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Teacher Zeynep

March 2018 by Heather

My learning goals are:
school readiness (learn strategies to listen to and follow instructions,
sustain focus, learn the alphabtets, shapes, colours and letter
Further develop english language
Develop positive atittude and willingness to try different activities

My Te Whariki goals are

managing themselves and expressing
their feelings and needs
showing respect for kaupapa, rules and the
rights of others
using a range of strategies and skills to play and learn with others
recognising print symbols and concepts and using them with enjoyment, meaning
and purpose

What a long way you have come Zeynep. You were a girl
that cried, wouldn’t talk and clung to a teacher all day.
Now you are so confident and spend lots of time being the
teacher. Looking back through your profile I can see that teaching has
become your area of strength. You are so confident these days and your piers love
learning from you.
I have watched you teach children letters and numbers in both English and Arabic and
today you were testing the other children on their Quran reading. I have also seen you
write the letters and numbers in both languages too. You were the teacher and telling
other children to be quiet while you were listening to someone reciting Quran. I also
heard you correct the children when they made a mistake or when you were teaching
them a new Surah. You recited a few words then asked the child to repeat what you said.
I could understand what you were asking the children as when you wanted them to
repeat what you had said or let them know they were saying it wrong, you spoke in
English. When each child had finished their turn reciting
you gave them a sticker and praised them for doing
a great job. Exactly like teachers do.
In july you will turn five and go to school. Your
confidence will help make that transition much
easier. Keep up the great work. Tino pai to mahi.
Well done!