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Falling of hair is natural and is common to everyone. Hair tend to fall after gaining full length
and new ones grow. But excessive hair-loss is a real problem.

It is natural for hair to stop growing after a certain period. Depending on the conditions of an
individual, the lower part of, the hair gland gets withers or dries up, the old strand of hair is
severed from the pore. This process of severance from the pores is known as falling of hair but
the fallen hair is replaced by the growth of new hair.

Usually the hair grow by one centimeter in a month. The falling of upto 100 hair in a day is
considered normal because the, head can grow this much of hair again. Usually, there is a cycle
according to which every strand of hair falls within 3-4 years and new growth takes place.
Physicians, generally prescribe iron capsules and vitamin tablets to check the falling of hair but it
does not seem to be necessary. One should consult a physician only if the hair-loss is more than
100 per day.

The main causes for the falling of hair are anemia, disease affected roots of the hair, the diseases
caused, by heat in the body, dandruff, lack of p p

or too much exposure of the hair to the Sun. Vitamins for hair loss is due to the fact that body
does not get enough of some of the nutrients. Taking vitamins for hair fall is just simple step we
can take.


Vitamins generally are good for all your vital body orgain in one or the other forms. Here we
have tried to list down the vitamins that are essential for the Hair and hair falling:

1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin C
3. Vitamin E
4. Bioton - helps prevent hair from premature graying
5. rp - It can help in preventing hair loss and hair fall
6. Vitamin B3 - promotes blood circulation and thus creates better scalp cells
7. Vitamin B5 - may stop hair loss and help to regrow hair.
8. Vitamin B6 - it has role in healthy hair growth
-. Vitamin B12 - it has role in healthy hair growth

 c       c  
: Application of oil is necessary for the — —p   of the hair. These days most people
prefer dry hair. But the roots of dry hair become weak and it leads to hair-loss. Besides
application of oil, it also necessary to brush the hair briskly for some time to give it exercise.
Brushing also improves blood circulation in the scalp and makes the hair roots strong and
prevents hair-loss.

First of all, massage your scalp softly with a good oil like coconut oil or almond oil. Rub the oil
into the hair gently with the pores of your fingers. Avoid scented oils as far as possible because
they make the hair weak and cause premature graying.


Deficiency of B vitamins is one of the major cause of hair loss. The body needs plenty of
vitamins for good health including the health of hair.

There are certain !ppp  which must be here in adequate quantity or else there will
be defective hair growth. The poor eating habits of the current times has been affecting our
general health and energy levels. This has a consequence in terms of weaker hair and fingernails.

 ! "#$ - This improves scalp circulation and raises the tissue oxygenation levels. It is
also important for heart health.

%     %  - These amino acids improve hair quality, hair texture and hair
growth which can further contain hair falling.

c    &   

  : It prevents hair-loss. Take some hot water
in a pan, dip a towel in it, squeeze it lightly and wrap it around the head. When it gets cold, use
another towel in the similar way. In this manner, steam your hair for ten minutes. Apply oil into
the hair a day before steaming. Steaming '     '  '  (


)  : Grind   leaves along with henna
into a paste and apply on the hair. It checks hair-loss, &        
º &*      
+ : Soak dry ‘ ‘overnight in water. Next
morning wash your hair with it. It will         &   

. It is also beneficial for the brain and eyes.


  : The juice of long cucumber
facilitates thick growth of hair. It contains silicon and sulphur in plenty. Taking mixed juice of
cucumber, carrot and spinach also helps in the growth of hair. If anyone of these foods is not
available, you may take the juice of the items readily available during the season; This will
 &  &' .


Cabbage: Eating 50 gms. of cabbage leaves daily     (

Coconut: Application of coconut oil checks hair-loss and &   (

Wheat: Taking the juice of wheat grass daily for forty days& &'   .

- &
Washing: In case of excessive hair-loss frequent washing of the head is recommended. Do not
comb the wet hair because the wet hair are weak and fragile and can break easily. Allow the hair
to dry for some time before combing.

Do not use a hair dryer daily for drying the hair because it weakens the hair roots. When using a
hair dryer, keep it at a distance of 6-8 inches away from the hair. Do not leave the hair spray in
the hair for long because it contains severe harmful chemicals which can cause damage to the

. % 
     . % 
It is very difficult for overweight persons to    —. It is, therefore, advisable not to be
overweight. For men 70 kg. and for women 60 kg. is the upper limit. Obesity is a curse and
root cause of problems. It is an early invitation to death.

Obesity means serious ailments which call for costly check-ups and investigations and high
fees to the doctor. If you want a sweet smile on your face and want to have fun in life get rid
of extra weight. Do not over-eat. It makes you sick.
. % , 
Abstemious   mean a long life. Take a spare diet, go for a walk regularly and you will be
able to shed weight. Without changing dietary habits, it is very difficult for an overweight person
to lose weight. Just taste, do not fill yourself up with food. Increased weight is a call for by-pass
surgery. If you want a basic change in your bodyweight, take as little of sweets÷p, vade
and biscuits as possible, take regular exercise and go for a walk daily.

. % 
The use of fatty substances like meat, clarified butter, rice, potatoes, fried foods, sweets, granular
sugar, bananas, grapes and oily foods leads to obesity. Oversleeping during the day, lack of
proper physical exercise, frequent eating and indigestion also cause obesity. Lack of proper
menstruation among women also leads to obesity.

  : For persons who are overweight and take
regular exercise and practice yoga, tomatoes are beneficial because they are a great help in
expelling foreign matter or substances and food trapped in the intestines from the body. If you
take raw red tomatoes with salt and onions daily, it will certainly  


) % * : Mix the juice of basil leaves and
honey in a cup of water and drink it daily. It will   &   .

º &*      

-  : Potatoes in themselves do not increase
weight. But when they are fried and spices are added to them, they certainly increase fatness. It is
therefore recommended that potatoes should be taken either boiled or toasted. They are
  &    ..

%  : Grind four pieces of long pepper
and mix with ½ tsp. of honey and lick it daily. It is   &  


oulthi : Eat 100 gms. kulthi‘‘daily 
&   .

Juice : To shed obesity, take only juice or fruit once in a week and no other food like chapatti
and milk
Curd : It is beneficial for those who want    .

Butter milk. : Drinking butter milk with black salt and the powder of caraway seeds  
 &   .

Lemon: Spinach juice with lemon also    

&  .

Gram : Eating soaked gram ‘‘with honey daily in the morning     (