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THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC for SATB voices, accompanicd* Arranged by Words and Music by JERRY ESTES BJORN ULVABUS and BENNY ANDERSSON Expressively, with much rubato (J=ea.96) mp — T'm noth-ing spe-cial, in F PAD ACCOMP. fact Tm a bit of cremyg Ce (end solo) I tell a joke, you've prob-a- bly heard it be - fore ———~“ b Gas » Performance time approx. 405 Available; SATB (35027566), 3-part mixed (35027567), SA (38027568); StadioTraxx CD (35027569) Conining te Traton of Shawnee Press Brcellence ‘Copyright © 1977, 1978 (Renewed) by UNIVERS ALLUNION SONGS MUSIKFORLAG AB ‘This sangemett Copy © 2010, UNIVERSALUNION SONGS MUSIKFORLAG AB A Rh inthe United Sates ae Canad Contolled and Administered by UNIVERSAL. SONGS OF POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL; INC. and EMI WATERFORD MUSIC, INC. AIDRights Reserved Used by Permission. (COPYING ISTLLEGAT, i sais ress, bualeing i tensity 10 But I have & talent, a won-der-ful thing, “cause icin ree Bh ee rea aes ee ne buileling im intensity ba —s— a sins ev -"ry-one listens when I start to. sing, Tm so. grate-ful and proud, oh, by nis. want to do is sing it out loud eS. ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC—SATB 4 $% Rhythmic pop style (= ca. 92) thank you for the mu - sic, the songs Tm sing ing b, 19] rhythmic pop style (d= ca. 92) IK F Ga cm oF joy theyre bring - ing live all hon = es = ty,— "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC-SATB a FS zat what would life be AIL hon - es = ty, what would life fae (aa a be? Song. 2nd time to Coda mim 2nd time to Coda (p.8 m.49) © ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC—SATB (33) nis af a ‘Moth-er says I was a danc- 3) \_? er be -fore—_ I could walk — craastyg, es 7 says I be - gan to sing__long be-fore__ I could talk — "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC-SATB Tve of = ten won-dered, how did it all —3— a eal tila tena ta) found out that noth-ing can cap-ture a heart like a b Well, who - ev-er ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC—SATB mel-0 - dy can? DAS. (p.4, m. 19) al Coda DIS. (p. 4, m. 19) al Coda Ne. St — sinis. mp — bom with a love far song_ and dance. “GQ am the girl with gold - en — hain) 2 F be crown C7 T want to sing *Original brie "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC-SATB poco rit ss what a chancet £ ——~ cum cr F ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC—SATB Pe aernaae 60) tempo ‘Thank you for the ma = sic oo atempo Thanks for all the joy they're bring-ing. ACE Dmiyc Ge the 10 what would life be what would life be? Bim? a dance, what are we? __ "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC-SATB nl thank you for the mu - sic, for giv - ing it to ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC—SATB thankyou for the mu - sic, for giv = ing Feuseye Thank you for the mu - sie clemtyg cme)