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~ June 2018 ~

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1 VIP Lucas 2
Buddy Bags
Skyler Isaac

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Fresh Air
Paul Lake 9-12 Hot dog order Sharing Lucas Mylee Gymnastics TRU Hot Dog Day Friday
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Last library book Buddy Bags

exchange Deklyn Preston
10 11 VIP Blake 12 VIP Taylor 13 VIP Presley 14 VIP Hayden 15 VIP Skyler 16
Dads and
Eureka Science Gymnastics TRU Donuts 8:30
1:00-2:30 1-2 Library
Sharing Ari Kohen presentation
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Kohen Mylee
17 18 VIP Isaac 19 VIP William 20 VIP Deklyn 21 VIP Preston 22 VIP Melanie 23
Day Sharing Grayson Centennial Park Primary Fun Day
Melanie Talent Show
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Lucas Jaida
24 25 VIP Grayson 26 VIP Kohen 27 VIP Ari 28 29
Bubbles 1/2 day
Isobel Lake Report cards 1st day of
Sharing Preston Sharing William Isaac summer holidays

Summer is here! Who knew it would come so quickly!? The children have grown
exponentially in so many ways over the course of the year and should be proud of
themselves! We are planning a few trips this month so please get permission slips in.
Parent helpers are always welcome. We will celebrate our dads with Dads and Donuts
June 15 from 8:30-9:00. Come for Primary Fun Day June 22 as a parent helper or just
hang out. Notices/blog posts will be coming closer to the events. Report cards will go
home June 28 and it will be a 12:00(ish) dismissal day. June will be a great month! Look
for notices and check the class blog weekly at regarding
new activities.
Have a wonderful summer!
A. Bowden