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Math 220 -Statistics

Assignment 2
Due November 23, 2017


 Answer all questions

 Show all workings
 Display the normal graph where necessary to enhance your answer
 Up to five (5) percent will be deducted for untidy work
 Late submission will not be accepted


1. The following observations are a simple random sample from a population that is
approximately normally distributed. Construct and interpret the 99% and 95% confidence
interval for the population mean.
21.7 26.8 33.1 27.9 23.5
39.0 28.0 24.7 28.4 28.9
30.0 33.6 33.3 34.1 35.1


2. In a Harris poll of 300 human resource professionals, 90% said that the appearance of a
job applicant is most important for a good first impression. Use a 0.05 significance level
to test a claim that more than ¾ of all human resource professionals say that the
appearance of a job applicant is most important for a good first impression.
(Use the p-value method).

3. Metal struts used in a building are specified to have a mean length of 2.855m. The
lengths have a normal distribution with standard deviation of 0.0352m. A batch of 15
struts is sent to a building site and the lengths are measured. The sample mean length is
A test is to be carried out, at the 1% significance level, to decide whether the mean length
of the metal struts has changed;
a) Stating your hypothesis, find the rejection region in terms of 𝚭-score.
b) State the conclusion of the test.

4. A random sample of 15 fence posts from a garden centre was found to have a mean
length of 1.84 m. The population standard deviation for these posts is taken to be 17cm.
(i) Use the t-distribution to find a 99% confidence interval for the mean length of such
(ii) Interpret the 99% confidence interval found in part (i) above.

5. Before students wrote a mathematics examination, their teacher had made predictions
about the results that students will receive. After the actual results of the examinations,
the results for 150 candidates were classified according to whether the predicted grade
was better than, equal to, or worse than the actual grade, as shown in the following table:

Teachers’ Predicted Grade

Actual Better Equal Worst Total
Grade B 16 30 12 58
Obtained C 10 20 9 39
D 20 15 18 53
Total 46 65 39 150

Carry out a χ2 test at the 5% level of significance to determine whether the teacher’s
prediction and the actual results are independent.