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GE imagination at work
The Electric Vehicle
Picks up Speed
Moving Power from the Grid to the Road

Over the next five years, virtually every

automobile manufacturer plans to
introduce a plug-in hybrid or battery
electric vehicle.

Interest in EVs, particularly among

environmentally conscious consumers, is
growing rapidly, but they are not alone.
Early adopters are drawn to advances
in technology that are making EVs and
plug-ins increasingly practical, while
frugal travelers see EVs as a hedge
against gasoline price increases.

"82% of people
"1 EV needs
are considering
1.5 EV charging
purchasing or
station (home,
leasing an electric
work, mall,
vehicle in the

"GE Fleet is "60% of

committed to charging
purchasing takes place
25,000 EVs at work and
by 2015" home"
DuraStation*: The EV Charger from GE
The DuraStation™ offers fast charging
User friendly which is capable of reducing charge
interf time from 6-8 hours to 1-2 hours with
service needs of 400Vac at 32A,
assuming a 24kWh battery and a
full-cycle charge.

and safe
Fast a The DuraStation™ offers wireless
charg identification with smartcards for
charging authorization. Driver profiles
and transactions are managed by
the EV100 software application.

Robust and reliable
Robu The DuraStation™ is equipped with a
desig type 2 socket with a pilot and
proximity contact as per IEC 62196.
As a consequence, the charging station
enables safe and smart mode 3
charging as per IEC 61851.

Future proof
The DuraStation™ modular design allows
for easy upgrades as needs change and
more options become available.
The DuraStation™ has been designed
to support remote payment and
identification services.
Simple installation

With the DuraStation™, GE builds on a
century of innovation in designing and
* DuraStation is a trademark of General Electric Company manufacturing electrical distribution
A Total Infrastructure
In order to support the adoption of
electric vehicles there is a need for the
deployment of charging station
GE has the full range of electrical
distribution products required to
support EV development and access to
Smart Grid MV equipment Transformer
the distributors, contractors,
and financing options that will make
it a reality.

LV equipment Distribution board Meterbox

Final distribution EV charging station

Fast charging 32A - 1h
Back-to-back pedestal

Slow charging 16A - 8h
Wall mount
Overnight charging
Electrical Infrastructure Network of Distributors and Fleett O
Owners Servicesces
In addition to its EV charging stations, Contractors GE Capital,l, Flee
Fleet Services provides com-
GE offers the wide range of large Our distributor network will supply both mercial car and truckuck financing and inte-
and small-scale electrical distribu- the upstream infrastructure needed as grated fleet management services that
tion products including transformers, well as the charging stations. Our partners help you save time and money, while
switchgear, switchboards, and resi- such as installers, integrators and OEM’s also reducing your fleet’s impact on the
dential distribution boards needed to will be supported with technical exper- environment. GE is in a strong position to
ensure end-to-end system protection tise, service and core product packaging help deploy the supporting infrastructure
and reliability. for installation, maintenance, upgrades to help its 65,000 global fleet customers
purposes. convert and manage their fleets.

Charging station Outdoor distribution Indoor distribution Wall mounting

Pedestal type board IP44/IK10 board IP43/IK08 charging station

Public parking
Fast charging 32A - 1h
Compact pedestal
Company parking
Slow charging 16A - 8h
Compact pedestal
RFID identification
DuraStation ™

Selection Guide
Compact p
stal Back-to-back pedestal Wall mounting Pole mounting
Essential for parking
king lots and Offers two charging stations Offers a solution for areas Is perfect for scenarios where
sidewalksks so users can easily occupying the space of one. with limited floor space. Park- restrictive sidewalk space calls
access charging
ch stations while This mounting option allows two ing garages will be able to for alternative solutions.
in their parking spaces. drivers to charge simultaneously install wall mounted units to As a result GE offers a charging
at one charging station. provide drivers with the ability station that can be mounted
to charge while parked. on a lamppost or any other
Smart Identification STOP
The DuraStation™ offers radio frequency
identification (RFID) as an option for use with
smartcards provided by GE. The identification 4

process will authorize users to start charging.

The EV100 software application:

• manages authorized driver profiles
• registers charging transactions 5

• monitors the communication status

The application runs on a local host and connects

to the charging station over Ethernet TCP/IP. 6

Catalogue Numbers
No. of
Ref. No. Cat. No. Type Max. Output RFID
450100 EVSPE16A1P1N Pedestal 230V 16A 1 phase 1 No
450101 EVSPE32A3P1N Pedestal 400V 32A 3 phase 1 No
450102 EVSPE16A1P2N Pedestal 230V 16A 1 phase 2 No
450103 EVSPE32A3P2N Pedestal 400V 32A 3 phase 2 No
450104 EVSPE16A1P1R Pedestal 230V 16A 1 phase 1 Yes
450105 EVSPE32A3P1R Pedestal 400V 32A 3 phase 1 Yes
450106 EVSPE16A1P2R Pedestal 230V 16A 1 phase 2 Yes
450107 EVSPE32A3P2R Pedestal 400V 32A 3 phase 2 Yes
450108 EVSWA16A1P1N Wall 230V 16A 1 phase 1 No
450109 EVSWA32A3P1N Wall 400V 32A 3 phase 1 No
450110 EVSWA16A1P1R Wall 230V 16A 1 phase 1 Yes
450111 EVSWA32A3P1R Wall 400V 32A 3 phase 1 Yes
450112 EVSPO16A1P1N Pole 230V 16A 1 phase 1 No
450113 EVSPO32A3P1N Pole 400V 32A 3 phase 1 No
450114 EVSPO16A1P1R Pole 230V 16A 1 phase 1 Yes
450115 EVSPO32A3P1R Pole 400V 32A 3 phase 1 Yes

Ref. No. Cat. No. Description

451104 EVSACCRFID1 RFID badge 13,56 MHz white (set of 10)

451105 EVSACCRFID2 RFID badge 13,56 MHz GE branded (set of 10)
451106 EVSACCRFID3 RFID enrollment reader RP40 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz
451107 EVSACCRFID4 RFID enrollment reader 13.56 MHz
451108 EVSACCRFID5 RFID enrollment reader 125 kHz
451100 EVSACCCABLE1 Charging cord Mode 3 Type 2 - 16A
451101 EVSACCCABLE2 Charging cord Mode 3 Type 2 - 32A
451109 EVSACCSOFT1 CD FV Management software EV100

Catalogue Number Nomenclature

Rated No. of No. of
EV Version Type RFID
Current Phases Sockets
EV (Electric Vehicle) S (Standard) PE (Pedestal) 16A 1P 1 R (RFID)
WA (Wall) 32A 3P 2 N (None)
PO (Pole)
DuraStation ™

Standard Features
• The socket satisfies mode 3 charging standards, and is
LED interface
optionally equipped with an interlock mechanism Visualization of charging status
• LED light to display charger status: Controller
✓ Green: Station active Smart features for control,
✓ Blinking Green: Vehicle connected, but not charging communication and safety

✓ Yellow: Charging RFID reader

✓ Red: Fault occurred Identification and
• Residual current protection and auto reclosure authentication AC socket
Type 2 with
• Vehicle ground monitoring circuit interlock

Specifications Current transformer

One phase metering
IEC Compliant Mode 3 per IEC 61851
Vehicle Interface IEC 62196 EV type 2 connector
Voltage and Current Rating 230Vac at 16A or 400Vac at 32A
AC Max. Charging Power Output(1) 22kW (400Vac at 32A) or 3.6kW (230Vac at 16A) RCD with automatic reclosure
AC Power Input 230Vac requiring only L1, N, and E ground Groundfault protection
400Vac requiring only L1, L2, L3, N and E ground
Recommended Circuit Breakers Pole, Wall, Compact pedestal:
1 x 4P-40A or 2P-20A MCB on dedicated circuit
Back-to-back pedestal: Contactor
2 x 4P-40A or 2P-20A MCB on dedicated circuit Energize and de-energize
Ground Fault Protection 30mA RCCB with auto reclosure
Cold Load Start Random start up between 0 and 15 minutes for
peak protection
Local Area Network CAT5 Ethernet Circuit breaker
Network Communication Protocol TCP/IP
Overload and short-circuit protection
RFID Reader ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 compliant
Standby Power 5W type
Enclosure material Stainless steel AISI 304 with polyester powder
coating - RAL 9006
Outdoor Rated Enclosure IP54-IK10, socket-outlet IP44
Safety Compliance IEC 61851 and IEC 62196 compliant
Surge Protection 6kV at 3kA
EMI Compliance IEC 61851-22 compliant
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C ambient
Operating Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Approximate Shipping Weights Compact pedestal: 21 kg
Back-to-back pedestal: 45 kg
Wall: 15.5 kg
Pole: 15.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD)
Compact pedestal: 1300 x 200 x 275 mm
Back-to-back pedestal: 1300 x 300 x 350 mm
Wall: 800 x 200 x 237 mm
Pole: 800 x 200 x 237 mm

(1) The maximum power consumption is determined by EVSE.

The actual power consumption is determined by the electrical vehicle.

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