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Police in KP (2013-2018)

Compiled By: Umar Ishtiaq Satti

Documented by: Anas Ahmad

- When PTI took over in 2013, KP was war-torn bruised province; more than 1200 KP
policemen martyred while

fighting WoT, KP Police was

demotivated, shattered,

devastated and marred with

corruption scandals (its former

IGP Malik Naveed was arrested

in weapons scam case), jails

were broken and police was

protecting itself rather than

public. But PTI KP govt turned

around things in 5 years and

made KP police Pakistan's most

potent, empowered and

disciplined police force.

- Made KP Police impartial and empowered:
KP PTI govt empowered the KP police and stopped political meddling in its affairs.

1- IGP empowered to do posting and transfers without the interference of KP CM.

2- Rules were changed and laws are enacted (KP Police Act 2017) to institutionalize

and empower KP police.

IGP is responsible for operational matters, he won't take sides and won't suspend

officials on the CM KP orders unless they are found guilty by police internal inquiry

- As per KP Police reforms agenda, KP directorate of police complaints &
internal accountability took action against 6286 police officials. Departmental

proceedings were also initiated against three officers of the rank of SP/SSP.

- Training Schools for better training and capacity enhancement:
IGP KP built the capacity of police by building KP training schools:

・Police School of Investigation Hayatabad - established on 18th, 2014

・Police School of Intelligence, Abbottabad - Established on 3rd of Oct

・Police School of Public Disorder and Riot Management, Mardan - established on

January 1, 2015

・Police School of Explosive Handling Nowshera - established on the 9th February


・Police School of Tactics Hayatabad, Peshawar - established on 18th Aug 2015

・Police School of Information Technology - established on 8th Sep 2015

・Elite Training School Nowshera - established in 2013. (The school is the first of its
type in the province; the Elite Force was previously trained in army bases.) Both men

and women are trained.




- New Police forces were raised to fill in the gaps and fight the crime and
terrorism effectively.

・Anti Riot force

・Special combat unit (Jaguar Force)

・City Petrol Force

・Counter Terrorism Department and force is revamped

- KP Police has raised a Special Combat Unit that is trained on the pattern of
Zarar Company of Special Services Group (SSG) of the army.

・The members of the newly formed unit have been selected from the already
existing Elite Force of the police department.

- KP women are inducted and serving in the operational roles along with their
male counterparts.

- Rafia Qaseem Baig became Pakistan’s first female bomb disposal officer.

- Asmat Ara reached the rank of deputy superintendent in Peshawar’s traffic

police and shes the proof of significant change in attitudes towards female

officers. Part of her work now involves training other officers, both male, and

female, in investigative skills.

- Creation of Dispute Resolution Committees (DRCs):
DRCs were created by IGP KP in order to facilitate the common man in getting

the petty issues resolved amicably through an alternate process of restorative

justice involving members of the civil society.

- DRCs are performing very well in each and every district of KP as they provide
prompt and free of cost justice to the mainly destitute segment of our society.

During the last one year, a total of 10,386 cases were received in these councils and

7179 cases were resolved.

- KPK Police is Fast Becoming the High Tech Crime Fighting Unit in Pakistan.

There were several points where the KP police improved on the IT front. These include:

・Digitization of FIRs

・Tenant Information System

・Identity Verification System

・Vehicle Verification System

・Criminal Record Verification


・SOS Alert Service

・KP Forensic LAB.

FSL furnished all pending cases and submit reports to respective departments and

worthy courts in time. In the year of 2017, around 60000 pending cases were

processed with no pendency at FSL.

- Police Assistance lines:

26 PALs established by KP Police across KP; KP PALs have helped more than 4 lac

citizens across KP since January 2016. Services offered in Police Assistance Lines:

・Theft Reporting

・Lost items reporting

・Extortion reporting

・Child lost and found

・TIF Form and Rental Agreement Reporting

・Police Security Clearance Certificate

・Police Character Certificate

・CNIC Verification

・Vehicle Verification

・Legal Advice

・Women counter

・Traffic license and excise document attestation

- All these steps not only changed KP police force but also helped in
turning the tide against the fight against terrorism.

Due to all these steps terrorism and crime rates have significantly reduced.