Java Transformation available in the 8x version and it is not available in 7x ve rsion.

SQL Transformation also available in 8X and not in 7x. 8.x is SOA architecture(Service Oriented Architecture) whereas 7.x is Applicatio n Oriented ARchitecture. In 8.x Admin console uses JAVA/HTTP. This follows domain/node concept. 8.x is a service oriented.,where as 7.x is a server oriented. These are the New Features Of Informatica 8.1.1 :: 1--> Informatica PowerCenter 8 is service-oriented for modularity, scalability a nd flexibility. 2--> The Repository Service and Integration Service (as replacement for Rep Serv er and Informatica Server) can be run on different computers in a network (so ca lled nodes), even redundantly. 3--> Management is centralized, that means services can be started and stopped o n nodes via a central web interface. 4-->Client Tools access the repository via that centralized machine, resources a re distributed dynamically. 5-->It has a support for unstructured data which includes spreadsheets, email, M icrosoft Word files, presentations and .PDF documents. It provides high availabi lity, seamless fail over, eliminating single points of failure. 6-->Informatica has now added more tightly integrated data profiling, cleansing, and matching capabilities. 7-->A new web based administrative console has been added. 8-->Java transformation is introduced. 9-->Ability to write a Custom Transformation in C++ or Java. 10-->Dynamic configuration of caches and partitioning

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