dosliny Mountain of Dread Adventure, to sail on the Sea of Mid·
ever recorded. William S. Harl In a II his mood. dolnll 6 BEST STRIP TEASE GIRLS night and invade the crystal realm beneath where all the
.ome of Ihe wildesl rldinll oyer se.n on film. An authontic
American classic of superb excitem."t. Fine, fine quality I 1 Reel. Quality Good monsters of fable abide. to climb the thousand steps to
16MM (Sound) $20.00 the Citadel of the Moon, to wear the Cloak of Invisibility,
16MM with Soundtrack of Music and ef­ Featuring Evelyn West and Her Treasure Chest . • . to travel through space on the Winged Horse and the
fects, $175.00. 8MM, $50. Track available on 8MM (Make your own music) $8.50 Magic Carpet? . . . Wonder and imagination are there."
-Edward Wegenknecht, "The Movies in the Age
tape, $20. BRONCO BILLY'S SENTENCE of Innocence."
1 Reel Fine Quality About 1909 "A feat of Motion Picture Art never equalled."
Starring BRONCO BILLY ANDERSON. A "lost classic.' -N. Y. TIMES
THE FARNUM·SANTSCHI FIGHT SCENE 16MM $20.00 8MM $8.50 "Something to file away in a bronze reel case in the
hollow of a keystone that will show some prying future
from the original THE SPOILERS DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in generation how far Americans came in ingenuity and
1914 1 Reel. Good Quailty. Selig-Polyscope THE MARK OF ZORRO sensitiveness."-N. Y. SUN.
The greatest all·time "for real" fight of the movies. Bill "Totally unlike anything ever done."-N. Y. HERALD
Funum .and Tom Santschi battle it out bloodily. This is
1920 8 Reels Fine Quality TRIBUNE.
DOU9'. first costume film - more xlp and "'"9 than
the final reel of the film. any of its d.scendants. Dlr.cted by Fred Niblo, mad. The greatest spectacle ever on 8MM
16MM $20.00 8MM $8.50 from a print from Ih. original 35mm negativ•• A Iru.
clanic thriller. only $59.00. 16MM - $250.00.
8MM $41.50

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