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Location Recce

Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Type of room/area: Outdoor
Park with Banstand

Location Address:

Meadow Road, Henley-on-
Thames, Oxfordshire

Sat Nav details (Post code):

Nearest Train Station:

Nearest Bus stop:

Henley-on-Thames Rail
Lighting Information: Solutions:

Natural lighting – very weather dependent Try to film in sunnier conditions when brighter
lighting is required, and try to film in cloudier
conditions if you need darker lighting. You can
also try and edit the lighting with the editing
software if need be

Sound Information: Solutions:

Background noise – could potentially disrupt Cut out the sound and replace with the song in
the production depending on what’s required question in the editing software – background
sound is not an issue here as it’s a music video
we’re making

Power Information Solutions:

Devices used are mobile powered by Charge all the batteries beforehand
rechargeable batteries. However, no charging
facilities are available outside.

Hazards Solutions:

Potential trip and slip hazards over equipment Take extra care when walking around and make
sure you look out for equipment, cables etc.
lying about on the floor

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