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ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE WORDS AND MUSIC BY PHIL COLLINS Fmt E Bn? Flt E Bn? Stn? E Bot etm? verse * ttt Paty an 1, She calls out. to the man on the 7 “Sir__ can you help. See iyries for verses 2, 3 & 4(%) mp 2 E Ba? Hi a ea “It’s cold and T've no - where to” sleep, oe re Pe 37 Fim ud Dmai7/Pt ‘cos it's an - oth-er day for you and me in think — twice, Dmaiirt ce 8 i iw et & no- ther day for you, you and me in pa - 5 bm? (8) Just think a-bout_ it Think a-bout_ 38 se uae & Fim? To Coda (8) Think a bout it, 5 Ect as el Ea is there no-thing more a-ny-bo-dy can do, = hy aa lel] tia there must be some-thing you can say, Dh alCode CODA Bo. Ft? ae pea} Iesjust an - oth-er day for Fim Bn? ee Ee] fie pa - ra- ise. It’s just an VERSE 2: He walks on, doesn’t look back, He pretends he can’t hear her, Starts to whistle as he crosses the street, ‘Seems embarrased to be there. VERSE 3: She calls out to the man on the street, He can see she’s been crying, ‘She's got blisters on the soles of her feet, She can’t walk, but she’s trying, VERSE 4: (%) You can tell from the lines on her face, You can see that she’s been there, Probably been moved on from every place, "Cos she didn’t fit in there. 40