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PDT 203

Noise & Vibration LAB 3 : NOISE MEASUREMENT



To identify the noise source in the campus environment.


Noise – sound at such amplitude as to cause annoyance or to interfere with communication.

Noise concept

Noise is defined as any unwanted, objectionable or unacceptable sound. Any sound may be
annoying and thus be conceived as noise.


Sound is defined in term of two parameters, frequency and intensity, because a sound is a
vibration stimulus experienced through the air. Frequency is an acoustic energy reflecting the
number of vibrations per second, expressed in Hertz (Hz). 1 Hz is equal to 1 cycle per second.
Intensity is related to the sound pressure variation caused by the sound source. People
subjectively perceived intensity as loudness. Intensity is specified in terms of sound pressure
level (SPL) and expressed in the logarithmic units of decibels dBA.


1. Noise meter App


1. Divide into a group of 5 persons each.
2. Each group will be identified 5 noise sources in the campus environment (including the
lecture hall, laboratory, and hostel).
3. Install the sound meter app from the google app store by using your smartphone. Please
make sure each group must install two sound meter apps from different app developers.
4. Identify the noise source in the campus and measure the sound level using two sound
meter apps.
5. Record the reading of sound meter, location and time in the Table 1.

6.2 Discuss any controls and precautions during conducting the experiments.4 What are the effects of noise in campus? Discuss the noise control in campus.PDT 203 Noise & Vibration LAB 3 : NOISE MEASUREMENT 5.3 Do we need any calibration of the sound level meter that use in this experiment? Why the calibration is important? 6. 6.0 CONCLUSION Make conclusions based on what you have done in this activity. 7.0 DISCUSSION 6. Elaborate on the points.1 Discuss the differences of the sound meter reading from two different app developer. .0 RESULTS App name 1: App developer 1: App name 2: App developer 2: Table 1 Sound Sound % of No Noise source Location /site Time meter 1 meter 2 difference (dB) (dB) 1 2 3 4 5 6.