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a) Function Display:

To turning on/off, click the button 5 times quickly and continuously, the led-display will turn

Explanations of the function display when the device in service:

Steady green light: the battery is between 26 and 100%.

Red light: the battery is under 25%.

b) Discharged Display:

While turning on, the working indicator lamp flashes red & green 3 times alternately when battery

Wile heating up, the working lamp flashes red & green 3 times alternately and automaticall shut-
off when battery low.

c) Temp Display:

Temp indicator lamp: 5 temperature leves--428°f/410°f/392°f/374°f/356°f.

Startheating up in 2 seconds after turning on. The temp indicator lamp is red while heating, and
will turn green after reached the setting temperature.

d) Switch The Temp Level:

Press the button to switch temp level; hold the button for 3 seconds to switch the temp level
orderly and circulary.

To power on the "black widow" again, it will return to your previously selected temperature.

e) Shut-off:

Click the button for 5 times quickly and continuosly to shut off under the condition of heating up
or standby.

After 5 minutes of beging powered on, the "black widow" will automatically shut off, which is
inteligent protection for preservering battery life ceramic heating elements.
f) Fault Display:

Theworking indicator lamp flashes red & green 3 times alternately whe faults happen. Please
disconnect the charging sourse, and try again after cooled down to room temperature, it damaged
if the "black widow" still can not function normally after cooling down.


a) As the mouth piece is connected with the body via magnet, it is easy removed from the
vaporizer by pushing it from the right/left side.

b) Fill the filling chamber and slightly compress the herbs whit packing tools.

c) Makes sure that the filling chamber is not overfilled (about 2/3 of the chamber); otherwise it
would lead to clogging of the screens and can inhaling more difficult.

d) 2 in 1 Wax Cup

Simply disassembe the mouthpice, and put the 2 in 1 wax cup into the chamber. Then you can fill
the wax into the cup with packing tools.


Recomended temp for herb and wax:


For herb the recomended temp is 410°f, 428°f for wax, witch are suitable for vaporization in the
"black widow" vaporizer.


a) Removed the mouthpiece (see part 3, "filling the filling chamber"), empty the filling chamber,
the clean it with cleaning brush.

b) For optimal airflow, please ensure mouthpice is clean and free from debris blockage.

Connect the usb cable to the charging socket of the vaporizer and to the power adapter. The plug
the power adapter into a suitable power socket.

When the led lights up to red, the battery is beging charged. As soon as the battery is full charged,
the charge indicator lamp shows a steady green light.