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1) (i)The ability to control a project depends on the ability to capture relevant data.

Provide two
examples of tools for baseline/performance data capture for each of the following 4 project
management knowledge areas (identified in the PM BOK): (4 marks)

• Scope Management

• Time Management

• Resource Management

• Cost Management

(ii) Project Control involves three fundamental steps. What are these three steps? (3 marks)

2)The so-called Time-Cost-Quality triangle (of project constraints) is of major importance in successful
project management. Describe how each of these 3 aspects of project management influence each
other. (4 Marks)

3) Provide an example of an ethical dilemma in engineering project management and explain how a
code of ethics might be used to help the project manager in the decision making process.

(9 marks)

4) Describe clearly how the scoring method of project selection works.Illustrate your description of the
method by the appropriate use of a table. (4 marks)
5) A project requires the purchase of a new piece of machinery. You are the project manager and you
must choose between two potential machines (Machine A and Machine B), either of which would be
suitable. The cost of each machine is identical at £225,000. However, they differ in performance such
that the projected future cash flows are different for each machine. Projected cash flows over a 5 year
period are as shown in. Table Q2a:

(i) Show which machine would be the preferred choice based on a Payback Period estimate. (3 marks)

(ii) For each machine calculate Return on Investment. (4 marks)

(iii) For each machine, calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) after 5 years assuming a discount (inflation)
rate of 3% for each year of the project. Table Q2b provides a list of discount factors for a range of
discount (inflation) rates. (6 marks)

(iv) The project manager decides to purchase Machine A. Suggest why. (2 marks)

6)Provide a critique of three financial project selection models of your choice by discussing the
advantages and disadvantages of each.

i) On the basis of the information presented in Table Q4a, draw up a Gantt Chart showing activities and
their relative timing. Indicate available float on the diagram. Finally, superimpose the required resources
on each day of each activity. Use a format (such as that shown below in the Figure Q4b template
(Activity A1 has been completed for you).

(3 marks)

ii) Draw up Resource Histograms for (a) Early Starts and (b) Late Starts, showing the resource loadings.
Comment on the results in terms of employee resource requirement over the duration of the project
given that you are limited to a maximum of 10 employees per day. (7 marks)

(i) Construct a Network Diagram showing the various logical activity relationships from this information.
(3 marks)

(ii) Perform a forward and backward pass completing the activity boxes. (5 marks)

(iii) Highlight the critical path on your diagram and state the earliest project completion time.

(2 marks)