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Aerospace Engineer

-I chose this career because I like to design and develop vehicles and systems for atmospheric

and space environments. And I want to work in NASA and NASA wants more Aerospace


-A bachelor's degree or a master's degree in aerospace engineering or in a related engineering

discipline, such as mechanical engineering or engineering physics, is required.

- The employment outlook will be fair for Aerospace engineers (NOC 2146) in British Columbia

for the 2017-2019 period.

Year salary before taxes: 90,000__Yearly salary after taxes: 70,000

Bi-weekly salary after taxes: 2,700__Monthly salary after taxes: 5,850

Year salary before taxes: 90,000

Yearly salary after taxes: 70,000

 Provincial: (%)
 Federal: (%)
 Bi-weekly salary after taxes: 2,700
 Monthly salary after taxes: 5,850


5,000 line of credit & 1,000 credit card

A winning budget!

Here is a guide for smart budgeting: it represents the percentage of what you make every month.

 Food: 14.1% 825

 Housing: 36% 2,105
 Clothing: 4.0% 234
 Car/Insurance: 9.1% 533
 Gas: 3.2% 187
 Other transportations (taxi, bus, plane, etc.): 5% 293
 Health care: 5.9% 345
 Entertainment: 4.0% 235
 Services and personal products: 1% 59
 Education (no student debt): 1.9% 111
 Other: 5.9% 350
 Savings: 10% 585
 Debt???

Renting a house

Step 1:
 Decide your budget: 1,1960
 Location: coquitlam
 " 5 Must-Haves": 2bedroom, GYM, Good view, pool, big living room
 Living alone
Step 2:

 Tenant rights (name 3 points): Controlled rent increases, privacy, your landlord must heat your
 Responsibilities of owners (name 3 points): before and after tenant check, insurance and hydro,
Maintain a Quiet Environment

I chose to rent the middle one because it bigger than the others, the rooms and

living room is fully furnished, it has natural gas, it has 2 balconies which I like

very much, its on my desired location, parking spot and its all included. https://vancouver.craigslist.

d/2-bedroom-2-bath-at- /pml/apa/d/2-bedroom-condo- ca/pml/apa/d/2-bedroom-
the/6507592518.html in-coquitlam/6485825011.html condo-in-

om 2 2 2
ize 815 890 850
Include membership to the Furnished , BBQ area, kids play

18,000 sq. ft Na koma Club 1 Parking spot ground.

Natural gas is included - Gas and hot water
1 secured underground parking included
and 1 locker Two Balconies
In-suite laundry
ost $1800 $1950 $1900
posit $900 $975 $950

ype AP. AP. AP.

BC no yes no

I chose to buy the left one because its cheaper than the others, it has indoor

pool and exercise center, its on my desired location, the Maintenance Fees are

cheaper Than The others

Between buying and renting I would like to rent because I can get a better house

enjoy and I can save more money and then buy a house after 10 years or more

Buying a house

Step 1:
1) How much can you spend for housing per month? 2,700
2) alone
3) "Must-Haves":2bedroom, 1000 sqft+,2 bathroom,
4) Provided with kitchen appliances


1) What are 2 positive points of buying a house? you have your own house, you can change
everything in your house
2) What are 2 negative points of buying a house? its hard to change your house, you have to pay
tax, insurance and …

420,000 470,000 470,000
Family/19133428/104-1040-KING-ALBERT- Family/19179992/20-2378-RINDALL-AVENUE- Family/19133385/203-1189-WESTWOOD-
AVENUE-Coquitlam-British-Columbia- Port-Coquitlam-British-Columbia-V3C1V2 STREET-Coquitlam-British-Columbia-V3B7P5

84,000 20% 94,000 20% 94,000 20%

336,000 376,000 376,000
1,550 1,650 1,650
350 370 400

$100 hydro $100 hydro $100 hydro

$50 int. $50 int. $50 int.

2,050 2,170 2,200

3) What are 2 positive points of renting? You can leave whenever you want, you can save money
4) What are 2 negative points of renting? You can’t make changes, if you rent renting price goes
up and it can affect to others,
Power Reclining $1900
Sectional Sofa Craigslist

Modern $700
Lift Up Craigslist

Spring $300

mattress IKEA

+ Cookware Set
Knife set

Dinnerware Set $76

Flatware Set

Floor and desk

Smart TV
Pair of speakers
Black rug
Coat rack with
shoe storage bench
IKEA +Craigslist

Queen Size Bed $700


White 5 Piece
Bedroom Set

Chair and couch

Sum============================= $6,731/7,020

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks

Monday WW bread BBQ salmon, Salad (avocado, Banana
rice carrot, broccoli)
Egg, date cucumber
Fried chicken
Grape Juice

Broccoli orange peppers Cold sandwich Apple

WW bread Mac, meat Grape Juice cucumber
cheese, nuts, tea

Wednesday Milk Salad (avocado, Chicken nuggets Banana shake,

carrot, broccoli) nuts, date
WW bread potato
Rice and lentil cucumber
Butter, honey Grape Juice

Thursday WW bread Meat, rice Carrot rice, Apple, juice

caraway seeds, yoghurt
cheese, tea Broccoli
Grape Juice
nuts cucumber

Friday Egg, potato, Meat, potato, Cheese, WW Salad (avocado,

beans, WW bread, tomato, orange peppers,
bread cucumber,
Apple juice
Grape Juice

Saturday WW bread Sandwich (Carrot, Rice, lentil, Broccoli

beans, chicken, egg, yoghurt, onion,
peanut butter Banana shake,
potato) raisin date
Grape Juice cucumber

Sunday WW bread Sushi (, Broccoli burger Broccoli

Egg, orange pepper , avocado) Grape Juice Banana shake,
Categories : Product Quantity Price/which
store (step 3)
Fruits/vegetables Bananas 4 1.20
Carrots 6 1.80
Avocados Bag 4 1 3.99
Peppers Orange 2 3.96
Broccoli 2 3.02
Potatoes 6 4.26
Cucumber Field 8 11.92
Tomatoes 4 1.32
onion 2 1.28
Dairy products Milk 1% 1 3.53
Cream Cheese 1 4.49
Butter 1 0.99
Organic Yogurt 0.5 2

Meats Large Brown Eggs 10 2.49

Chicken pack 1 7.02
Lean Ground Beef 1 3.50

Drinks Tea Bags 7 1.82

Apple Juice 1 2.09
Grape Juice 1.36l 3.49

Bread Whole Wheat Bread 4 6.7]

Dinner Rolls Whole 1 2.99


Other Rice Long Grain 1KG 3.90

Nuts Mix 100g 3.79
W W Spaghetti 1 2.99
Lentils 100g 2.49
1 1.75
Organic Honey 200g 0.78
Brown Sugar 300g 2.07
Beans 200 2.50

total 94.13

What is underlined in yellow, you need to include in your final budget.
Making good decisions:

 What options are essential for your car (name 5 points)?

Auto trans. _SUV_ AWD_4 DOORS_SPORT


New car= $500/year 42/m Used car=$2000/year 166/m


 New car= $1800/year 150/m Used car=$1300/year 108/m

*(This is the average cost. To know what you would pay in exact insurance you will need to go to ICBC).

New or used


• Advantages of buying a new car (name 2 points):

2)new features

• Disadvantages of buying a new car (name 2 points):

2)price drop after a year


• Advantages of buying a used car (2 points):

1) cheap and less tax
2) Cheaper insurance
• Disadvantages of buying a used car (2 points):
1) Outdated systems

2) no warranty

Buying or Leasing

 Advantage of leasing: (name 2 points)

1)tax benefit
2) quality assets
 Disadvantages of leasing: (name 2 points)
1)no ownership
2) High Insurance Cost


 Advantages of buying: (2 points)

2) No mileage limits
 Disadvantages of buying: (2 points)
1) price drop after a year
2)expensive insurance
1. 2. 3.
Name of dealership TESLA Mercedes-Benz craigslist
or owner
Size (how many 4 4 4

Year 2018 2017 2008

Make tesla Mercedes-AMG Range Rover
Model X G65 Sport SC

Automatic or auto auto auto

Standard (manual)
Price 195,700 369,000 17,900

Particular features Auto doors, , leather seats, 12” Cruise cntrl, leather
(beyond your 5) screen, 4 heated seats, mouse control
19” screen, all seat
seats, rear air
heated, electronic
cndtnr, handbrake
, leather seats,6 seat
Length of contract 5 5 5
or number of years
needed to pay off
the car
Gas 0 400 240

How much do you 3,689 7,040 250.68

pay per month for
your car?
How much do you 192 192 274
pay per month for
the car, insurance, ,
and servicing?
Does it fit your NO NO YES

Your final choice

1. Which car did you choose? G-class

2. Photo of the vehicle:
3. Why did you choose it? off road abilities, 12 cylinders, rear seats screen, safety options, good exterior design
4. What percentage did you spend from your salary?9.1 How much money do you have left?0
5. You also need to think about other modes of transportation (bus, taxi, plane, etc..). So, how much do you think
you will spend on other modes of transportation?351$

Cell phone

 Smartphone plan(Bell) + 3 GB + Unlimited local and U.S. talking

 Most of the time I need internet, so I got 3GB data
 I might need to go to U.S., so I add the U.S.
 How much do you pay a month: $1200 / year $100/ month


 Outings on the weekends: $960/year $80/ month

 Restaurants: food, drinks, etc.: $720/year $60/ month
 Movie Theatres: $420/year $35/ month
 Books: --
 Plays or musicals/professional sporting events/concerts: --
 Other: --
 Total (+cell phone): $3300/year 275/month
 From Entertainment (+ outings) budget

Sports (optional)

 Cost per month:

 Equipment: --
 Gym (Membership): $720/year $60/ month

Travel (optional)3X

 Cost of transportation: $2100/ year $175/ month

 Renting a car: $980 / year $82/ month
 Hotel: $980
 Food, drinks, etc.: $840
 Other: $300
 Total:5200/year $434/ month

Important occasions/events (gifts)

Christmas Gifts for the family (toys, clothes,): 300

Birthdays  Gifts (perfume, dinner) :300

Total: $600/ year $50/ month

Clothing/beauty products/beauty services:

 Clothing :230/month $2,760/ year

 Beauty/salon services: $300/year

 Beauty products (shampoo, soap, makeup, etc.):240/year
 Total: $275/ month $3,300/ year
Comparison table

Name of the Where can Interest rate Eligibility Particular

card: you use it? characteristics

1. No-Fee Everywhere 16.99% on . Permanent . Save on car

purchases. 16.99% Resident rentals
Scotiabank . Your annual
on cash advances . Feel reassured
Value® VISA gross income is at
.save on cinema
least $12,000
. No credit history and 8 great
needed. restaurant
2. BMO Air Everywhere 19.99% on . Haven't
Miles purchases and declared
22.99% on funds bankruptcy in the
MasterCard last 7 years
. 19+

3. American Everywhere 19.99% on . have a

Express Blue purchases and Canadian credit
22.99% on funds file
advances . be Canada

4. RBC Visa Everywhere Purchase Rate: . Be a permanent . Extensive

Platinum Avion 19.99% resident of insurance
(student) Cash Advance Canada coverage
visa Rate: 22.99% . Have no current . Savings
record of Instant Fuel
5. TD U.S. Everywhere 19.99% for . You are a . Deluxe TD
Dollar Visa* purchases5 Canadian Auto Club
Card 22.99% for cash5 resident and are Membership
of the age of
majority in your
of residence.

1. Indicate which card you chose and why: I would like to choose the first
one because it has a lowest and it doesn’t have annual fee and I’m
eligible for it. I can save money on renting cars, cinema, and restaurant.

1. What did you like about this unit? What did you not like?
I like the way that this unit teach us how to manage your money, and I didn’t like the

food section because I think its bad idea to make diet.

2. What did you learn (give 2 specific examples)?

I learned what financing is and I didn’t know that you can finance a used car.

I learned that I can buy a house easily by mortgaging, and how mortgage works.

3. Did your view on budgeting and finances change after completing the project? In what
ways? My views changed after this unit about buying a house. I’ve thought that you need
lot of money to buy a house, but now I know that you can easily pay for house monthly.
4. What are two suggestions that you would give to someone who is starting to manage
their own money? When you start getting paid don’t get yourself to a lot of debt and
make budget table for your income, so you can make good decision about spending your