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Journal questions for 4th sem

1. Explain the terms Encapsulation, Inheritance and polymorphism of an object?

2. What is OOP’S?
3. Write the different types of access modifiers available in java?
4. Describe the final, finalize , finally keywords?
5. Write the difference between string and string buffer?
6. What is package?
7. Is JVM a compiler or an interpreter.
8. Write the difference between break and continue statement.
9. Write the difference between error and exception.
10. What is the difference between JDK and JVM.
11. What is Thread?
12. Can an interface extend another interface?
13. Describe the wrapper class in java?
14. What if interface and write its use?
15. Write the difference between array and vector?
16. What is Synchronization?
17. What is pointer and does java support pointers?
18. Does java support multiple inheritance?
19. What are logical operators?
20. Which are the functions of dot(.) operator.
21. Write the difference between constructor and method?
22. What is garbage collection?
23. Can a class be declared as protected?
24. What is the purpose of declaring a variable as final?
25. If I don’t want my class to be inherited by any other classes then what should I do?
26. Can you create an object of an abstract class?
27. What do you mean by platform independence?
28. What is the difference between this() and super()?
29. What are checked and unchecked Exceptions?
30. What is the difference between throw and throws and its application?
31. Which are the different ways to handle exception?
32. Which is the platform on which java technology software is available on?
33. Which method must be implemented by all threads?
34. Which methods are available in the thread class void start()?
35. Which methods are available to set priority?
36. What is deadlock?
37. Are arrays primitive data types?
38. What is the difference between Boolean & operator and && operator?
39. Is the java interpreter used for execution of the source code.
40. Would you use the operator to create single instance of named class.
41. Which package does define string and string buffer classes.
42. What do you mean by control and which are the different types of controls.
43. What is the null keyword?
44. What is the difference between >> and >>> operator?
45. What is the difference between procedure and object oriented program?
46. Why is the main() method declared with static keyword?
47. What is an applet?
48. What is return of main() method?
49. Which are the two parts in executing a java program and what are their purposes?
50. Name the eight primitive java data types.
51. Is it necessary that each try block must be followed by a catch block?
52. What is the use of bin and lib in JDK?
53. Is java a pure object oriented language?
54. Write the different kinds of variables in java? what is their use.
55. Which package is imported by default.
56. What is stream and which are the types of stream and classes.
57. How do you concatenate string?
58. Can source file contain more then one class declaration?
59. Why java does not support operator overloading.
60. Is it necessary that each try block must be followed by catch block?
61. Which keyword operator is used to create a single instance of named class?