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Governor Jennifer M.


Briefing Memo – Recovery Act at Work:

News conference to highlight Recovery Act Broadband funding for Michigan, held at
Merit Network Inc. headquarters in Ann Arbor

Tuesday, August 23, 2010 – 12:30 PM

You will speak at a news conference highlighting the recently-announced Round II
grants for the Recovery Act-funded Broadband expansion and adoption and public
computing centers. The news conference will take place at the headquarters for Merit
Network Inc. in Ann Arbor. You will be joined by

Program Information: The Broadband Initiatives funded in the Recovery Act are
intended to accelerate broadband deployment in unserved, underserved, and rural areas
and to strategic institutions that are likely to create jobs or provide significant public
benefits. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), U.S.
Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Office of Rural Development, and the FCC
administer the funding, which includes the Broadband Technology Opportunities
Program, the Rural Development Broadband Program, and the development of a
National Broadband Plan.

Details of Michigan funding to date:

Round 1: In January, six Michigan organizations received more than $56 million in
Round1 Broadband funding:
• Merit Network, Inc. -- $33 million
• Chatham Telephone Company -- $8.6 million
• Bloomingdale Communications -- $8.4 million
• OneCommunity -- $3 million
• Michigan State University -- $896,000
• Connected Nation -- $1.8 million

Round II: TO DATE, nine Michigan organizations have received more than $124 million
in Round II Broadband funding:
• Island Telephone Company - $2 million
• Crystal Automation Systems, Inc. - $26.5 million
• Allband Communication Cooperative - $8.6 million
• Climax Telephone Company - $3.2 million
• Communication Corporation of Michigan - $1.2 million
• Allband Communication Cooperative (2) - $1.1 million
• Merit Network Inc. - $69.6 million
• Michigan State University - $6 million
• Bloomingdale Communications - $5.6 million

• Lawrence E. Strickling, Assistant Secretary for Communication and Information,
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
• Representative John D. Dingell
• Dr. Donald Welch, President and CEO, Merit Network, Inc.
• Dr. Kurt Demaagd, Assistant Professor, Telecommunication, Information Studies,
and Media, Michigan State University
• Mark Bahnson, General Manager, Bloomingdale Communications, Inc.
• Roger Rehm, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information
Officer, Central Michigan University, Co-Chair of Merit Network Board of
• Walter Milligan, Merit Network Board of Directors, Chief Information Officer,
Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Michigan
Technological University


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