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The first image seen when watching The openin g scene begins with a The next scene introduces the main This is followed by an over -the-
the film is the ͚Universal Studios͛ logo. panning zoom shot of the main character further, by giving a summary shoulder shot of a meeting between
This gives the film some credibility and character. This is the first appearance of his lifestyle and his role within the the main character and his colleague.
gives the audience a hig h expectation, he makes, and begins to introduce film. The editing style involves quick, Mild humour in the form of sarcasm is
as this logo is associated with many of him. The location is similar to a police motion blur transitions with sound used, this appeals to the UK audience
the best films made, and is the parent headquarters style building, and as the effects, and snappy camera shots. The as sarcasm is very commonly found in
company of working title, showing subject comes closer a UK police effect of this is condensing a lot of day to day life. Stereotypes are also
they had input into the production. uniform is visible. This is a use of information into a short, manageable used, for example, the stereotype of
iconography , and allows the audience time span. The location changes bosses being unfair and irrational is
to relate, as it is a take on real every constantly to show a range of activities displayed when the boss refuses to
day life. and grip the audience͛s attention. compromise or understand.

Humour is used in this scene, which is A gloomy atmosphere is then created Stereotypes are again used in this This part uses stereotypes to tackle
juxtaposed with the otherwise sad via the editing techniques. For scene as the country -living b&b contemporary issues, such as the
atmosphere created. The scene also is example, a desaturated, dark owners give a quir ky impression. This ͚hoody culture͛ in Britain. Again, this
slower than the usual quick bursts of environment is used to reflect the is added to the continued gloomy appeals to the audience again as it is
camera shots, and is more of a mood of the character at this po int. editing to give an overall effect of the an issue that allows use to laugh at
consistent, real time scene. This part is This is reinforced by his sulky body character͛s feelings. An over the ourselves as UK citizens. However, a
important in building up the feeling of language and typical bad luck, for shoulder shot is used, to give the combination of ͚spooky͛ sound effects,
depression within the main character, example, missing the train and getting perspective of the character, and and an over the shoulder camera shot
as it continues from this point. caught in the rain. This appeals to UK allows the audience to sympathise for gives the impression that something is
audiences as they can relate to this him. not right, and in a way almost
and emphasise as it has been foreshadows.
experienced by most.
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