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Appendix 2.

Student Handout

Write a Job Description

Directions: Select one staff position of a child care center for which to write a job description in
the space below. Include details about the duties and responsibilities of this staff member as
well as requirements to prepare for this type of work. Share with other students and hear what
they wrote for other staff positions. Make sure you include the position name, qualifications and
a description of responsibilities.

Job Description
Position/Staff Role: Teacher Assistant for Fifth Grade Classroom

Purpose of the Position: They work with the teacher to help students succeed in the
classroom environment.

Qualifications: Requirements include Adult and child CPR/First Aid Certifications

within 30 days of hire date, good communication skills, and a Minimum age of 18.

Responsibilities: The teacher’s assitant should help with activities with the children,
help plan activities for the children, help communicate with parents on an ongoing
basis, and provide guidance for children's behavior.