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Consensus 2018 Attendees Disappointed

with Speakers
Dimpull Offers a Solution

This was the first Blockchain Week for 80% of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Sentiment on Reddit reveals that attendees and online viewers of Consensus
2018 were unsatisfied, perhaps because 25% of speakers become involved in
blockchain only within the last year.

NEW YORK CITY, NY (May 21, 2018) – The cryptocurrency and cryptoasset
market lost nearly 10% of its value through New York’s Blockchain Week as
attendees expressed dissatisfaction in the headline event Consensus 2018.
According to analysis by Dimpull, sentiment about the week’s events was
extremely negative.

2017 marked the explosion of cryptocurrency and cryptoasset markets and global
mainstream media interest in blockchain technology. With this came a major
influx of new developers and projects as well as new entrants learning about the
technology for the first time. These new entrants looked to Blockchain Week for
quality education on current activity in the space and a vision of the future, but
sentiment shows that speakers failed to provide.


Consensus 2018 attendance reached ~8500, up from ~2750 in Consensus 2017a 3x
increase. Coinbase users increased more than 5x from 3.7M in May 2017 to 20M
today. The market cap of all cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets as calculated by
CoinMarketCap increased from 35B USD in May 2017 to ~400B today. From these
values, Dimpull estimates that at least 80% of all blockchain enthusiasts became
active in the space less than 1 year ago.


Dimpull reviewed the current job positions of all 248 Consensus 2018 speakers
from their LinkedIn profiles. 37 people are not in positions or companies that are
involved with blockchain technologies, or their experience is not available on
LinkedIn, so they were not included in the results.

Of the remaining 211 people who have some form of blockchain credentials, 25%
have been in the space for less than one year, 10% have been in the space for less
than 5 months. The majority of speakers (57%) have been working in the space
for less than 3 years.

Consensus 2018 Speakers - Years Working

in Blockchain

More than 5: 8%

Less than 1: 25%

4: 19%

1: 16%
3: 15%

2: 17%

Dimpull reviewed the top Reddit posts regarding Consensus 2018. Of the top 8
posts (more than 50 comments and 200 points), 5 were very negative, such
as “Consensus 2018 sucked hard” and "Consensus 2018: It sucked. Here’s
why”.  Only two could be considered positive (although comments on those posts
could not be). 1 was neutral.

Top Reddit Posts about

Consensus 2018
Consensus 2018: It sucked. Here’s why Consensus starts Will Consensus
(r/CryptoCurrency) today. Vitalik, spark the great bull
1911 points Charles Hoskinson run of 2018?
and Jun Hasegawa (r/CryptoCurrency)
lead the way on the 744
boycott (r/ethereum)

CNBC reported that Consensus was

nothing more than
Consensus 2018: You guys got robbed, and Coindesk's Consensus 2018 an attention grab
trolled. (r/CryptoCurrency) has more than 4,000 and it failed
1844 attendees, likely to (r/CryptoCurrency)
generate more than $8 385
million in ticket sales
Consensus 2018: I'll just Consensus 2018
sucked hard.
gently drop that graph Superficial talks ...
here.. 230 points

Dimpull is a platform for people to connect with blockchain experts through

paid 1-on-1 phone calls. Dimpull exists to provide quality, peer-reviewed
education to the 80% of crypto enthusiasts who are brand new to the space.