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Akanksha’s Version

1) Born and brought up in mumbai. Did schooling from holy angel’s high school

2) Was good at academics always. Most of the times, the topper. Else 2nd ranker. Always
appreciated by all my mentors.

3) Would always participate in Elocution, Poetry and Essay writing competitions. My teachers
would always recommend my name for inter school competitions. Learnt bharatnatyam upto 2
levels. Participated in inter school dance competitions.

4) Won 2nd prize in a national level hindi competition.

5) Stayed in grand parents’ house during initial few years of school. Parents are working. Later
shifted with parents. Would spend time after school, alone at home. Independent always. Would
take care of myself even as a kid.

6) Joined V G Vaze college for 11th, 12th

7) Had plans of studying medicine. But later started liking mathematics in 12th and so did not
prefer to take up medicine. Parents supported me to take up engineering

8) Parents have always been supportive of each and every decision in my life

9) Honesty, modesty, kind heartedness are some of the qualities that I inherit from them.

10) After 12 th standard, I studied Computer Engineering from Datta meghe college of

11) Was placed in Infosys. But the joining was delayed by a year. Meanwhile Igot selected off
campus at Capgemini. Worked for one year. Faced a situation of harassment in the very first
project. Had to seek help from the business unit HR for the same. Was frustrated to the core
because of certain mishaps and gradually started getting the feeling that I am just not born to do

12) Quit CG for CAT. Converted IIM K,SIBM, SCMHRD.Didn’t join.

13) Was always passionate about TISS and hence the second attempt

14) Hobbies and Interests: Fitness, Reading.

15) Picture was selected by Loksatta for their column ‘Viva- WOW’. Later same picture was
selected by global times as their cover photo. Have an offer for a role in a Marathi movie based
on life of females. Parents encouraging me to do it.
Rohan Sir’s Edit for TISS
They say that one who doesn’t explore perishes, I have always been exploring various things
right from my childhood. The journey began at my grandparents’ house where I realized the
most important virtue of a girl’s life, “being independent”. I was learning the wits and wisdom
from my guardians. While in school I wasn’t just the best student every year but also took part in
Elocution, Poetry and Essay writing competitions. I pursued Bharat Natyam training for 2 years
which helped me understand how grace can overthrow strength. Reading books and articles
about health, fitness and nature is one of my favorite hobby. Everything I did taught me a new
aspect of life. After my HSC I decided to pursue engineering and wanted to learn more about
Computers and apply my knowledge in a suitable field. During my college days I understood that
my interest rests in knowing people’s traits, empathize with them and I loved the idea of
grooming myself through the experiences the others face.
After my engineering I got placed in CapGemini through an off campus selection process where
my primary job was to code programs, I was very enthusiastic about the same and I pursued it
with sheer dedication. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances my perception about the
job changed dynamically. It was something that was against my belief system and it shook me
off. Later, I joined a startup called Numbers wherein they train people for campus placements.
My role involves interactions with different individuals and has that element of dynamism in it.
I also was offered a role in a Marathi movie which was on the challenges a woman faces which
further pushed me to change the image of a woman in the society. I believe that being a part of
an organization that actually works on a grass-root level and challenges the prejudices and
notions of an archaic society would further hone my desire to be the face of women