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Bonderite M PA 226 (Hexavalent Chrome base Passivation

Operating Manual

1. Clean working tank with normal water and DM water
2. Prepared working tank as low as possible < 500 lit will be ideal to reduce Zn
dissolution in working tank
3. Maintain Working tank concentration in the range of 8 - 15 % v/v ( Sp & Sq
Application) to achieve 8 - 15 mg/m2 of Chromium each side.
4. This chromium coating weight is also based on amount of wet film thickness.
5. Bath temperature should be ambient.
6. Maintain drying temperature in the range of 55 - 60 oC PMT..
7. Check Zn dissolution in bath periodically. Ideal is less than 1000 ppm. We can operate
upto 2000 ppm in spray and squeegee application.
8. If Zn dissolution increase in bath partially discharge bath from bottom to maintain Zn
dissolution with in range.
9. Avoid contact with skin, clothes and eyes. Use goggles, rubber apron and gloves while
handling the product and its solutions

Chemcoater Make Up Water DM Water Equipment SS 316 / PP/ HDPE Bath Concentration 8 – 15 % v/v ( For Spray Sq) Bath Temperature R.15 mg/m2/side Cr Drying Temperature 55 .T. ( < 40 oC ) Coating Weight 8 . Passivation Section HDG line < 40 o C Dryer DM water Working Product tank Parameter Specification Base Hexavalent Chrome Coating Appearance Transparent Coating Application Spray Squeeze.60 oC PMT Discardation > 2000 ppm Zn dissolution .

Record the number of ml of 0. Procedure: 1.Determination of concentration of Bonderite –M-PA 226 bath. 2. 3. 4. Titrate against 0.1 N sodium thiosulphate solution until the color changes from brown to yellow. Close the flask with stopper & Allow to stand for 10 minutes in dark. Add 25 ml of 25% H2SO4 and 2-3 gm of KI in it. Pipette out 10 ml sample of cool Bath into an iodometric flask and Dilute with 50 ml distilled water. Add several ml of soluble starch solution to the Sample and continue the titration until the blue-black color disappears.1 N sodium thiosulphate solution consumed.18) . Calculation: % Bath = ml of Sodium thiosulphate consumed X Factor (1.