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2010/2 FCM Newsletter Apr – Jun 2010

Report on FCM Camp 2010 (Food I/C) and Liu Fangzhou (Secretary /
Camp Booklet). By His grace and enabling,
we only held a total of three meetings to plan
and prepare for the camp. And so the camp
Text: FCM Camp Committee
Photos: Grace Auyong

Day One, Monday 17/05/10

(by Jason Liew)
he FCM Camp 2010 was held from
May 17-22, 2010 at Calvary Pandan B-P Woo hoo~ The first day of FCM
Church under the theme, “Parables for Children Camp 2010! Unlike previous years, campers
of God’s Kingdom” with 13 pastors, preachers actually arrived on time. Perhaps this was due
and elders as camp speakers. We chose the to the shift of the opening message from the
hymn “Open My Eyes, That I May See” as our afternoon to morning. As the camp
theme song and Mark 4:11-12 as our theme committee had swept the dorms (with magic
verse, “And he said unto them, Unto you it is given clean swipes!), inflated the air mattresses and
to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto set up the laundry lines the night before,
them that are without, all these things are done in settling in took only awhile and we kicked off
parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; the camp right on schedule. Jason conducted
and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest the welcome briefing, introduced the camp
at any time they should be converted, and their sins committee and opened with a word of prayer.
should be forgiven them.” The Camp Committee
The Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew of
comprised Jason Liew (Camp Master),
Calvary Pandan BPC delivered the opening
William Quah (Asst Camp Master & Logistics
message on “The Purpose of Parables” (Matthew
I/C), Desmond Yeo (Treasurer), Ong Su Ling

13). In the two-part exhortation, he elucidated which, we broke up into our camp groups for
the five-fold function of parables, namely: a time of discussion and prayer. The group
names “Eyes” (Jason), “Ears” (William) and
“Mouth” (Brian) were patterned after the
lyrics of the theme hymn.

1. To Divide – those who grasp the

meaning of parables will understand
As per tradition, we proceeded to play
the kingdom of God while those who
Captain’s Ball but Brian got hit on his mouth
do not are not born again. There is a
while I received an “eye ball” on my eyeball
stark distinction between the two.
(pun unintended). Ouch! I guess William was
2. To Give and Take – those who
able to hear the ball coming in his direction
approach Christ for understanding will
and averted it before it could hit him. Should
increase in spiritual comprehension
I have the opportunity to come up with group
while those who do not will not be
names in the future, I should exercise extreme
able to. In addition, for those who do
caution. =D Nonetheless, it was a blessed
not, the “little” (e.g. privilege of
time of sports, sweating and sweet fellowship.
hearing God’s Word) that they have
will be taken away.
3. To Conceal and be Condemned –
those who consistently and persistently
harden their hearts will experience the
judicial hardening of God. Beware of a
heart of stone.
4. To Reveal and be Blessed – those who
receive and believe God’s Word will be In the evening, Elder John Leong of
a partaker of infinite spiritual blessings. Tabernacle BPC preached a powerful message
5. A Privilege to See and Hear – those on “Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Son” (Luke 15:1-
OT saints had long to see and know 32) where the Lord Jesus Christ gave a series
what we are able to today and we of three parables that portray the Heavenly
should count it a great honour and Father’s compassion for lost sinners and His
privilege to know the Word of God rejoicing over their salvation. All three
and let it guide our lives. parables have the common theme: a seeker
finds what was lost and rejoices. In every case,
After a sumptuous lunch, we had a
the seeker pictures God, who rejoices over the
time of ice breakers led by William. It was a
salvation of a sinner. I am sure many of us
whacky time of whacko and fun time of
were reminded of the heart of the loving God
getting to know one another better. After
and the greatness of His love in our lives. It is

because of His love, that we sinners are able protect the city, he has to survey the grounds
to have a personal relationship with our Lord and to make sure that his foundation will be
Jesus Christ. With that blessed thought, we ate strong; likewise, with the same attitude, we
supper, enjoyed dorm fellowship and bided must always perform our best wherever the
the first day of camp goodbye as we laid down Lord places us. The example of the king
our heads and tucked in for the night. should make us reflect on how fit we are, how
prepared we really are to defend and fight for
our God! In Luke 14:34, the Word of God
Day Two, Tuesday 18/05/10 tells us if the salt has lost its savour, it cannot
(by Ong Su Ling) be used!! So, always be devoted to the Lord
and be blessings to the people around us!
Morning devotion on the parable of
“The Good Samaritan” (Matthew 10:25-37) by Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo of FEBC brings
Brother Jason Liew from the perfect Word of us the second morning message “New Cloth,
God taught us four aspects of loving God – Old Garments; New Wine, Old Bottles” from
Loving God emotionally with all thy heart; Luke 5:36-39. OLD will refer to man-made
loving God spiritually with all thy soul; loving traditions, laws, practices in the Old
God physically with all thy strength and Testament which the people practised and the
loving God intellectually with all thy mind NEW will refer to what Christ had done
(Luke 10:27). Three different types of men including the miracles he had performed
with different responses, and it was the which the people have not seen before. Jesus
Samaritan who lent a helping hand. The priest was trying to tell the people that they have to
and the Levite, an assistant to the priest were be regenerated, to become new bottles to
men of sanctity, serving God in God’s house accept these doctrines instead of following the
yet they passed by the man on the other side! laws of God as mentioned in the Old
On the other hand, the nation of Samaritans Testament faithlessly.
was the most despised by the Jews but such
consideration was put off; he sacrificed and
took much effort to help the man. This is a
good example of how we ought to love thy
neighbour as thyself!

The first morning message was by Rev

Wee Eng Moh of Berith BPC on the parable
of “The Tower Builder and Warring King” taken
from Luke 14:25-35. Rev Wee brings out an
important point, that is, to be a disciple of
Christ is to take up our cross to follow after
Christ. If our relationship with God is not
right, our relationship with people will not be
right. Only entrance into God’s Word can
gives us the light! (: Just like in those days
before the tower builder builds his tower to

In the afternoon, we had a workshop as they can of their friends under the three
conducted by Brother Joseph and Sister categories – ‘Childhood’, ‘Bible’ and ‘Others’
Sharon on “Modest Apparel” held in the AV and they were tested on each category after
studio for the girls and in the JW sanctuary that.
for the boys respectively. For the girls, we
Truly thank God for His providence
learnt the acronym D-R-E-S-S which stands
and sustenance for yet another day at camp!
for Decorum, Roles, Expediency, Stumble
Every day is filled with much goodness and
Not and Shamefacedness. Basically, we learnt
joy!!!!! yeahyeahyeah~ <3
how we ought to choose our clothing that
stumbleth not other and most importantly,
through it all, God’s name is feared and
honoured! What about the boys? Well, find Day Three, Wednesday 19/05/10
(by Desmond Yeo)
out from them yourself then! (:
The day started with morning devotion
Night message was given by Preacher
by Brother Benjamin Tan on the parable of
Lek Aik Wee of Calvary Pandan BPC on “The
“The Unprofitable Servant” (Luke 17:7-10) which
Persistent Widow (The Unjust Judge)”. The key
reminded us that we owe our all to Christ and
teaching point that Pr Lek brought up was
it is only natural that we serve Him. We were
how men ought always to pray and not to
left with the acronym ABCD which reminds
faint! The understanding of the parable was
us to Always be active for the Lord, Behold
done through the study of the three key
Him, Care for no reward and lastly Decrease
characters – The helpless Widow, The Unjust
in self and let Christ increase.
Judge and The Adversary or rather the
widow’s tormentor. The message was closed The morning then continued with the
with these words “Faith keeps us praying and first message by Rev Dr Tow Siang Hwa of
praying strengthens our faith, paradoxical but Calvary Pandan BPC on the parable of “The
true. This is the mysterious interplay of man’s Wedding Feast” (Matthew 22:1-14). The
responsibility and God’s sovereignty. May the kingdom of God is like a wedding feast held
Lord find us prayerful! May the Lord find us in honour of Christ and the royal invitation
faithful!” :) was God offering salvation to the Jews and
the Gentiles. Even though many were called,
many also rejected and few are chosen.

The second message by Rev Tan Kian

Sing of Berean BPC touched on the parable
of “The Wicked Husbandman” (Matthew 21:33-
46). This parable also showed that God’s care,
love and grace were again rejected by the
people. A few questions were asked for us to
We closed the second day of camp reflect on. Do we seek God’s Word on our
with a night trail where the three different own? Do we long to come and worship our
groups took on different routes. During the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Do we long to
fellowship walk, they had to find out as much know Him? And do we come to His feet to

cast our cares in prayer? We are reminded that Day Four, Thursday 20/05/10
as God’s children, we should not be rejecting (by Liu Fangzhou)
Him. The fourth day of camp was another
day filled with spiritual feeding and fun
activities (indoor games).

The morning began with devotion on

“The Rich Fool” (Luke 12:16-21). Brother Brian
Lim aptly applied the parable to students like
us. As students, our barns can be our
schoolwork, our grades, our job prospects, or
anything that we put before our Lord our
God. “Soul, thou hast much goods” is simply a
reflection of self-reliance instead of reliance
A video, “Come What May”, was
on Christ our Lord. Maybe in our little
screened in the afternoon followed by a time
moments of arrogance, we thought we could
of Bible Quiz led by Preacher James Tan and
determine our paths to success by relying on
assisted by Preacher Joshua Yong.
our own strengths and wisdom, diligence and
might, instead of surrendering our lives to
Him. Maybe we shoved aside the things with
heavenly impact for our short-sighted pursuits,
forgoing our QTs because we were too tired
from studying. Where our heart is so is our
treasure! In storing up much goods like the
rich fool, we have failed to see the bigger
picture – the sovereignty of the Lord and the
For the last message of the day, Elder eternal hope in heaven.
Alan Choy of Gethsemane BPC spoke on the
parable of “The Friend at Midnight” (Luke 11:5- The first day message was brought to
13) which was an instruction from our Lord us by Rev Dennis Kwok of Truth BPC on the
Jesus on prayer. If we pray aright and address parable of “The Labourers in the Vineyard”
our prayers to Christ, God will answer our (Matthew 20:1-16). The parable was to show
prayers. that salvation is not by merit or works of men
but by God’s sovereign grace alone. Like the
Thank God for this blessed time of first group of labourers who entered into an
camp and the opportunity to serve Him. agreement with Householder to work for a
Thank God for the precious lessons taught. penny, and was paid accordingly, the love of
May the Lord continue to bless FCM richly. God was shown first to the Jews by
covenantal salvation through obedience. The
Gentiles (non-Jews) are like the second group
of labourers who were hired at a later time of
the day but were paid the same amount as the

Householder paid the first group by
agreement. Likewise, our salvation is based
solely upon the generous grace and good will
of our sovereign Lord, and our rightful
response is to accept and be joyful with
thanksgiving. Knowing that our salvation is by
the grace of our sovereign Lord through faith
and in Christ alone, let us work it out with
reverence and gratitude, and bring forth fruits.

The second message of the day was by At another station, we had to piece
Preacher Dennis Kabingue of Gethsemane together a puzzle and find the missing piece
BPC, who spoke on the parable of “The from the room, while a “tare” in our group
Unforgiving Servant” from Matthew 18:21-35. who was told where the missing piece was
From the parable, we can see that an took it and kept it. At the last station, we had
unforgiving person is revengeful, brutal, the privilege of eating, drinking and making
merciless and most importantly, hell-bound. merry (by playing card games) in a
Verses 21-22 also show us the Biblical comfortably air-conditioned room until
expectation of us to be a genuinely forgiving another group, which had been robbed of all
person to any repentant brother. To be their game credits, came knocking and
genuinely forgiving, one must meet 3 begging for game credits from us. That was
requirements – be compassionate, forgo all when we had to decide whether or not to be
negative feelings (that is, to make no record of “a friend at midnight.”
the wrongdoings) and restore the good
relationship. These 3 pointers serve as very After dinner, Elder Boaz Boon of
practical guidelines for self-examination as to Calvary Tengah BPC delivered the night
whether we have truly forgiven a repentant message of the day from Luke 16:1-13, “The
person. The sermon was followed by a much Shrewd Manager.” Like the steward, we may
extended question and answer session that have worked our ways to commendations or
surrounded the topic of whether repentance is achievements through underhanded but
a necessary pre-requisite to forgiveness. worldly-wise ways. On the surface, such a
person may seem conscientious, acute,
In the afternoon, we played indoor determined, smart or even innovative, yet
station games that came with object lessons God sees our innermost desires and
surrounding the parables that we have learnt motivations. Let us not be children of the
in the first 4 days. Elena Ang was the game world, serving the temporal gods of self-
master. In one of the stations, we were centredness, but let us be children of the light,
required to act out the parable that we were shaping all our priorities and intentions
assigned, recite the theme verse (Mark 4:11-12) around God’s kingdom, always bearing in
and sing one stanza of the camp theme song mind the work of Christ.
“Open My Eyes That I May See” from memory.

Thank God for another fun-filled and
fruitful day of learning and edifying each
other with His all-sufficient Word!

Day Five, Friday 21/05/10

(by William Quah)

The day ended with a simple FCM COC Friday was the last day of camp (by
(Change of Coordinators) ceremony. Elena messages / activities), and so the wakeup call
Ang, Truth BPC, Student Coordinator of was a little harder than usual. Morning
FCM SMU passed the baton to Jonathan Poh, devotion was taken by myself on “Are we blind
Calvary Tengah BPC. Eunice Choy, leaders of the blind?” (Luke 6:39-49) I shared on
Gethsemane BPC, was appointed the Student 3 warnings, that to check self of temporary
Coordinator of the new FCM NYP (Nanyang spiritual blindness caused by sin, of pride that
Polytechnic) together with Clement Chew, causes us and keeps us in sin and of being
True Life BPC, as the new Bible Study Leader. blinded to our own problems. Thereafter I
Jonathan and Eunice took the FCM Student shared a self-check mechanism by looking at
Coordinators’ Pledge and Elder Boon led the our fruit and how to rectify the problems
three in the taking of the Dean Burgon Oath. through the parable of the wise man and the
Dr Paul Ferguson then committed these new foolish man that built their houses, but one
additions to the FCM leadership unto the on the solid rock of Christ, and the other on
hands of the Lord in closing prayer. sand.

Thereafter, we had two messages that

were sobering reminders on the need to
examine our lives. It kicked off with the
parable of “The Wise and Foolish Virgins” from
the passage of Matthew 25:13 expounded on
by Pr Ko Lingkang of Calvary Pandan BPC.
The virgins represent people that call
themselves Christians on the earth and the oil
the preparation for the bridegroom (Christ
the Lord)’s return. The simple requirement
was that they just had enough oil to last, yet
some of them did not even fulfil it. In the
same way, the sobering consideration was if
we are waiting on the Lord, trusting His Word
and obeying his commandments. Or do we
still think that the Lord will come, but in at
least a few years’ time, and not possibly today.
The virgins that were caught without enough
oil were not known by the Lord, and in the

same way if we are not in a state of brought us to think on what our thoughts and
preparedness for the Lord’s coming, we must lives have been like, as contrasted to what
examine our salvation, if we had tried to they should be like. One question on how
accept the gospel on our own terms. convinced we were that Jesus is really coming
soon showed sometimes that youth can easily
feel that the Lord is coming, but that not that
soon, maybe in at least a few years time. As
our thinking affects how we live our lives,
such a thinking we have to change through
the Spirit’s aid.

A nice lunch followed with a short

siesta and then there was the special item
which consisted of a treasure hunt and 3 more
games. The treasure hunt was titled “Parables:
The next message by Dr Paul
Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight” and consisted of
Ferguson of Calvary Tengah BPC on “The
seven clues that had been hidden in the
Two Sons” (Matthew 21:28-32) was a parable
common places that the FCMers had walked
of condemnation, in which he condemned the
past many times since Tuesday night. The
Pharisees who were trying to trap Him, as
look of shock on the campers’ faces when
they were full of self righteousness. Both sons
they heard that was priceless. The last group
in the parable were rebellious in the start, but
took about 20 minutes to find the clues which
only one was openly so. The openly rebellious
consisted of fake event posters and notices
son represented the wilful sinners such as the
hidden on the various notice boards on the
publicans and the harlots, who did not appear
2nd level, and also in 2 boxes with signs in the
religious at all, but were the ones who saw
eating area and the meeting area. It was to
their own unworthiness, and as such came to
have the lesson of how parables that we learn
believe in Christ. But the self-righteous
are of seemingly normal events but hold
Pharisees who were the spiritual leaders that
hidden treasures of teachings, and how
prided themselves in authority were
parables can be also applied in situations in
hypocritical and as such made it virtually
daily life.
impossible for them to believe in Christ. We
were reminded that truly our salvation was by
the grace of God alone and so the way to live
was not in pride, wilfully disobeying the
Father’s will anymore, but to humbly seek to
serve God and to put His will over ours. This
was another message of reflection on our
salvation, and a fitting way to end the series of
messages on parables.

The discussion that followed helped

further the reflective mood, as the questions

A game titled “Labourers in the
Vineyard” followed where the groups had to
bring a volley ball 13 rounds around the
courtyard, starting with only 1 member and
another coming in to help in 30s intervals. As
seen in how the team members had to work
hard together to reach a common goal, often
swapping members, the point on how that in
the service of God we will all play different
parts of varying importance, but still all are
The next game was titled “The Blind required was emphasized.
Leading the Blind”, where the groups were
blindfolded with plastics plate masks and were
supposed to move in a group, by holding onto
a raffia string, to various checkpoints from the
3rd to the 1st level. Each group had one
sighted person who would guide one of the
“blind” members of the group through only
handphone communication. The lesson was
about how there we need people spiritually
unblinded by sin to show the blind the path to
clear vision or holiness.

Lastly, the game titled “The Tower

Builder and the Warring King” was held in the
AV studio where the various groups had to
build their own towers with limited
newspaper and masking tape in 30 minutes
and then try to destroy the other groups’
towers with a volley ball. In the end all the
towers stood strong and emphasized how our
spiritual lives should not only be built on

strong foundations, but we have to count the lessons gained from the messages and
cost to build up our faith properly and activities, of the encouragement and blessing
strongly also. With that, the enjoyable games through the fellowship of like-minded
were over and we went to wash up, had KFC brethren from many different churches, and
and Pizza Hut for dinner and started also the part-timers shared their regrets of not
testimony night. being able to join full-time! It should serve as
a great encouragement for more to come!
Testimony night was a great time of
With that done, a blessed FCM camp was
hearing everyone’s testimony, whether long or
effectually over and many stayed up a little
short, of the blessings received in the camp,
while longer to have more fellowship. So soon
and also of singing of spiritual songs, and
Saturday came and it was then time to pack
learning more about others. Many people
up and go home.
shared about the goodness of the spiritual


“Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me” – Psalm 50:23a.

that we are all sinners saved about God’s Word. The

by grace, we must strive to sermons and group
be unprofitable servants for discussions were very
the Lord. ~ Phoebe Oh, FCM thought provoking, and
NTU/NIE made me reflect on life... I
had my first experience of
tracting, and it has
The hidden treasures of the definitely made me bolder
parables have spiritually in sharing the good news
strengthened us through with others. I wouldn’t
the hearing of His Word have traded places with
and the reflective anyone for those 6 days of
discussions. The fellowship FCM camp! (Though I only
during the camp helped us managed to come for 4)
to get closer to the Lord as Thank you organizing
FCM camp was awesome! I
the Lord shows us his grace committee once again for
really enjoyed the
to grant to us like-minded putting everything together
fellowship with other
companions to worship and thank you God
enthusiastic Christians,
more fervently in the Lord. providing everything we
keen on learning more
With the acknowledgement needed to make this camp

such a success. :) ~ Gloria (Luke 11:5-13) reminded attend it full-time.. if my
Khoo, FCM NUS me of how a Christian’s desire is to learn of God’s
best Friend should be Word then there is no
Christ, and that we should reason not to! ~ Edison Chee,
FCM camp has indeed been
not give up praying even FCM NTU/NIE
a blessed time of fellowship
when God does not seem
with God and His people.
to answer. Also, the parable
As usual, God has been
of the wise and foolish
gracious and good, giving
virgins (Matthew 25:1-13)
me more than I can ask for
made me realize that my
throughout this camp. If I
love for God is so faint,
were given a second chance
and that I often forget to
to opt for what to do
live with eternity’s values in
during that week of camp, I
view. FCM Camp 2010 has
would still choose to come
indeed been a timely
for this camp. A God-
spiritual checkpoint after a
honouring choice, would
year in university and I pray
bring much blessings. =) ~
that God will, in His
Thong Hui Min, FCM
mercies, bring to
remembrance the many It’s been a great joy
things I’ve learnt in the listening to God’s Word
weeks, months, and years and fellowshipping with
ahead. ~ Joanne Khor, FCM God’s people. I’ve always
NUS been intrigued by the
Kingdom of Heaven and
Thank God for lessons I’m glad I was able to
learned through the garner much insights on it.
messages. Something new The parables provoked me
to me is that every parable to check my salvation,
was spoken by our Lord reminded me of God’s love
Jesus for a specific purpose, for sinners, prompted me
and this makes me see the to be more fervent in
parables in a different light. praying and watching and
I’m reminded that if the taught me many life lessons
I thank God for the Word of God does not of which I hope to, by the
messages preached during transform my life, then the grace of God, apply them
FCM camp. The study on time I’ve spent listening to into my life. The Lord is
parables reminded me of messages, reading my Bible good. This year, fellowship
how the Christian life etc have all been in vain. I has become much warmer.
should be lived. For also realised that “not May 17-22 is definitely one
example, the message on knowing anybody in FCM” of the most blessed weeks
the friend at midnight is not a good reason not to of 2010.

Also, I would like to thank spiritual refreshment was corners of island who had
William, Desmond, Su Ling high after a draining term, come earnestly desiring to
and Fang Zhou for all the and I was not disappointed. feed on the Word of God, a
hard work that they have I only heard a fraction of foretaste perhaps of
put in to make this camp the messages (those at night) returning home to heavenly
possible and so enjoyable. and struggled to pay rest with the saints in glory.
Really, the Lord hath done attention at times from Thank God for His
great things for us whereof fatigue and distraction, but marvellous work and the
we are glad. I must say, in I did pick up gems of new labour of love of His
all the 9 FCM camps that I spiritual truth from parables committee, which made for
have attended so far, this is familiar to me since a smooth-running and most
the best. Everything went childhood. enjoyable camp! ~ Jonathan
on smoothly and God’s Tay, FCM NUS
Perhaps most of all I was
people were blest. That is
reminded that they were to
all that matters. The Lord is
be applied very personally -
good. ~ Jason Liew, FCM
that I, not just the abstract
Christian, was God’s lost
sheep, lost coin, prodigal
son; that I needed more
holy, Christ-like affection
for those nearest to me;
that God was more than There’re several things I’m
ready to give good gifts to thankful for this FCM
me if I asked. I also camp:
appreciated hearing from
1. Enjoyed the fellowship
less familiar speakers that
between like-minded
same sound preaching of
brethren. Particularly
the truth that I have been
enjoyed the lively
accustomed to in Calvary
discussions after the
Pandan, a reminder that
messages — everyone
God has His faithful
shared their opinions /
I was a part-timer at FCM remnant in all parts of
disagreements with each
camp this year, but to make Singapore and the world.
other! Really encouraged by
up for it I stayed most There was also much joy in the service rendered by the
nights, scooting off to fellowship, getting camp committee too. May
school each morning before reacquainted with and the Lord bless your efforts!
the sun was up. Was it discovering new things (P.S. We really looked
worth the physical and about old friends. It was happy in all the pictures...
emotional effort? most pleasant coming even all those group
Absolutely. My motivation home to the assembled pictures! :)
to come to camp for brethren from the four

2. Enjoyed the messages. spiritual blessings through
Like I said before, I really the conversations we had.
didn’t expect much from
parables, judging that Working alongside 2 people
they’re Bible stories for the I did not know in the camp
younger children. But thank committee prior to the
God, the various speakers planning phase, Desmond
(and there were a lot of and Fangzhou also was a
them) expounded on the blessing as I have not only
parables in a refreshing new gained new friends, but
manner. Was pleasantly with their meticulous work
surprised at the insights they helped the camp to
presented. I was also very run smoothly. Not
much rebuked for taking forgetting Jason and Suling
portions of God’s Word Thank God for being able also, who definitely did
very lightly... and equally to serve in the FCM camp equally as much in running
challenged to dig into His in these few areas -- the camp and the food
Word to search new truths! Logistics/ Night trail/ matters.
Special Item. The planning
3. Some regrets: Came to for the night trail and Quite a few messages
the camp with burdens special item was rather taught me many new points
from the world — there enjoyable and seeing that on parables that I had not
were things that I had to the people that participated noticed before, and to have
rush for various not only enjoyed but learnt heard speakers like Elder
commitments. my heart was something from them too John Leong and Elder Alan
not as prepared to receive was an encouragement to Choy was also a great
the Word as much as I me. All glory be to God in blessing. The 2 messages
wanted it to. Even greater these areas of service! that impacted me most
blessings could be mine..
though were the last 2
but my heart was distracted. One of the great blessings messages, which really
Very disappointed. But still was getting to know so made me ponder on how
God is merciful, and I was many fellow brethren from my love for God has really
blessed! however, will settle other churches, especially been so weak and showed
my duties before FCM the Tabernacle friends. To me the need to indeed
camp next year (if it’s see that there are many redeem the time for the
possible to come) and other youths holding the days are evil, and also to
return for greater blessings fort and serving God show my love for God
then! faithfully was such an through my works and not
encouragement. To words only. ~ William Quah,
Until next year! ~ Grace
personally get to know FCM NUS
them better also made for
much good fellowship, and


Originally published in Calvary Tengah ACM Report 2010, Item 6.3, pp 26-29

Overview of Elijah under Dr Paul Ferguson with

The Fundamental Christian Ministry majority of meetings held at Kent Ridge.
(FCM) continues to be a beacon of light and FCM NTU/NIE continued to study the Acts
bastion of truth in institutions of higher of the Apostles under Rev Wee Eng Moh
learning, having entered into its 23rd year. with Teo Jun Zi coordinating. Upon her
Truly, the LORD is our Shepherd; we shall graduation, Jason Liew stood in as Interim
not want (Psalm 23:1). Not only was 2009 an Student Coordinator until Brian Lim was
eventful year, it was also a year of appointed a Student Coordinator of FCM
establishment and expansion as we see the NTU/NIE on Nov 2, together with Pr Lek
decentralization FCM Poly into FCM SP, Aik Wee who took over from Rev Wee Eng
FCM NP and FCM RP as well as the humble Moh. FCM SMU studied Church History and
inauguration of FCM NUS @ Bukit Timah on the Book of Ephesians under Joshua Yong
Mar 27. A total of three new Bible Study with Carol Leong coordinating and upon her
Leaders (Dr Paul Ferguson, Lee Kong Sing & graduation, Elena Ang. FCM SP & FCM NP
Pr Lek Aik Wee) and five new Student studied the Book of Ruth under Lim Jun
Coordinators (Carol Leong, Ko Lingting, Sheng as well as the Book of Galatians and
Eleanor Ee, Lek Xuan, Elena Ang & Brian Fundamentals of the Faith under James Tan,
Lim) were appointed. By God’s grace, there with Lek Xuan and Eleanor Ee coordinating.
was also a 100% growth in all 7 FCM Bible FCM RP did a Character Study on Moses and
Study Groups as compared to 2008. studied the Book of Ephesians under Lee
Kong Sing with Samuel Goh coordinating.
Bible Study Groups
Meetings were held in 7 different Bible
Study groups – 4 in the universities (NUS @
Kent Ridge, NUS @ Bukit Timah,
NTU/NIE & SMU) and 3 in the polytechnics
(SP, NP & RP). For the first half of the 2009
(i.e. AY08/09S2), FCM NUS@KR studied
the Book of Isaiah under Pr Ko Lingkang
with Joy Ng coordinating and FCM
NUS@BT studied on The Life of Samuel
under Dr Paul Ferguson with Ko Lingting
coordinating. During Pr Lingkang’s three-
Poly Open House Tour
month preaching stint at BPCWA, Perth (Aug
12 – Nov 11), FCM NUS studied on The Life There was a trying time in 2008 when
several FCM Poly meetings consisted only of

1 Bible Study Leader and 1 Student hundred heard him speak on “Boy Meets Girl:
Coordinator. The batch before had all Confronting Christian Courtship & Celibacy.” An
graduated and existing polytechnic students exciting Q&A ensued. Leong Chee Meng
were reluctant to attend. We committed the (former FCM Arts/Engineering) also gave his
matter to the Lord and after much prayer, we courtship testimony.
decided to restart FCM Poly. As such, FCM
kick-started 2009 with an excursion to the
Open Houses of Singapore and Ngee Ann
Polytechnics on Jan 10, helping ‘O’ Level
school leavers to discern the different courses
available and discover God’s will for their
lives as they decide on which polytechnic to
enroll. The freshmen benefitted from this,
became regulars and formed the nucleus of
FCM SP, NP and RP which have a total
attendance of about 10-15. The first annual Student Coordinators’
Pledge-taking and Bible Study Leaders’ Dean
Gospel Rallies and Combined Meeting Burgon Oath was also instituted to safeguard
February was a lovely month. Two the Biblical integrity of those who serve in
gospel rallies were held in the same week, just FCM. We praise God for FCM SMU, though
before Valentine’s Day, to share God’s small in numbers, did a great job organising,
redeeming love to those outside His Kingdom. especially with the unanticipated large
attendance. Pr Dennis Kabingue preached on
“If God is All Powerful and Loving, Why is there
Suffering in the World?” at FCM NUS Gospel
Rally on Mar 18. There were two new faces.

On Feb 9, Pr Lek Aik Wee spoke on “Love

Divine, All Loves Excelling” at FCM NTU/NIE.
We thank God that a PRC student heard the
Gospel for the first time. On Feb 13, Dn Paul
Cheng spoke on “The Greatest Love of All” at
FCM SMU and reminded us of our first love
Conferment of Theological Degrees
as no unbelievers were present. The Rev Dr
Prabhudas Koshy was the Lord’s messenger On May 10, two of our Bible Study
at the FCM Combined Meeting held on Feb Leaders, Brothers Ko Lingkang and James
20 at Calvary Pandan BPC where over a Tan were conferred the Bachelor of Theology

(BTh) degree at the FEBC 34th Graduation with a sumptuous dinner at Marina Square’s
Service. Lingkang’s thesis is entitled “A Pizza Hut.
Biblical Critique of Textual Criticism” (58 pages)
and James wrote on “Temperance and Wine” (46

May 25-29 were five blessed days of
spiritual feasting on the Word of God where
FCM Camp 2009 was held at Calvary Pandan
BPC under the theme “Lessons from the
We also rejoice with Paul Ferguson who was University of Life: A Study on the Book of
conferred in absentia the Doctor of Religious Ecclesiastes” with Dr Paul Ferguson was our
Education (DRE) by Foundations Bible main speaker. The title was taken from a book
College, Dunn, NC on the same day. His of the same name (distributed at camp for
dissertation is entitled, “The End Time Apostasy free courtesy of FEBC) authored by the late
as Unfolded in Church History and its Affects on the Rev Dr Timothy Tow (1920-2009) who was
Fundamentalist Movement” (391 pages). promoted to glory on Apr 20. The night
messages were: “The Auburn Affirmation” (Pr
Dennis Kabingue), “The Seventy Weeks of
Daniel” (Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew) and “The
Openness of God Controversy” (Rev Dr Prabhudas
Koshy). Elder William Seah also conducted an
exuberating “Encouragement & Follow-Up
Ministry” workshop (with role-play) to better
equip FCMers to bear one another’s burdens
(Gal 6:2). We broke camp early on the 29th
instead of the 30th as many FCMers were
unable to stay on the last night.

Games Day 23rd Anniversary

On May 15, FCM NTU/NIE On Aug 7, FCM commemorated her
organised an Outing and Games Day for the 23rd Anniversary with a thanksgiving service
entire FCM at the newly opened Marina at Calvary Pandan BPC. The Rev Dr Tow
Barrage. It was a time of fun and fellowship Siang Hwa, founder, delivered a heartwarming
for FCMers and friends. The event concluded message from Psalm 23, “The Lord is My

Shepherd,” reassuring and reminding us of the
Lord’s unfailing faithfulness. Despite the
sheep’s often straying, our Wonderful
Shepherd always leads and guides us out of
temptation into triumph. FCM NUS (and
friends) presented the song item “By the Gentle
Waters” and several FCM Alumni testified of
how God’s goodness and mercy followed
them through their tertiary education. The last
FCM Anniversary (20th) was held on May 12,
2006 at Aloha Changi Fairy Point Chalet 5
where Dr Tow spoke on “Passing the Mantle to Yes, we have gospel rallies and
Future Leaders.” God willing, FCM will be combined meetings twice a year. Dr Paul
celebrating her 25th Silver Jubilee Ferguson spoke on “Is There A God?” (Sep 7)
Thanksgiving Anniversary in 2011. and “Is Your Life Complete?” (Oct 21) at FCM
NTU/NIE and FCM NUS Gospel Rallies
Gospel Rallies and Combined Meeting, respectively, with four newcomers each. It is
Again our prayer that the gospel seed sown will take
fruit. Special mention must also be given to
the FCMers who faithfully attended the
tracting sessions that preceded each gospel
rally for “he that winneth souls is wise” (Prov
11:30). A second FCM Combined Meeting
was organised by FCM NUS on Sep 18. The
topic “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” by Pr
Dennis Kabingue helped many FCMers gain a
better understand talents, gifts and using them
for God’s glory. FCM NUS presented the
hymn, “To Whom Much is Given.”

Alumni honour you.” May the Lord bless these two
couples richly as they set up a Covenant home.

Prayer Requests
Colossians 1:9-11, “For this cause we also,
since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you,
and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge
of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;
That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all
pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and
increasing in the knowledge of God; Strengthened with
all might, according to his glorious power, unto all
The LORD ordained their other halves
patience and longsuffering with joyfulness”. We
before the foundation of the world. Sis
earnestly covet your prayers. When you come
Sharon Ng (FCM Poly Student Coordinator,
across FCM in your church prayer list, please
2002-2004 and Pr Dominino de la Cruz, Jr
do not skip it. FCM is a difficult ministry.
(Pastor, Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian
Parents, we need your help. If you are a
Mission Church, Bogo) began their courtship
parent of a child studying in a local university
in Aug 2008 and tied the knot on Mar 21,
or polytechnic, encourage them to attend
2009 in the Philippines, with the Rev Reggor
FCM. Would you rather want your sons and
Galarpe officiating.
daughters to participate in Campus Crusade
for Christ, The Navigators, etc which uses the
NIV and imbibe in their ecumenical/neo-
evangelical/charismatic/modernistic “poison”
(which once destroyed the B-P Synod twenty
years ago in 1988) and bring it back to your
church? Or if they seem to have no spiritual
appetite at all and all they care about are the
endless pursuits of first class honours and
summa cum laudes, eating/drinking/partying like
it was in “The Days of Noah” (Matt 24:37-38),
encourage them to attend FCM, before you
Low Boon Siang (FCM Overall Student lose them to the world. God’s work must be
Coordinator, 2006-2008) and Ho Hui Lin supported by God’s people.
(FCM Science, 2005-2007) were also united in
In retrospect, the LORD has been
Holy Matrimony on Jun 6. The wedding was
gracious to prosper FCM in 2009. The
officiated by the Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy.
unyielding faith and dedication of the Student
Both couples’ very first were their last and
Coordinators in planning/organising as well
were their spouse’s “one and only.” Their love
as the passionate and unapologetic
stories demonstrate their desire to honour the
teaching/preaching of the Bible Study
Saviour in courtship and are testament to
Leaders have been a tremendous blessing and
God’s blessings. “If you honour God, God will
encouragement to my heart. 2 Corinthians 9:6,

“But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap ministry and pray that more students from
also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall our BPCs and other churches will partake in
reap also bountifully.” We thank God for this this blessing as well. SOLI DEO GLORIA.

Jason Liew is the Overall Student Coordinator of FCM

and a member of Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church.


recognized a higher power of sorts, a great

being I could not yet identify. At times of
duress, I would pray to this unknown god,
hoping that somehow my prayers would be
heard. I was not sure if this unknown god
could hear me, but at least it granted me some
comfort still.

I came to Calvary Pandan Bible

Presbyterian Church when I was mid-way
through my second year in university, in order
to abate the persistent prodding of a friend
Shawn Yeo (which I am now thankful for). Little by little
BEng (Hons) (Bioengineering) I came to know more about Christ.
Nanyang Technological University Eventually I started to attend the YPG
discussion group and BBK as well. There was
a period when I was pretty confused and
In 2006, I came into NTU as a free- troubled, as I was forced to challenge my
thinker, absolutely unaware of the assumptions as a free-thinker when my heart
transformation which lay before me. Come was softened by the gospel. A verse from
2010, I emerged as a Christian. The path of Mark 8:36 kept turning up in my mind
my salvation proved to be a slow one, and particularly - “For what shall it profit a man, if he
I’ve met many throughout the course of years shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
that have helped shaped myself into the
For a period of time I was burdened
person that I now am.
with confusion and uncertainty, praying to a
Let me start from the beginning. There god while not knowing if I was heard. My
was once when I took pride in calling myself a doubts were lifted one fine day during YPG,
‘staunch’ free-thinker and never considered when Lingkang was talking about election. It
committing myself to any religion. To me, it was then when God’s grace was made evident
was all the same. Somehow though, there was to me, and I felt thankful and at peace under
never beyond a shadow of doubt that I His care. Just as the unknown god was made

known to the people in Acts 17 (A chapter we to share and chat with everyone, as most of us
studied in FCM where I felt a huge were going through similar struggles. Not to
connection to), the eternal God was made mention, many of us were also from CPBPC!
known to me that day. Most of all, FCM was a time of blessed
quietness, and a golden opportunity to study
Since then, I’ve been growing slowly
God’s Word and fellowship, while leaving the
but steadily. Surely there had been ups and
world behind for awhile.
downs, but there were always people who
helped me along the way. FCM was one such I believe many of you have friends
branch of godly support that I greatly cherish. who were like me, a free-thinker, or friends
who are searching still for an answer to life.
During my stint in NTU, I was pretty
Be persistent in introducing to them the
much caught up with much of its activities.
gospel and Christianity as a whole. Once a
FCM provided a nice quiet time of rest in the
person sees the sincerity and good testimony
midst of the hustle of school life. Like church,
that you possess, he will eventually be willing
I was pulled into FCM with the help of a very
to find out more. Pray for your friends, for
persistent friend. After attending my first
God will aid you as well. But always be patient
FCM session though, I didn’t need any more
and allow God to gather the necessary
tugging. The cosiness of Elder Sim’s home in
components to create His wonder. Also, do
Hall 13 coupled with Auntie Rena’s
not forget about yourself. Take time to pray
sumptuous suppers were more than enough
and fellowship with like-minded peers, such
reason for me to return! I liked the active
as friends from FCM. Having Christian
discussions and thoughts brought about by
friends to share your journey lightens the
Pastor Wee, with the help of his wife Auntie
burden, and makes it much easier to lead the
Helen. More recently, I had the privilege of
Christian life. And when you have finally
attending Preacher Lek’s informative sessions
graduated from school, you’ll be thankful that
as well. I truly enjoyed having fellowship with
you’ve spent your time fruitfully with FCM.
the small group of Christian peers. It was easy

Shawn Yeo, FCM NTU/NIE (2008-2010), is a member of Calvary Pandan

Bible-Presbyterian Church. He now works as a coach at Advocators Pte Ltd.

Technological University (NTU), I was
looking through the list of Unrestricted
Electives (UE) available. Prior to that, I have
already taken a few other National Institute
of Education (NIE) music modules that were
non-examinable and totally enjoyed attending
those lessons. As I was browsing through the
list, Choir II caught my eye. I was tempted to
choose it but was inhibited by the fact that I
have never sung in any choir before, whereas
many others had years of experience in the
field. Moreover, only Levels II and IV of the
Eunice Foo choir module were offered during that
BSc (Hons) (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry) particular semester. In the end, I placed
Nanyang Technological University
Choir II as one of my options.

Then, the choir audition day arrived.

I was born and raised in a Christian Honestly, I did not want to go for it because
family, underwent infant baptism and have I really lacking in confidence. After much
been to several churches throughout my life encouragement from my friends, I decided to
(Galilee Bible-Presbyterian Church, Nazareth go for it. The audition turned out to be not
Bible-Presbyterian Church, Bethel Bible- as bad as I thought it would be and I even
Presbyterian Church (Melbourne), True Way made new friends there. By God’s grace, I
Presbyterian Church, Mount Carmel Bible- passed the audition and became a member of
Presbyterian Church, Hebron Bible- the choir. For the module assessment, one
Presbyterian Church and now, True Life component of it required us to form our own
Bible-Presbyterian Church). All my life, I groups. God is truly gracious; my group was
have been a Sunday Christian, attending just such a wonderful one. It was also
church services on Sunday mornings and through this choir module that I got to know
‘disappearing’ right after service ends. To me, my dear brother-in-Christ, Andrew Kan, who
it was just a habit to attend church on eventually brought me to True Life Bible-
Sundays, a routine that has been instilled in Presbyterian Church.
me over the years. I never had a personal
I attended True Life Bible-
relationship with God; all I knew was that
Presbyterian Church’s Young People’s
God is good and that I should believe in Him,
Fellowship (YPF) for the first time around
that is all. In these recent years, I have been
mid 2009 and was introduced to
‘church-hopping’ quite a bit, in search of a
Fundamental Christian Ministry (FCM) by
church with sound doctrinal beliefs and
Meng, who subsequently gave my contact
leadership, but my dismay, I found none.
details to Teo Jun Zi, student coordinator for
I have always loved music, be it the NTU/NIE FCM then. Jun Zi and I
playing of instruments or singing. During exchanged a few emails but I still did not
semester 2 of my third year in Nanyang attend FCM till almost the end of the

subsequent semester in November 2009 after need to study right before papers. God has
Jason Liew contacted me. At first, I was been really merciful to me and I am thankful
really apprehensive as I did not know anyone. that my grades have been fairly decent
By God’s grace, I found the NTU/NIE despite my laziness. Now that I have
FCMers very welcoming and felt at ease with officially graduated from NTU, I only have
them. Rev Wee Eng Moh and Auntie Helen our Lord Almighty to thank, for His grace so
were extremely nice too. They took very rich and free, and for His patience with me,
good care of me and made sure I did not feel although I have not been glorifying God in
left out at all. I really thank God for each and the area of my academia.
every one of them.
I would be entering National Institute
I have learnt a lot from FCM. I was of Education (NIE) this September, and yes,
time and again reminded of the importance I am going to be a teacher. Teaching was not
of fellowship with like-minded brethren and my first option, or rather, I have never
the importance of always putting God in the considered teaching as a career option. Well,
first place in my life. We, as students, are you may then wonder why I am even going
constantly busy with everything else, at the to be a teacher. I accompanied a friend of
expense of communing with God and mine to the teaching interview without much
reading God’s Word. The things of this preparation, and unexpectedly, I was offered
world always seem to be much more a permanent teaching position, together with
colourful, attractive and alluring, be it the an MOE teaching award. Honestly, I was
exciting school events or the multitude of really surprised when I received the offer
activities that happen out of curriculum time. letter and this offer really set me thinking. I
During crucial tests and examination periods, prayed about it and many a time, I was
our studies seem to be our sole focus, and we constantly troubled and kept wondering
often just push God's word to the back of whether this is God's calling for me. After
our minds without realising that our much prayer, I still do feel uncertain as I have
sovereign Lord is always in control. never taught before (not even tuition) and I
am not sure whether I would be a good
FCM is a wonderful time of sweet
teacher. I guess if it is God’s will for me to
communion with God and also rejuvenation
teach, He will provide, for His grace is
in our Christian faith in the company of
sufficient for each and every one of us. All I
God's people. It serves as a timely reminder
can do now is to put my trust in Him, for He
to us to walk close to Thee and also to keep
will only give us what is best for us. I do pray
our walk in the straight and narrow way. I am
that through teaching, I would be able to do
really thankful for that.
His will and glorify His name.
God has been very gracious to me. As
God is just marvellous and I cannot
a student, I would have to confess that I
help but praise Thee for His goodness. Time
procrastinate a tad too much. Normally, my
and again, I have fallen and even wallowed in
mind wanders off during lectures, my
sin, but He never fails to chastise me and
tutorials are most of the time left untouched
bring me back to His presence. I thank God
unless they are graded, and I only feel the
for the sweet fellowship with fellow like-

minded brethren. I thank God for always I pray that as a child of light, I would be able
providing me with constant encouragement to share God's goodness with the people
and reminder through my dear brothers and around me and spread the good news so
sisters-in-Christ. I thank God for always wonderful that I have experienced.
praying for me when I have not been praying.
Praise God and glory be to His holy name!

Eunice Foo, FCM NTU/NIE, worships at True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church.

She is now reading PGDE at the National Institute of Education (NIE).

your light so shine before men, that they may see your
good works, and glorify your Father which is in
heaven”. Interestingly enough, I have held
these three verses close to my heart
throughout my entire SMU career.

Before I started my university, I

purposed in my heart that my actions and my
speech would be one that is honoring as unto
the Lord. Not surprisingly, throughout my
university career, I have often been tempted
and pressured by my peers to participate in
Jonathan Ng ungodly activities. I thank the Lord for His
BBM (Finance & Actuarial Science) word for it has indeed been a“lamp to my feet,
Singapore Management University and a light unto my path”.

In addition, my university career has

also granted me several opportunities to
This morning, during breakfast, my
witness for Him. Sad to say, there were often
Dad commented that though the world may
times where I was not always “ready to give an
not read the Bible, the world does read
answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the
Christians. Upon hearing that, I immediately
hope that is in you with meekness and fear”. These
thought of Matthew 5:13-16, “Ye are the salt of
experiences have taught me the importance of
the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour,
strong meat as it has been aptly written in
wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for
Hebrews 5:13 “For every one that useth milk is
nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under
unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a
foot of men. Ye are the light of the world. A city that
is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a
candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; Looking forward, I intend to continue
and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let to improve my Bible knowledge that I may be

a blessing to others. In addition, as I enter “I have sworn, and I will perform it, that I
into the corporate world, I pray and do will keep thy righteous judgements.” - Psalm
purpose in my heart that my testimony and 119:106.
conduct will continue to be one that is
honouring as unto the Lord.

Jonathan Ng, FCM SMU (2006-2010), was the Student Coordinator of FCM SMU (2007-2008)
and is a member of Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church. He now works at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

peers around me had their places secure in

various local and overseas universities, I was
still searching for a place to further my
education. I was rejected many a time, and
was starting got get discouraged in my search.
Praying hard each day, trying hard to patiently
wait on the Lord's timing, I could not obtain
the peace of mind that I so longed for. Sure
enough the Lord led me to study in Lasalle
College of the Arts over a place in Australia,
and truly He had a reason for me to study
Elvin Siew
BFA How did I know that this was God’s
Lasalle College of the Arts will for me? I can confidently say now that I
was able to be blessed and encouraged
through service in many areas. Because of the
O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his new location of my campus, I was able to
mercy endureth for ever. - Psalm 136:1 touch base with FCM SMU and enjoyed a
short stroll every Wednesday evening to
Indeed the Lord has been faithful and fellowship. FCM has been something that was
abundant in blessings toward me these past 3 a huge blessing to me through my university
years. Looking back the Lord's hand has been life. Although surrounded by people who
constantly guiding me, though often times I spoke about economics, business and
was ignorant and faithless. accounting modules, It was still a blessing to
Time has flown by in a twinkling of an pray for and be prayed for each FCM session
eye, I still remember the anxiety and and worshiping our Lord together. The
apprehension as I searched and waited on the various Bible study leaders that ministered to
Lord for a direction in my studies. While my our small group never failed to impart at least
one important lesson from the Word of Life.

Even during exam fever or crunch fellowship forged during those evenings in the
time, and when the thought of skipping FCM CBD will never be dissolved. I pray the
crossed my mind, I was somehow always encouragement and fellowship will continue
compelled to make the trek to SMU, and the to last post-FCM and for those who are on
journey has never been in vain for the the threshold of your tertiary education, I urge
blessings received outweigh any worldly you to attend the FCM, for it is a pit-stop
achievements I might accomplish during where we can rest with fellow pilgrims who
those precious 2 hours. are struggling through like with you. If a race
car does not pit stop, it will not be able to
Even now as my fellow FCMers have
finish the race much less win it. Continue to
graduated with me, the friendships and
press on and make FCM a part of your life.

Elvin Siew, FCM SMU (2007-2010), is a member of Calvary Pandan

Bible-Presbyterian Church. He is now an apprentice at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore.


Dr Paul Ferguson, FCM NUS Bible Study Leader, joined Calvary Tengah Bible-Presbyterian Church on
May 1, 2010 as Pastor Designate.

Congratulations to Joshua Yong, FCM SMU Bible Study Leader, who was conferred the Master of
Divinity (MDiv) degree by the Far Eastern Bible College on May 9, 2010.

FCM NUS organised a FCM Outing to Sentosa on May 13, 2010. Jason Liew spoke on “Walking in
Unity” (Eph 4:1-16). That evening, FCM NTU/NIE organised a Cottage Meeting to Rev Wee’s.

The FCM Camp 2010 was held from May 17-22, 2010 at Calvary Pandan B-P Church under the theme,
“Parables for Children of God’s Kingdom.” The speakers were 13 Pastors/Elders/Preachers from our affiliated B-P
churches. On the fourth night of camp, May 20, Elena Ang, FCM SMU (2006-2010), passed the baton of the
Student Coordinator of FCM SMU to Jonathan Poh. Clement Chew and Eunice Choy were also appointed
as Bible Study Leader and Student Coordinator respectively of the new FCM NYP.

FCM NYP held its inaugural meeting on June 30, 2010.

Calvary Tengah Bible-Presbyterian Church will be having its 16th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
on August 1, 2010. The Rev Dr Tow Siang Hwa will be speaking on “This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our
eyes.” All FCMers are invited to attend.

The FCM Family AY09/10 S2
Contact Information & Bible Study Groups

Advisor Eld Dr Boaz Boon (Calvary Tengah B-P Church)

 9824 7681 
Overall Student Coordinator Jason Liew (Calvary Pandan B-P Church)
 9017 8213 


Bible Study Leaders Bible Study Leaders
Dr Paul Ferguson (Calvary Tengah B-P Church) Pr James Tan (Calvary Tengah B-P Church)
 

Student Coordinators Lim Jun Sheng (Calvary Tengah B-P Church)

Joy Ng 
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Student Coordinators
William Quah
Lek Xuan
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Ko Lingting
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Eleanor Ee
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Venue & Time
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, NUS (AS1-02-05) Venue & Time
 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570 School of MAE, SP (T17 Level 5 Tutorial Room 5)
 Every Wednesday, 6pm / Dinner @ 7.30pm  500 Dover Road, Singapore 139651
 Every Wednesday, 6pm / Dinner @ 7.30pm

Bible Study Leader
Pr Lek Aik Wee (Calvary Pandan B-P Church)
Student Coordinator
Brian Lim
 9126 9832 
Venue & Time
Block 2, NIE (TR 8)
 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
 Every Wednesday, 6pm / Dinner @ 8pm


Bible Study Leader Bible Study Leader
Joshua Yong (Truth B-P Church) Clement Chew (True Life B-P Church)
 
Student Coordinator Student Coordinator
Elena Ang Eunice Choy
 9368 0556   8220 1708 
Venue & Time Venue & Time
School of Economics, SMU (Seminar Room 2-3) School of Chemical & Life Sciences, NYP (Room P510)
 90 Stamford Road, Singapore 178903  180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 569830
 Alternate Fridays, 4.30pm  Every Wednesday, 5.15pm

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