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Answer the Following Questions

1​ . W
​ hat is your favorite room at home, and why?

My room is my favorite room at home because it is filled with my things as well as things
I love.

2.​ W
​ hat is your favorite classroom, and why?

My favorite classroom at school is the daycare because of the children and the
environment with the children.

3.​ W
​ hat is your favorite place to study, and why?

My favorite place to study is in my bed if it’s just the computer in my bed because it is
most comfortable. If it’s papers and writing then at the kitchen table because it’s easier to
write and space my papers out.

4.​ ​What is your favorite outdoor spot, and why?

My favorite outdoor spot is on the back porch because I love seeing the backyard and
birds flying around while swinging on our swing.