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AGROOVY KIND OF LovE WORDS AND MUSIC BY ‘TONI WINE AND CAROLE BAYER SAGER Slowly G When I'm feel -in’ blue, all 1 have to do is take a look at want to, you can tum me on to an y~ thing you es SESS you, then Tm not so blue When you'reclow t0 me, 1 can feel your want to, oan y= time at al When Tiss your lips, oo, I start’ to es Ve = aes —+ 67 Bm c D 9,0 fm a i heart beat, —T_can hear you breath - ing in my___ ear Wouldn't you a - shiv - er, can't con-trol the quiv ~ = ing in = side S 3000 x00 ba -by,you and me got a groo-vy kind of love. set D(addE) yee] When Pm feel = in? aaa A EIA —— 5s We got a groo-vy kind of_ A E/A D(addEW FF EHF) f FH 4,2 te = E (G2 a ——— 7? : : — tore. We got a groo-w kind of love E7sust ET 0.000 oaene ne SSS We got a groo-vy kind of lov 0