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Thank you, so much for the lovely tribute in HixNews about my mother, Pat Koziuk.

She loved the newsletter and her fellow editors. I know it gave her so much pleasure and
fulfillment to be a part of it and help it grow. I was brought to tears reading it and
thinking of her so happy working to pull it together month to month. It was definitely one
thing that kept her going despite her discomfort and decreasing health.
Much love,
Cathy Bell
Many thanks to all who sent endorsements supporting the nomination. It’s a shame they
don’t have a veteran selection committee who would vote Ted into the Hall of Fame. The
selection this year was Michael Cain from the class of 1973. There is no indication yet as
to his credentials that ultimately led to his induction. Congrats to Michael. We will try
again next year to get Ted Smith Swedalla into the Hall.

Around Hicksville

Dear Editors:
For the May “Ancient Hixtory” article about the building of this school, I had wanted to
include this photo but I didn’t find the picture in time (actually, I finally found the
negative, which I didn’t even know I had).
In March of 1956, Hicksville got more than a foot of snow, starting on the 18 th and
ending early on the 19th. There had been 6 inches of snow a few days before, so getting
to finally welcome spring on the 20th was going to be cause for celebration.

Anthony Wencer, my late father, couldn’t get to work because the LIRR wasn’t running,
so he stayed home. In the afternoon, he ventured out with his camera for a walk in the
sunshine. According to the clock tower, he took this photo around at around 2:35. I doubt
that the school ever looked more picturesque.

BTW, after May’s HixNews was posted, I caught a mistake that I made when I did a last-
minute change to the article: the URL it gives for the murals in the auditorium takes you
to ALMOST the correct page. Oops! Please accept my apologies. The URL should have
If anyone missed the article and would like to read it now that we’re in June, you, of
course, can go to and click on Last Month’s HixNews and then go
to Ancient Hixtory.
Ron Wencer 1964

Another memorable ice & snow storm, though not in April, happened in January &
February of 1978. I think the final total of snow was around 26 inches.

Ice Storm
Then Came The Snow
Hicksville High School Robotics Team

The note below was prompted by Josh who found my “Hicksville Then & Now” video on
You Tube.

My grandparents lived on Marvin Avenue between Grumman and the two Hess gas
stations. I lived in Oklahoma as a child but spent all my summers and Christmases in the
Marvin Avenue house. My dad lived on Spruce Street. Spent so much time at the
Broadway Mall in those days. That was my favorite movie theater in, like, the early and
mid 90s.
Josh K

Monaco Village. Monte Carlo, France

Lee Goldstein 1981 in Bordeaux, France drinking the good wine first!

Interesting family connection to Hicksville fifty years before we moved to Hicksville. My
grandfather and his two brothers were placed in St. John Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum
in Brooklyn on December 22, 1897; two years after my great-grandfather passed away
because my great-grandmother could no longer care for them.
St. John Orphan Asylum had a farm in Hicksville where the inmates (that's the
terminology in the 1990 census) farmed for supplies for the Brooklyn facility. It was torn
down in 1956 to build Mid-Island Plaza.

For nearly 60 years St. John's Protectory stood along Broadway where the Broadway
Mall is located. "In 1890, the property was deeded by Bernard Earle... to the Roman
Catholic Diocese [of Brooklyn] for an orphanage and farm... Produce raised on the farm
was shipped, along with milk and dairy products to St. John's and St. Joseph's Homes in
Brooklyn. For many years there were about 200 orphan boys at the Protectory. The older
boys worked on the farm and tended the herd of 50 cows."

Rick Hardmeyer 1967

I loved the dances, Holy Family,The methodist church, Our Lady of Mercy, The Elks
club, My Dad used to supervise those dances. The Other Culture was the best.I also
remember Driver Ed, They called me crash Palmiter. I put the car a 1971 Montego
through the school fence. Totaled it. Yes I do drive today. Ha Ha
Barbara Palmiter Colon
Buffalo Bob…FYI from the Hicksville librarian whom I asked about the origin of the
HHS Comets mascot. May interest Hix News readers.
Ken Marcus

Okay Mr. Marcus.
I have been investigating this all afternoon and while I found no smoking gun, I will offer
1) There is no mention in NEWSDAY of the Football team being called THE COMETS
until 1943.
2) Every mention I have from newspapers before then refer to it just as THE
3) However the school newspaper was called THE COMET.
4) I would assume the team's name was derived from the newspaper.
5) The earliest copy I have of the School paper is from 1923 and behind the logo THE
COMET is the image of a Comet. So this ties in with what I suggested in an earlier email
that the name was derived from either

Halley's comet of 1910 or as I lean towards the Pons-Winnecke Comet which passed by
the Earth in 1921. If I find anything more, I will let you know.
James Janis.
PS. Did you know Chris Colletta??
Thanks grandma and grandpa for the great box.

Cheryl Donghia Cook
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and sister and all of the mom's out there. Enjoy the day!

Alicia Patterson Siragusa (shown above with Mom, Rosa Patterson in the middle &
sister Laura Patterson on the right)

Happy Mothers Day to all moms…
Bette Harrison Germain 1964

Such a loving and beautiful memory to share Bette. Happy Mother’s Day!

Marie Theresa

Linda Mastrosanti class of 1961

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It’s always appreciated.
Harri Molese 1956

Thank you for the card and for thinking of us. The card was a delight and much
Louis Agiesta & Kathleen Donovan Agiesta 1958

Thank you for the cute card and for thinking of us on our 60th anniversary. We appreciate
the remembrance and all the work that HixNews staff does to keep us posted each month.
Thank you all for keeping HHS alive in our memories.
Tom & Carole Kiever Ohliger 1958
Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It’s always appreciated.
Elaine Krauss O’Neil 1961

Thank you for the “E” Card. Did I really have 75 birthdays??? I cannot remember.
Brad Jaworski 1961
Thanks for the birthday card and for all you and the HixNews staff does each month to
keep us in the loop. Hope all is well.
Steve Weinblatt 1962

Thank you for the card and for thinking of us. It was very thoughtful. This was our 53rd
anniversary. Each one has been special.
John Dowd & Barbara DiBella Dowd 1962
Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It’s always appreciated.
Patricia Bilancia Posillico 1962 (shown above with husband Joe)

Thank you for the card and for thinking of us. We are now married 54 years. We were
blessed to have three children who married great people and equally blessed to have 8
grandchildren. We are surrounded by wonderful friends in Hicksville and also when we
are in our Florida home. Of course our most memorable anniversary was the 50th that we
celebrated with our family and friends.
Donald Moore and Eileen Wieditz Moore 1963
Thank you for the card and for thinking of us. It was much appreciated.
Tom Sneyd & Gail Cluxton Sneyd 1963

Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It’s always appreciated.
Judy Frimmer Dow 1963
This guy has been sitting in New York traffic since 1940!!! LOL
Submitted by Albert Lamoureux 1962

Wishing my beautiful granddaughter

Devyn, a very happy 26th birthday (May 3rd). It seems like yesterday you were born. You
have accomplished so much in your life and now a nurse and mother of a beautiful baby
girl, Olivia. I love you very much.
Maureen Uss Bensen 1964 (Ging Ging)

Thank you for the beautiful birthday card and for thinking of me. It was much
Karen Malter Coles 1965 (shown above with husband Les Coles)
Thank you for remembering my birthday. Hope you remember my twin sister

Flossi, as I do? She is always missed!

Frank Koziuk 1967
Editor Note…Frank…we remember Flossi the same day we celebrate your birthday.
Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It’s always appreciated.
Kathleen Vita Leo 1969
I received a cute birthday card which is very sweet. My birthday is in July. Thanks for the
early sentiment.

Cindy Claus Ferguson 1974

It was supposed to be an anniversary card for you and your husband.on April 27th. I have
you on the birthday list for July 17. Don't have a birthday for George? Well...Happy
Buffalo Bob

It's OK! It made me smile. George's birthday is October 6, although I thought you only
did birthdays for HHS alumni. You have enough to do, and I thank you sincerely for all
that you do!
I send to husbands and wives of former classmates as well. During the year, I send out
about 2,000 cards. I am adding George to the birthday list. Thanks for your kind words.
Buffalo bob

Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It’s always appreciated.
Chris Calma 1976

Thanks for the anniversary card and for thinking of us. It was much appreciated.
It has been the best 36 years.
Coleen Shekelton Sluder & Peter Sluder 1977

E-Mail Address Changes

Neil Barrocas, class of 1964 has a new email address. Anyone needing to get in touch
with Neil, send an email to and we will make the connection.
His request approved, the Bulletin Newspaper photographer quickly used his mobile
phone to call the Townsville airport to charter a flight. He was told a twin-engine plane
would be waiting for him at the airport.
Arriving at the airfield, he spotted a plane warming up outside a hanger. He jumped in
with his bag, slammed the door shut, and shouted, 'Let's go'.
The pilot taxied out, swung the plane into the wind and took off. Once in the air, the
photographer instructed the pilot, 'Fly over Mount Stuart and make low passes so I can
take pictures of the fires on the hillsides.'
'Why?' asked the pilot.
'Because I'm a photographer for the Bulletin' he responded,' and I need to get some close
up shots.'
The pilot was strangely silent for a moment, finally he stammered, 'So, what you're
telling me, is . . . You're NOT my flight instructor?'
"Life is short…Drink the good Whiskey first."


The Twin Tones, John and Jim Cunningham, graduated from Hicksville High in 1958. In
1957, they released a single "Joann" that was well received and the boys were invited to
appear at the Paramount at a rock and roll show hosted by Alan Freed.
Really. Never heard of them.
Ilene Wolfson Meister 1976

Definitely remember them.
Wonder what each one is up to now.
Gail Cluxton Sneyd 1963

Definitely Remember! My mother's name was Joanne and I can't tell you how many
times that song's single played in our home.

Mary DeNicola 1975
We had their records.

Ellen Baumgartner 1969

They sang at our 6th grade dance at Woodland Ave. in 1959! Still have their picture and

Karen Hoosack Brosseau
I never saw that Vera!

Barbara Hoosack Sarluco 1968

I’ll have to dig it out for you Julia.

I remember them through my brother who graduated in 1959.

Dale Mentnech Baker 1971

Remember them well. Think every girl had a crush on them and their Vespas! Wonder
what happened to those scooters?
Mike Jane Ryan
What happened to them??? They had a sister; her name was Joanne, I think and she went
to St. Ignatius school. She was a few years older than me.

Jane Brigandi (that’s Jane in the middle)

I was in class with their sister Susan, wonder how she’s doing?

Cheryl Donghia Cook 1964

Wow I remember them from my older sister. They are never mentioned I didn’t think
anyone knew about them. And I didn’t know they had a sister. Are they still around?
Susan Germann Mongno 1964

I wonder too . I know they only had the one hit and they were on Bandstand . Their sister
Susan was younger about our age . I remember being friends for a short time and they
weren’t around much . They lived off of Old Country Rd

Remember them well. Loved their hit single.

Bob Bolettieri 1959 Bob * Laura * Alberta

I remember them well. We all hung around in the same crowd. After I broke up with
boyfriend at the time I never saw them again. Wonder if they continued singing careers or
left show biz all together.

Carol Christopher Fox, Our Lady of Mercy Academy 1961

I just read a bio about them on Google. It was reported that John has passed away. He
went on to work for Sikorsky Aircraft. They had minor success with Joann but it was
soon covered by the popular group "The Playmates" and became a top 20 hit for them.
The Playmates version echoed the fine Sax solo contained in the Twin Tones version.
Because of their limited success, they were kind of forgotten. Both boys eventually
wound up in Arkansas. Their sister lives in West Palm Beach ,Florida.

Maybe that’s why I saw them more than you. I lived between Old Country Road and
Newbridge, in the back of the high school. I knew they had pretty much been forgotten.
They were very handsome and beautiful. I remember being with my sister and seeing
them around Hicksville when I was a kid. My sister would point them out. They were
always together.

I really had forgotten about them until now. Thanks for the update.
Connie Casella Shein 1964

I remember when I lived on the same street, Charles Street a few houses away from the
twins. They will always be remembered.

Karen Hartig Shore 1961

Hey, what about
Kenny Dino (Doino) He recorded
"Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night".

Steve Greenberg 1967

Kenny Doino...I think I posted his song on the Hicksville High school Newsletter awhile
back..quite awhile!!! Don't remember Baby Blue unless it was B a b b y B b l u e
Buffalo Bob Casale
Susan Dierker Roach 1966

" Baby Blue" a song released in 1961 by The Echoes.
It was written by Long Island assistant high school principal Val Lageux and music
teacher Sam Guilino. The song spent 12 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart peaking at
No. 12, while reaching No. 8 on Canada's CHUM Hit Parade. (From Wikipedia)
Steve Greenberg

I think you have the titles reversed: Ted Guilino was assistant principal at OCR.
Ken Marcus
Editor note…According to Wikipedia, Steve is correct

Sorry, I had to rely on that world wide web thingie since my memory is getting old.

Here is a story you may not know. The high school band that Billy Joel was in, along
with other notables, was also called the Echoes. They had to change their name when
someone brought up the fact that another group had the name first and had charted with
"Baby Blue". There was a contest held at Hix High and after nominations and voting, the
name The "Lost Souls" was picked! The band played different venues during the middle
sixties including battles of the bands etc. If memory serves me they won a Battle of the
Bands held at the high school late 1965 and received an award from our Principal at the
time, Leon J. Galloway! They also were regulars at Holy Family Teen Club on Friday
nights. In the beginning of 1966 they ventured into NYC and cut a demo called "My
Journey's End" which Joel had written. It was never released but was included on Joel's
"My Lives" album a few years ago. My next door neighbor was the drummer on that
session and let me hold the demo 45rpm until he left for California sometime in late
1966. In a TV interview, Billy Z, the drummer, said that he had the 45rpm demo and
believed Joel didn't have one. So I assume that was the one they used to include on the
"My Lives" album! A twist of fate caused me to be home the morning Billy Z came
calling to pick up the demo 45. He was leaving for California with his family right then
and had remembered that I still had the demo! Had my Uncle been on time and picked
me up to go shopping with him when he was suppose to, I probably would still have the
demo today!

Walt Scauzillo 1966 (shown above with Harry Brody Sr.)

So, was Val Lageux our Junior High music teacher? I was asked to leave chorus; despite
the fact that I couldn't sing.

Rick Hardmeyer 1967

Lyrics: "You're my baby blue, that's what I call you. You know what to do........"
I saw them in one of the variety shows at Hicksville High.
PLANE NEWS the Grumman newspaper. June 1950

1978 Jim Rubins wife and baby after graduating with 2nd Master’s Degree

Kathy Koziuk Hannaman 1960

Brings back memories of my mom. She was tiny and used to stand on a chair to
reprimand me when I stepped out of line. Waxed paper??? Is that still around???
It's kinda sad to look back at all things that have disappeared. But, at the same time, I
marvel at the way of life we have now. I love the computer. My dad set up the 1st IBM
computer system for the Army Pictorial Center in Astoria, Queens. It was those punch
cards with holes that stood for a number or letter. The equipment took up the entire
basement of the building. Now it's held in your hand. What is the next major discovery?
Can you imagine getting into a train that runs underground and can take you from New
York to D.C. in an hour? Amazing. Thanks for sharing
love yah buffalo bob

Dear Editors:
Here are three photos taken with my Brownie in either 1957 or 1958, on a late Spring field trip from
Lee Avenue School. Cheers.
Ron Wencer 1964
Tom Kumiga Denis Zadorecki Ron Wencer Anthony Menichino

No recent photo available
Ken Perrone Ed Townsend Martin Balnis Danny McAleese John D’Antonio

Ken Perrone Dan McAleese John D’Antonio
Have no photos at all for Ed Townsend and Martin Balnis and no current
Photos for Dan McAleese or John D’Antonio
Denis Zadorecki (shown above) Mike Oliva ( shown above with Christine)
A rendering shows a proposed development in Hicksville at the site of a Sears
department store now closed.

Cheryl Gries Brown
The “Mid Island Shopping Plaza” held its Grand Opening on October 25, 1956.
It cost $40,000,000 to construct and was built to accommodate more than 40,000 daily

The first addition to the shopping center came in the way of the Fox Plaza North and
South Cinerama, which was built as a freestanding structure at the north end of the mall.
One of America's earliest "shopping mall" twin-plex theaters, it showed its first feature in
May 1964.
The shopping center was enclosed in 1968, renamed the Broadway Mall in 1989,
renovated between 1987 and 1991, and completely redeveloped in 1995.
Gertz, a department store based then in downtown Jamaica Queens, and a unit of the then
Allied Stores Corporation planned the center and built a 5 level store to anchor the
facility. The Gertz store was reported to be the tallest suburban department store ever
built.] In the early 1980s, Gertz closed their downtown Jamaica store, and this location
became its new flagship store, and the Gertz corporate staff was relocated to the 5th floor
of the Broadway Mall location. In mid 1982, Allied merged its Gertz division into its
Paramus, NJ based Stern’s division. All former Gertz locations were re-branded as
Stern’s in early 1983, and a regional corporate staff remained at the Broadway Mall store.
The store was then rebranded asMacy’s in 2001 when Federated Department Stores
folded their Stern's Division.
In 1991, IKEA opened their second store in the New York Metropolitan Area at the mall.
Until 2003, the store was not connected to the mall (although only about 20 feet separated
the mall from the store). IKEA did, however, maintain a display in the center court where
its mall entrance would eventually be. It is currently one of the only IKEA stores that is
connected to a mall and has a mall entrance.
In 2005, Vornado Realty Trust purchased Broadway Mall, adding it to their portfolio of
shopping centers across the country. Vornado later sold the mall to a partnership led by
KRR in 2014 as part of a plan to shelve its regional mall holdings.
On May 5, 2015, renderings surfaced on the homepage of the mall's website that appear
to depict a planned renovation. The renovation of the main mall was completed, while the
renovation of the food court is ongoing. In 2017, the mall's named was changed from
Broadway Mall to Broadway Commons.[

A video about Mid Island Plaza

Noelle McKeon Schecht 1984

Think they were just called North and South Cinema.
Patricia Clancy Kriss, Queen of the Rosary Academy 1965

They were called the Twin Theaters.

Bill Roach 1972

Wasn’t North and South Cinema on South Oyster Bay Road?
Laurie Ladogana 1971

Thought the one on South Oyster Bay Road was called the Plainview Theatre.

Think you are right.

I saw 2001 Space Odyssey in Cinerama when it played its first summer. It was The Twin
Theater North And South and they weren’t connected at first. Later construction did.
Anyone agree?
John Agnoli 1974

I did not think the movie theater was attached to Mall! Was it really.
Dorinda Smith Aiossa 1976

I went to see Bobby Kennedy in front of the movies when he ran for the senate.

Mike Hoda 1972

Yes, Michael and I went there on a date to see Star Wars.

Carolyn Bartlett Richman 1976

It used to be Twin Theaters..... when our part of St. Ignatius parish got broken off to be
part of St. Paul’s in Brookville... we attended mass at Twin Theaters.
Deborah Morse Ackley, Holy Trinity 1972
I loved Mid Island Plaza; they had the best stores.
Tia Maria

Circa 1970. There are no underage teens hanging out in front of the liquor store trying to
get someone to buy them a bottle of Ripple or Boones Farm.

Greg Navoy

Apparently there is more than one discrepancy.
Eileen Heym Lutz 1966

Isn't there always LOL.

Ok Cheryl; what is the answer? Food Fair and Pathmark should be switched.

Jean Skvarich 1973

I bought a Mood ring from the machines in Newberry's.

Nope. My friends worked there and I was there all the time. And that's where I always
bought mascara and lipstick.

Ellen Baumgartner 1969

Newberry's and McCrory should be switched. And what year is this? S. Klein?
Linda DeSimone

S.Klein opened in October of 1969.
James Kershow 1969

The error is that these stores are gone.

Gail Cluxton Sneyd 1963

It wasn’t Kresge; it was Courtesy.

Lynne Lombardi 1971
J.J. Newberry's was at the corner that is marked McRory's & Kresge's was where J.J.
Newberry's is marked. I was a Kresge girl.

Geneem Shekleton Cohen 1975

Where is the Brown Cow; unlimited pickles at lunch counter.
William Stursberg 1971

A note from Ellen Baumgartner to Cheryl Gries Brown…Who drew this map? Some
discrepancies may be because Newberry, Kresge and Lerners were some of the chains
owned by the same corporation run by the Riklis family. He was an Israeli billionaire and
is still alive in his late 90s.
I have no idea who drew this map.

Well, what's wrong is the draftsman incorrectly drew properties and then entered store
names on wrong properties... simple analysis.

Bob Bittner 1968

I’m fairly certain the service tunnel for trucks was behind Kleins.
Rich Wahlen 1977

The truck tunnel ran straight down the middle of Mid-Island Plaza from west between the
2 rear food stores to the east at the main entrance into the property from Broadway.
Service tunnel was right where we sat for the bus to the beach on broadway.
Mike Hoda 1972

Newberry's is in the wrong place. Should be Kresges.
MaryJo Crabtree Morrow 1971

Newberry’s is the wrong place.

Bette Harrison Germain 1964

Newberry was diagonal from Gertz.
Ellen Baumgartner 1969
A shot of Gertz looking from the front door of Newberrys

Newberrys is shown in the wrong location. My 1st job was the snack bar for them. $1.65
an hour. Rocky DiMango was my Manager. He yelled at us for using too much seltzer to
clean the grill back in 1973.

William Hartenstine 1974

Newberry's is where McCrory's is. Kresge's was to the left of Gertz. Thinking that the
food stores were gone when Kleins was there. Was Kleins really bigger than Gertz ?
Newsberrys was connected somehow but no entrance from the mall. Just a breezeway
type thing.
Lynne Lombardi 1971

Newberry had the two entrances in mall. Now I'll be wrong.
John Agnoli 1974

You are right. Newberry's did have 2 entrances in the Plaza. After thinking about it,
Newberry's actually had 3 entrances.
Cheryl Gries 1972

Kresge was where you have Newberrys and I remember Newberrys being where
McCorys is with a jewelry store on the corner . There was a craft/ art store on the back by
Kresge and a Bagel Nosh up towards Broadway and Nevada.

Carolyn Bartlett Richman 1976
Pretzel guy in front of Newberrys also sold candy apples! Newberrys had the pez
machine in the front entrance.
John Liberatos

We need to draw in the pretzel guy!

Richie Bowra

Newberrys is in the wrong location. Also back in 1961, Kleins was non existent; no
movies and no north side service tunnel.

Dennis Kearney 1961
I remember Food Fair being on the left, and the other store being First National.
Jim Romanelli 1967

Yup, Pathmark and Food Fair need to be switched!
Kathy Kappel Smith

Switch Food Fair & Pathmark.
Pattie Leever Buscema 1977

I don't remember the name of the first supermarket, but I do remember one day all the
employees started wearing a button that read "Ask me about Pathmarking".

Diana D’Antuono DePalme Henne 1964

First National, then Finast, then ShopRite then PathMark. I knew them all because my
mom shopped at them all and I worked in the Plaza.
Jay Weber 1970

Pathmark moved in when First National left. Is that right Jim?
Since it is 1970 that is probably correct. I was not around in Hicksville at that time.

Shop rite came first.

Mike Romanelli 1974

I remember Food Fair being on the left, and the other store being First National.
Jim Romanelli

Yes Newberry’s had a back entrance as well and also Food Fair and Pathmark are

Felicia Rybak Adorno 1972
New Readers

Hicksville High School friends club…I would love to join the club and I still live on
Long Island I would also like to be put on the 1972 reunion list whenever that will be
thank you.
Kerri Roswell 1972

I'd like to have my name added to the HixNews master class list. Please add my mom’s
name to the In Memoriam for the class of 1944. Her name, Adeline Brigandi. Thanks.
Marty Schweitzer 1973

We have added you to the master spreadsheet list and have added your mother to the In
Memoriam page.
Roger Whitaker, webmaster for

On The Internet
I just realized that I haven’t received a HixNews since last fall (2017). DUH!!!…could
you please look into this since nothing has changed (i.e.: email, etc).
Below listed is my contact information (Concealed). Thanks in advance!!!
Larry Senn 1964

Larry, we aren't actually sending you the newsletter, but were sending a notification that
the new edition is available on the web site. You can always view all the issues back to
the first one, by visiting Our notices were being sent by Henry Lichtenstein
who passed away last November. We don't have the login to the Google group that they
were sent from. We hope to get back to sending notices, but aren't there just yet.
Roger Whitaker, webmaster for HixNews

Thank you for your prompt response. I am saddened by Henry's passing...his
contributions to the newsletter were noteworthy. I will check the newsletter each month
going forward. I thank you and the rest of the HixNews team for your efforts.
Respectfully, I Remain…
Larry Senn

I haven't received the newsletter since at least the beginning of 2018. Please make sure
that I am still on the mailing list. Thank You.

Denise Eisele-Felipe 1969

The latest edition of the HixNews newsletter, and all previous editions are always
available by visiting The emails were simply notification that a new
newsletter was posted to the website. Henry Lichtenstein had set up a method to send out
the notifications, but he passed away last November. The rest of us do not have access to
that email account. We hope to get another way of doing that setup.
Roger Whitaker, webmaster for

Dad, 5 years ago, April 27, 2013, you left us to live in eternal life with Jesus. We miss
you so much especially when sharing family time. Watch over mom & CB3 as they need
you the most.

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972
A note from Linda Mastrosanti Aragocillo 1961
Today, April 30, 2018, thinking of my Dad like every other day, but today is a “Special
Day” because Dad would have reached 100 years of life. We would have had a Big Party
to celebrate his milestone of life. His nieces and nephews called him " Uncle Johnny".
He worked hard all his life supporting my mom, my sister and me. He always helped
anyone who asked for assistance. He was in his own business for over 45 years, an
excavating business and help from my Mom, they ran the business from home. He loved
all his grand-children and I only wish he could have spent more time getting to know
each and every one of them.
Your grandchildren, Laura, Jim and Glenn miss you. We all miss you. Happy SPECIAL

Dad’s brother Emil and Dad

My parents, my sister and I and a lot to the Mastrosanti family lived in Brooklyn not too
far from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. When Brooklyn changed dramatically in the area we
lived, my parents decided to move to Hicksville in 1950. Around the same time, my
grandparents and some Aunts and Uncles moved to Long Island, also. My Dad was one
of 14 children, and him being the oldest had to quit school to work and help out at home.
Grandmother was a housewife…grandfather was a shoe-maker.
My father was a terrific mason, also. His business name was Hicksville Building Supply
and he would deliver building supply ( top-soil, bluestone etc: ) to home-owners.
After 45+ years in business, failing health forced him to retire. He was a good role model
to our entire family especially my sister Elizabeth and me. His motto, work hard and love

And today, May 20, 2018, would have been my Mother's 98th birthday, Happy Birthday

Mom you are missed so much.

Your family talks about you all the time. She loved her children and grand-children and
it’s too bad she didn't get to know her great-grandchildren whom she would have loved.
She was always so happy go lucky, singing all the Italian songs especially on the holidays
when family got together. She used to cook like there was an army coming for dinner. If
you’re Italian, you know what I mean. She loved having family over. I would talk to her
every day, no matter if it was just to say hello or to help her with something. She loved
planting flowers and we always aid she had a green thumb.

Anything she ever planted, flourished. Mom, we all miss you.....Happy Birthday to you!

To the editors…You may wish to note that

Diane Lobel died several years ago in suburban Boston, Massachusetts as she was
preparing to move to Florida.
Sincerely yours,

Robert Owen 1973

Just got the news of the passing of Patricia Kelly class of 1960 on Saturday May 12,
RIP Patricia Kelly

Just had a call from my sister, Patti, who lives on Maui saying she heard from our
sister, Eileen, who lives in Las Vegas that
Christine Heidt Beasey from the class of 1959 passed away May 1st. When Chris was in
high school, her father assaulted her and she wound up living with the Casale family.
Eileen and Chris were close friends for many years. As a matter of fact, when Chris
married Dale Beasey, they moved to Vegas back in the 70’s.

Deepest sympathy.

Naomi Groont Doudera 1973

RIP. Parental abuse was not uncommon in those days it was just unreported. I know this
first hand. It was a wonderful act of kindness on your family’s part to help her.
Vincent Recine 1965

Remember her well.

Eileen Toscano 1959

Deepest sympathy.

Carol Mack Berry 1963
I remember Chris, quiet and sweet, RIP Chris.

Vera Hoke Capes 1959

Sad to lose someone who was loved.

Barbara DiBella Dowd 1962

Omg the Gardner clan knew Chris well. Of course being the baby I didn't know the sad
life she had, but remember her fondly because she and my sister, Ronni, we're best of
Betty Gardner Brunell 1972

She was very much like another sister. Sleep peacefully.

Patti Tobacco from Maui, Hawaii (my gorgeous little sister, above 2017 w/ Buffalo Bob)
Rip. She was blessed that she had your family to love and support her.

Maureen Uss Bensen 1964 (above with Julie & Jennifer)

Spoke with her by phone only a day before she died, Bob. I had no idea she was sick.
Called Carrie, her daughter as soon as Alberta and I found out. She and her brother seem
like very sweet people and are dealing with their loss as well as they can.

Bob Bolittieri 1959
Just a quick note to let you know of the passing of

Carolyn Bailey yesterday from the Class of 1963. I don’t have many details yet but will
let you know when I do. Best!

Elliot Gorlin 1963

People Looking For People
Charles Hearon class of 1971 is looking for

Tommy Connor Class of 1971 Mike Brennan 1973
Michael Brennan
Hicksville High School, Hicksville, NY, 1989-1993
Michael Brennan
Holy Trinity High School, Hicksville, NY, 1970-1974
There is a Dorothy Brennan and Mary Brennan in the class of 1973
There is a Marie Brennan and Margaret Brennan in the class of 1972 and
there are two Michael Brennan in the class of 1972.
It appears they may be related...could be siblings or could be cousins
Take a look at the two Mikes and let me know which one!


Hi Everybody
There are a lot of people expressing interest in our not too far off reunion and we have
checks rolling in. Remember, the reunion is on a first come/first served basis. Please take
a moment to think of 2 or 3 people that you would love to see at the reunion and send
them this message directly or post on your own timeline:
The reunion is being held on 8/11/2018 at Butterfield's in Hauppague (661 Old Willets
Path). The price is $65 per person in advance and $75 at the door. We are focusing
on graduates from 1972 * 1973 * 1974…but all are welcome.
Nancy Rooney is collecting the money- so please make your checks out to her and send
to her attention at this address:
Hicksville High School
180 Division Ave
Hicksville, NY 11801

Diane Allen Romano 1973

Will do next week?

Barbara Rose Murello 1973
Diane…Thanks so much to you and sweet Bob for putting all this together. This is a lot
of work for you both and your friends are appreciated! Can you clarify one question that
came up somewhere and I don’t recall seeing the answer. The reunion attendance is first
come /first served. Does that mean if we send our money now (I think Brad Ernst is
paying for mine - he is rich ya know) and it is posted in the first group of senders then we
are good to go and part of the first come group correct? Or did I hear that the first
come/first served means there is only room at the venue for a certain amount of people
and if the venue is full to capacity when you arrive ( even if you were an early payee )
you can’t get into the reunion ??
Can you please clarify that for me (maybe someone else wondering as well?) Will there
be an alternative meeting place? For chatting etc? I certainly am NOT SUGGESTING
that you or Bob need be responsible for any additional forums or work etc!! Just
wondered what that first come/ first served meant in our situation.
Thank you again for everything you people are doing. You all are the best!!

Ronnie Turner Detelj

Hi Ronnie- if you send us a check- you are in!! Seat saved. Totally in!!
Send your check, Ronnie.

Peter Humann 1973

I thought Brad was sending the check! Gosh what’s with him? I did let him sit in my car
in the middle of a wind storm. I even put the heat on!!!

In the back seat with the dog who slobbers.

Brad Ernst 1973

What dog? What was in “yer” coffee Tex?

Ronnie talks a lot...some things never change!!!

But I am very interesting, smart, pretty and funny right???

Huh? Who is this? What'd you do with Ronnie?

I should have you move into my guest house so you can keep me laughing!

Where do all the people go that find out last minute and there is not enough room. Do
they hang out in the parking lot? I contacted a lot of Facebook friends from Hicksville,
and they never even knew about a reunion. Brad…are you paying for anyone else’s ticket
lol...lucky Ronnie!!

Joy Lodato

Ronnie is just giving me a ration of shit telling everybody I’m rich and she’s just being

Count me out please Diane. Will be back to work then. Had booked my flight for first
weekend in August as that was the original date.
Barbara Rose Murello 1973

Oh- I am so, so sorry. The change couldn't be helped. We really shouldn't have posted the
original date- because it was unconfirmed at that point. We will do this again I'm sure.

Thanks, Diane!

Shari Hinden Anyone from 1975 going???

Shari Hinden 1975

Is there a list of people that we can see and know about??

I’m thinking about it. Good question you asked.
Ginny Grams Piccirilli 1973

Diane Allen Romano Sure. I can put one together. I am traveling for business this week
so you won’t see it until next week.

Videos On The Internet
The Skyliners

The Platters

An Abba song on a talent show
Glen Campbell 1961

The Tokens

Story about an airfield that was located on Robbins Lane in Hicksville/Syosset 1947