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Executive Overview
The Behler-Young Company (B-Y), a well-known distributor
in HVAC/R, needed a way to consolidate all aspects of
the invoicing process, including presentment, payment,
and cash application. As the company’s customer base
continued to grow each year, Behler-Young was interested
in selecting to one vendor to outsource all aspects of billing
and payment, which would include an integrated online portal
for customers to pay at their own convenience. Behler-Young
chose Billtrust, the leader in Payment Cycle Management, to
help create this streamlined solution. The implementation of
Billtrust resulted in a decrease in the amount manual labor
spent by employees and increase in customer happiness.

The Customer
Founded in 1926 by John E. Behler and Wayne H. (Brig) Young in Grand Rapids, MI, Behler-Young Company strives to
provide their clients with superior customer service to help them empower them in the HVAC/R market. B-Y employs
almost 200 associates across the Midwest, with a corporate office located in Grand Rapids, MI, and 16 branches
throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

Business Challenge
Prior to implementing Billtrust’s all-in-one Payment Cycle Management solution, Behler-Young Company was handling
all billing in-house. Each invoice was touched by several Behler-Young employees before being sent out to a customer.
Not only did this increase the amount of time and manual labor for employees, but also increased the amount of time it
took for a customer to receive daily invoices.

Overall increase in customer satisfaction.
Decreased amount of time for applying payments from 20
minutes to less than 5 minutes
Customers have access to invoices 24/7

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In addition, Behler-Young wanted to resolve pricing discrepancies with clients. Invoices took 3-5 business days to reach
customers, plus additional was time needed to resolve discrepancies in pricing, quantities, and overall communications.
Both Behler-Young and their valued customers needed a way to decrease time spent managing this process.
Behler-Young also felt a need to provide electronic invoices options for customers to provide flexibility and same day
payment options. With customers calling frequently regarding daily invoices, Behler-Young employees were often tied up
responding to inquiries and requests. An easy to use portal was essential as the company’s customer base continued
to grow.

At Behler-Young Company, we strive to provide superior customer service. By

partnering with Billtrust, we have been able to offer a digital turnkey solution
for invoice presentment, payment and cash application with 24/7 access at
their fingertips.”
- Dawn Brekke, Accounting Manager, Behler-Young Company.


Behler-Young Company chose to work with Billtrust, the leader in Payment Cycle Management, to help improve their
invoice-to-cash solution by working with one vendor to streamline all processes.
The first benefit enjoyed by the Behler-Young team was a vast improvement in the company’s cash application rate.
Behler-Young decreased the amount of time for applying payments from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes with Billtrust’s
cash application solution. As the company continues to grow in size each year, the Behler-Young days sales outstanding
(DSO) continues to be in the best practices quartile for the industry; an improvement Dawn Brekke, Accounting Manager
at Behler-Young Company, acknowledges would not be possible without Billtrust.
Billtrust also helped Behler-Young consolidate and automate printed invoices, freeing up Behler-Young employees and
reducing overall mailing costs with the USPS. With customer demand moving towards e-payments, Billtrust’s single
sign-on portal for invoice presentment and payment was a perfect solution, resulting in a decrease of inbound customer
service questions as more customers were signing up for online billing and payment. Behler-Young also utilizes Billtrust’s
onsert function for invoices.
“With Billtrust, our customers receive their invoices before 8pm the same day and have access to invoices 24/7,” said
Brekke. “Billtrust not only helps our customers see what invoices are open and closed, but allows them to communicate
to Behler-Young exactly what invoices they are paying, which helps eliminate guesswork on our end.” With the help of
Billtrust, Behler-Young has improved customer satisfaction and continues to exceed the needs of their clients.

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