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• Membership to the Hypoparathyroidism
Association is open to hypoparathyroidism Did You Know?
patients and caregivers, including
• H
 ypoparathyroidism is listed
healthcare professionals.
as a “rare disease” by the Office
• Members and non-members are of Rare Diseases (ORD) of the
encouraged to attend the annual National Institutes of Health (NIH)
patient conference which brings • I t is estimated that only about
together the hypoparathyroidism 100,000 Americans are affected
community in an effort to discuss by hypoparathyroidism
scientific advances in the field and offer • Y
 ou are not alone.
guidance on patient concerns. Become a member of the
• Benefits of Full Membership Hypoparathyroidism Association
today and join a community
– Receive discounts to conferences,
seminars and workshops
that offers understanding,
insight and support for
– Access to the HypoPARA Forum hypoparathyroidism.
(a secure section of the
website to share your experiences)
and the Member Gallery (a fun way to ABOUT THE
tell your story)
– Receive the quarterly newsletter,
The HypoPARA-Post
– Access to expert webinars and
– Receive information about Together we are growing stronger.
enrollment opportunities for clinical P.O. Box 2258 Together we are making
research Idaho Falls, ID 83403
Phone: 866-213-0394 a difference.

about 100. ABOUT US WHAT IS WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF HYPOPARATHYROIDISM? • Founded in 1994 HYPOPARATHYROIDISM? • The first non-profit group in the world to advocate exclusively for hypopara.hypopara. fingers and feet). Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) of parathyroid hormone. Doctors try to manage the disorder newsletter. mem- • Directed by a volunteer Board of ory loss. tongue. reduce symptoms and avoid complications. OUR MISSION HOW IS HYPOPARATHYROIDISM People with hypoparathyroidism TREATED? •  ducate the public and healthcare E are at risk for hypocalcemia professionals about hypoparathyroidism (low blood calcium) and other • Communicate through our quarterly There are no approved treatments currently chemical imbalances that must available. burning or numbness of the lips. . •  Fundraise to support hypoparathy. website and social media platforms be carefully managed to help by keeping blood calcium levels balanced to •  Support patients. please visit our website. roidism research For more information.600 members in 69 disorder that causes lower than of calcium in the blood) which can lead to countries … and growing! fatigue.000 Americans. please visit our emotional support Hypoparathyroidism affects only website. www. depression. and caregivers with information and and long-term health problems. headache and seizures. injury to the neck or it may result from neck surgery. Medical Advisory Board associated with other disorders. Directors and overseen by an expert This condition can be inherited. muscle and feet). The most common outward sign of hypo- thyroidism patients Hypoparathyroidism is a rare parathyroidism is hypocalcemia (low levels • More than 3. their families reduce the risk of serious short.hypopara. www. normal levels of calcium in the • A proud member of the National hands. brain fog. paresthesia (sensations of blood due to insufficient levels tetany (muscle spasms of the face. For more information.