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In THE AIR TONIGHT WORDS AND MUSIC BY PHIL COLLINS di aia SSS Sas eee - a, iH Yyoutold me youwere drowning T wouldnot lend _—a-_ hand he ember, re mem-bet, don't wor- ry How could T-. ever for get,-it's the first eo fe fey seen your face before, my. fnend, 1 don't know if you know who 1 ee me the st time We ev = et meh put was there and 1 saw what you did, know the’ fea"~ son iy you" Keepthe | si - lence up HH » 3 lt it with my own “Two eyes, % you din wipe off tat grin F f No you don't” Tool me. The hurt doesn't Show but the know where you've beet, HS all been a pack of tes Pan" stil’ “grow, i's no" stran-ger'to- you“ "or me 49 oP op, | T ean feel it. inthe air to-night oh Lord ‘oh Lord. — Hf ae Well, Ive been wait- ing for this mo-ment for all my fe — ae and 1 can feel it com ing inthe air t0- night ‘oh Lord, — lg He ae (Fade on repeat) Teen wait-ing forthis moment for all my lie —