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HRM QUIZ: Legal Systems and E- Human Resource

Abdiqani Muse
Part I: Multiple Choices
1. Current gender pay gap in US is:
A. 7%
B. 6%
C. 16%
D. 1.6%
2. In Taiwan, employment discrimination significantly effects:
A. Ethnic Minorities
B. People with disability
C. Women
D. All
3. The procedure or process for interpreting and enforcing the law:
A. Legal System
B. Education
C. Culture
D. Economy
4. Working time in Taiwan is:
A. 40 hrs/week
B. 48 hrs/week
C. 45 hrs/week
D. 40 – 48 hrs/week
5. Which one of the following is not a major legal factor for HRM:
A. Education System
B. Labor Policies
C. Economic Policies
D. Health and Safety regulations
6. The annual paid leave in Somaliland is:
A. 10 days/year
B. 20 days/year
C. 15 days/year

D. No annual paid leave
7. Using information technology for performing HR activities is called:
A. E-Selection
B. E-Recruitment
C. E-Training
D. None of them
8. US: Equal Pay Act of 1963 involves about:
A. Minimum Wage
B. Paying equal between employees
C. Paying equal between men and women
D. Paying equal between men and women, if they are doing equal work
9. More interactive way to attract job applicants is:
A. Web based job ads
B. Virtual job fairs
C. Job boards
D. All
10. Comparing between US, Taiwan and Somaliland, women in the workforce are highest in:
B. Somaliland
C. Taiwan
D. All same
11. E-Performance Management involves:
A. Selecting employees
B. Managing employees
C. Training employees
D. Attracting employees
12. Equal Opportunity Employment is about:
A. Employing based on job requirements
B. Employing based on worker qualifications
C. Providing all workers equal protection
D. All of the above
13. One of the limitations of e-selection is:
A. Creates interpersonal distance between supervisors and subordinates

B. Do not always include provide trainees with control
C. Electronic interviews may not provide rich information about applicants
D. It is a passive process
14. The highest discrimination types in US are on the basis of:
A. Religion and Sex
B. Sex and Race
C. Color and Religion
D. Age and Nationality
15. Using E-HRM, it is necessary to make sure that the process is:
A. Technology Focused
B. Efficiency focused
C. Employee focused
D. A and B
Part II: True or False
1. Legal systems arises from the culture in which it exists
A. True  B. False 
2. In the US, there is no statutory minimum paid vacation or paid public holidays:
A. True  B. False 
3. In US, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 dictates minimum wage:
A. True  B. False 
4. The minimum wage in Taiwan currently (2018) is 300NT/Hr:
A. True  B. False 
5. In Somaliland, there is no official minimum wage:
C. True  D. False 

Answer Key

Part I: Multiple Choices Answers

1. B 6. C 11. B
2. D 7. D 12. D
3. A 8. D 13. C
4. D 9. B 14. B
5. A 10. A 15. C
Part II: True or False Answers

1. True
2. True
3. False
4. False
5. True