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Building a Food Web Assignment

You are going to first practice creating food webs using two different templates:


1. Cut out the forest food web

2. The sun is the source of energy in all food webs. In the middle of the paper, draw a sun
3. Place your producers and consumers to create a whole food web
4. Draw lines to represent the flow of energy
5. Label your organisms – herbivore, carnivore, herbivore, decomposer
6. Repeat the steps for the aquatic food web – cut and paste the images on the opposite side of
the paper

Now it is your job to create your own wetlands food web!

Do the following to create your wetland food web: Keep in mind you are only doing ALBERTA
Use a chromebook when it helps to research
1. 5 producers –
2. 5 herbivores –
3. 3 carnivores –
4. 2 decomposers –
Once you have found all of your organisms, you need to draw and create a detailed food web.
Complete a rough copy first!

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