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Genkotsu-Robot 2 High Speed Picking and Assembly Robot


FANUC Robot M-2+A is a 3kg payload high speed picking and
assembly robot.
●Two models are available to meet a variety of operating
- FANUC Robot M-2+A/3S
Total 4 axes robot including single axis rotation at wrist.
This model is suitable for high speed picking of plenty
work pieces on the conveyor.
- FANUC Robot M-2+A/3SL
Covers more wider operating area with longer arm.
● Withstand a high pressure stream cleaning with IP69K of
enclosed mechanical unit.
● Food adaptation option is available that applies suitable
material, high durability surface treatment and food grade
lubricant. It will progress robotization of food market.
● Latest intelligent functions can be applied using vision
sensor or force sensor.

Application system

Fast arranging of food by M-2+A/3S Fast arranging of the metal plate by M-2+A/3SL

35 96 250 204 130 Work envelope of ○ point Dia. Jalan Pengacara U1/48. the axis speed doesn’t reach maximum speed. 1500 Fulian Road. Grand-Duché de Luxembourg Phone: 352-727777-1 Fax: 352-727777-403 KOREA FANUC CORPORATION 39 Ungnam-dong. Australia Phone: 61-2-8822-4600 Fax: 61-2-8822-4666 FANUC SOUTH AFRICA (PROPRIETARY) LIMITED 17 Loper Ave. ● The products in this catalog are controlled based on Japan’s “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law”.A. Section U1. M-2+A Patent pending Operating space M-2+A/3S M-2+A/3SL 30 11 a. LTD.fanuc. No. Aerport Industrial Ests. 2012.A. Taiwan Phone: 886-4-2359-2827 Fax: 886-4-2359-6040 FANUC MECHATRONICS (MALAYSIA) SDN. ● No part of this catalog may be reproduced in any form.57 rad (61. China Phone: 86-21-5032-7700 Fax: 86-21-5032-7711 FANUC THAI LIMITED 1301 Pattanakarn Road. No. Shanghai.Box 219. 830 rad (61.1 Teban Gardens Crescent. Isand ● Overseas Affiliated Companies FANUC Robotics America. Republic of South Africa Phone: 27-11-392-3610 Fax: 27-11-392-3615 ● All specifications are subject to change without notice. 800 Work envelope of ○ point Dia. Huntingwood. Malaysia Phone: 60-3-7628-0110 Fax: 60-3-7628-0220 FANUC SINGAPORE PTE. U. S. No.5G or less Note 1) In case of short distance motion. Should you wish to export or re-export these products.payload at wrist 3kg Repeatability ±0.2 P. LIMITED 10 Healey Circuit. Seongsan-gu. Taichung. Glenmarie.35 200 856. Taichung Industrial Park. Kwaeng Suanluang. NSW 2148. i RM-2 A(E)-01. Singapore 608919. Phone: 1-248-377-7000 Fax: 1-248-377-7477 FANUC Luxembourg Corporation. No. KEONICS. Printed in Japan . Bangkok 10250 Thailand Phone: 66-2-714-6111 Fax: 66-2-714-6120 TAIWAN FANUC ROBOTICS LTD. 560 100. Singapore Phone: 65-6567-8566 Fax: 65-6566-5937 FANUC OCEANIA PTY. re-export to another country may be subject to the license of the government of the country from where the product is re-exported. MI 48309-3253. BHD. the product may also be controlled by re-export 2012 regulations of the United States government. 95%RH or less (within one month) Vibration:0. 641-290 Korea Phone: 82-55-278-1200 Fax: 82-55-264-2672 FANUC INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 41-A. Electronics City. height 300mm Diameter 1.32. Baoshan Area. J3.06 rad/s) 720º (3500º/s) 12. height 400mm (Note1) J4 720º (3500º/s) 12. Inc. nor frost allowed) Short term : Max. Note 2) Without controller. 3900 West Hamlin Road. please contact FANUC for advice. J2. Selangor Darul Ehsan.06 rad/s) Max. Temasya Industrial Park. Japan Phone: 81-555-84-5555 Fax: 81-555-84-5512 http://www. The export from Japan may be subject to an export license by the government of Japan. 40150 Shah Alam. Khet Suanluang.4 677. Yamanashi 401-0597. Rochester Hills. J4) Installation Ceiling mount Motion range(Maximum speed) J1-J3 Diameter 800mm. Bangalore. Spartan Ext. LTD. Furthermore. Further. ● Headquarters Oshino-mura. India Phone: 91-80-2852-0057 Fax: 91-80-2852-0051 SHANGHAI-FANUC Robotics CO.130mm.S.O. L-6468 Echternach. Changwon Kyoungnam. 0 Di 80 a.4.10.. Di 37 37 878. 17th Road. 580 270 Dia. 1130 Specifications Specifications Item M-2+A/3S M-2+A/3SL Type Parallel link mechanism Controlled axes 4 axes (J1.4 1057.1mm Drive method Electric servo drive by AC servo motor Mass (Note2) 120 kg 120 kg Ambient temperature : 0∼45℃ Ambient humidity Installation environment Normally : 75%RH or less (No dew. Zone Industrielle.