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Spring 2018


Lab Report 1: Test Name

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This test is intended primarily to evaluate the physical properties of asphalt mix specimens
which are associated with plastic deformation properties. It aims further to find some physical
properties of asphalt. It evaluates the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimens of
bitumen paving mixtures which are on top of the lateral surface using Marshall apparatus.
This test method is used with mixtures that include asphalt cement and aggregate reaching
37.5 mm nominal maximum size. The apparatus that is used include specimen mold
assembly, specimen extractor, Marshall Compaction Apparatus, Water Bath and Marshall Test
Apparatus. The results of the study indicate that Va = 1- Gmb x 100 = 2.507

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This test approach is mainly utilized in the lab mix design of bitumen mixtures
subject to the procedures of the Marshall. Moreover, the results of the test are also
utilized for the purpose of characterizing asphalt mixtures.
This test yields performance anticipation measure for the Marshall mix design
approach. The stability portion of the test evaluates the maximum load supported by
the test specimen at a loading rate of 50.8 mm/minute. Load is added to the
specimen until the level of failure and the max. load is considered as stability.
The objective is to find stability and flow for asphalt and also to find some physical
properties of asphalt.

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Procedure and Experimental Setup

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Discussion of Results:

The results of this lab experiment show that this specimen of asphalt has good stability and
flow. For example, the results of the analysis of the Marshall Stability test shows that the
bearing capacity of the paving mix could be associated with Marshall Stability and flow by
means of applying the following equation show that Va = 1- Gmb x 100 = 2.507.
This means that the specification of the properties of the mix are good and this means that it
shall have sufficient stability to oppose displacement under traffic.


Since specification and properties of the mix are of paramount importance in the
design of the bituminous pavements in order to have enough stability to oppose
displacement under traffic, the analysis of the Marshall Stability test is a pressing
need that exhibits the bearing capacity of a paving mix. This lab experiment has
shown that the mix has a good bearing capacity and this is revealed from the load
carrying ability of the asphaltic mix which is a function of the flow value and stability
as well.


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