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Child Abuse

Jorden Whitley
Physical Abuse Signs & Symptoms:

● Is when a child is ● Unexplained injuries, such as

purposely physically bruises, fractures or burns
injured or put at risk of
● Injuries that don't match the
harm by another
person. given explanation
● Untreated medical or dental
Signs & Symptoms:
Emotional Abuse
● Delayed or inappropriate emotional development
● Is injuring a child's ● Loss of self-confidence or self-esteem
self-esteem or ● Social withdrawal or a loss of interest or enthusiasm
● Depression
● Headaches or stomach aches with no medical cause
Including verbal
● Avoidance of certain situations, such as refusing to go to
and emotional
school or ride the bus
assault such as
continually ● Desperately seeks affection
belittling, berating a ● A decrease in school performance or loss of interest in
child, isolating, school
ignoring or ● Loss of previously acquired developmental skills
rejecting a child.
Signs & Symptoms:
Sexual Abuse
● Sexual behavior or knowledge that's
● Is any sexual activity inappropriate for the child's age
with a child, such as ● Pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection
fondling, oral-genital
● Blood in the child's underwear
contact, intercourse
or exposure to child ● Statements that he or she was sexually
pornography. abused
● Trouble walking or sitting or complaints of
genital pain
● Abuse of other children sexually
Signs & Symptoms:
Neglect ● Poor growth or weight gain
● Is failure to ● Poor hygiene
provide ● Lack of clothing or supplies to meet physical needs
adequate ● Taking food or money without permission
● Eating a lot in one sitting or hiding food for later
affection, ● Poor record of school attendance
supervision, ● Lack of appropriate attention for medical, dental or
education or psychological problems or lack of necessary follow-up care
medical ● Emotional swings that are inappropriate or out of context to
the situation
● Indifference
What is a mandated reporter?

● You are required by the law to report any known or suspected cases of
child abuse or neglect.

● Such as a health care worker, social worker, school administrators,

teachers, ect.
What to do if you suspect a child is being abused?
● Call Child Protective Services

● Report it to your boss (if at work)

● Make documentation (if any)

● Ect..