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Teleconferencing or Chatting, is a method of using technology
to bring people and ideas together despite of the geographical
barriers. The technology has been available for years but the
acceptance it was quit recent. Our project is an example of a
chat server. It is made up of two applications the client
application, which runs on any browsers and server application,
which runs on any browsers on network. To start chatting client
should get connected to server where they can do private and
group chat security measures were taken during the last one.
System Requirement

Software Requirement
1)Programming language: PHP , JAVASCRIPT and MySQL
2)IDE: Notepad++
3)Database: MySql
4)Operating System: Windows
5)Browser: Chrome or Firefox

Hardware Requirement
1)Processor: Intel core
2)RAM: 512 mb or more
3)Hard disk: 1GB