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Business Strategy Review

The business world remains far from placid. All the economic
upheaval has taken a physical, mental and financial toll on
millions of people. Reviews of product lines and operating
Editor: systems have been commonplace. What about reviews of
Stuart Crainer management? This issue is our attempt to address that question.

Contributing editors: “Today we can see evidence of creeping disenchantment with

Patrick Barwise management as a discipline,” asserts Julian Birkinshaw (page 4).
Julian Birkinshaw His article is bracing, but others are equally passionate about
Rob Goffee
the state of our profession. Stuart Crainer (page 12) explores
Michael Jarrett
Donald Sull the central paradox of management. Adam Kingl (page 52)
believes that the culture created by managers is directly linked
London Business School:
Victoria Gittins
to its sales effectiveness.

Regent’s Park
Management, of course, is also about structure and systems.
London NW1 4SA Is there a business model that will succeed over the
United Kingdom next decade? That model may just be the way Nokia operates.
Tel +44 (0)20 7000 7000 Lynda Gratton and Joel Casse (page 40) profile the exciting integration of online communities both to develop and
Design and art direction:
implement a company’s strategy. Similarly, Alan Bird, Lori Flees
Jebens Design and Paul DiPaola (page 56) explain how you can identify your company’s leadership supply and demand to close a talent gap.
Photographs and illustrations
© Jebens Design and All of these scholars are calling for innovation – new ways
London Business School to manage, new structures, new systems. Costas Markides
unless otherwise specified (page 24) was struck by how many workers and managers beg
for (or demand) innovation; but, he says, what it takes to
Editors: Rita Herron Brown
and Tom Brown innovate is too often misunderstood. “I’ve always believed,”
Markides says, “innovation is the answer that is too often
Subscriptions: overlooked, discounted or completely marginalized by managers.”
customerservices@ His article should help anyone who’s innovation-challenged.
bsr Julian Birkinshaw concedes that a “recipe book for reinventing
management” does not exist. “The right choices,” he
concludes, “depend entirely on the specific circumstances and
opportunities facing your company and on your willingness to
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experiment with unproven practices.” Another way to state the
journal/118535659/toc point is that a dramatic opportunity to advance your company
is a lost opportunity, unless a manager can seize it. That, says
Other enquiries:
Don Sull (page 34), requires a keen sense of timing and a fair
portion of luck. The time for our review of management is now;
Journal compilation © 2010
we hope you consider it a golden opportunity.
London Business School

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