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My Article: Pollution

There are a lot of environmental issues on earth and that pollution is one of them. Making
environment dirty and dusty can be used as the other word for pollution. It is harmful and is not
safe. Pollution in its different forms causes different damages. Pollution occurs in different

Some types of pollution:

▫ Soil pollution: It causes when the artificial chemicals like pesticides, ripening agents are
given inside the soil making the plants unhealthy. Example- lead, nickel, copper mining
has left major pollutions.
▫ Water pollution: It causes when the industrial waste or oil spills from tankers gets into
the water bodies causing death to the aquatic life. Example- Human trash, poisonous
chemicals gets into the water.
▫ Air pollution: It causes when the poisonous gases like Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide
gets into atmosphere causing acid rain. Example- leaving vehicles on for a long time
during halts.
▫ Noise pollution: There are sounds of different qualities. It causes when there is an
excess of noise in outdoors. Example- noises from industries, vehicle honking's, clubs
▫ Light pollution: It causes when there is an excessive light especially in dark environment.
Example- Bright and shining lights in functions and cities.
Above is the list of the types of pollution with their harmful effects.

Types of pollution Harmful effects

 Soil pollution  Makes plants unfit, unhealthy and

prevent them from growing.
 Causes soil erosion
 Water pollution  Causes death to aquatic life
 Can cause diseases like jaundice,
malaria etc.
 Damage nervous system
 Air pollution  Causes acid rain
 Releases carcinogenic gases into
 Noise pollution  Causes mental stress
 Depression
 Can damage ear drum and cause
 Light pollution  Causes discomfort in the eye
 Headaches and migraines

We can avoid the pollutions by keeping the environment clean and safe.