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Benefits at a Glance

Spinvi has a strategic relationship with Insperity to provide of this voluntary benefit are available in the enrollment
employees with a wide array of benefits and human booklet provided to all new employees at thetime of hire.
resource services designed to complement our work Short-term disability coverage provides disability
environment and culture. Your benefits are designed to payments for approved claims, beginning with the
enhance your job performance and to help you succeed. fifteenth day of absence for injury or illness. Disability
payments are made at the rate of up to 60% of the basic
Specific conditions associated with benefits are often very weekly earnings up to $2,308 per week. The maximum
complex, and the following is only intended to provide a benefits coverage is six continuous months or end of
summary of such benefits. Details and specifics may be disability, whichever comes first. If the disability continues
found in plan documents that are posted on the Insperity beyond six continuous months, the claim would be turned
Employee Service Center website, or will be provided over to long-term disability for evaluation and potential
by management upon request. Nothing in this summary continuation of payments.
shall be interpreted to modify or change such detailed
plan documents. Questions about specific benefits should AFLAC
be addressed to management.
You may purchase additional voluntary benefits through
MEDICAL, DENTAL AND VISION INSURANCE AFLAC. These benefits are payroll deducted on a pre-
tax basis (with the exception of Life Insurance). The
Spinvi provides medical, Rx, dental and vision insurance supplementary benefits offered are:
coverage with UnitedHealthcare and VSP to support
employees and their families in accord with the specific • Accident Protection*
terms of such policies and the financial contributions • Cancer/Specified Disease*
required thereby. All full time employees who are regularly • Hospital Confinement Indemnity
scheduled to work 30 hours per week or more are eligible
for participation beginning on the date of hire. HEALTHCARE FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT
BASIC LIFE AND BASIC PERSONAL ACCIDENT Full time employees who are regularly scheduled to work
INSURANCE more than 30 hours per week are eligible to participate
in a healthcare flexible spending account. Under this
Spinvi provides, at its expense, life insurance coverage plan, an employee can set aside a portion of their
equal to one times an employee’s base annual salary up current earnings on a pre-tax basis in a type of savings
to a maximum of $50K for all full time employees. account for later reimbursement of qualifying expenses.
Also, employees have the option of electing optional For more information including a guideline of eligible
group life insurance and personal accident insurance. reimbursement expenses, please refer to the Insperity
This optional coverage is available to the employee and Employee Service Center or ask your manager for a copy
their families and premiums are paid for by the employee. of the Plan document.


Through the Insperity Employee Service Center, an
Full time employees have the option of electing optional employee can take competency-based training courses.
short and long-term disability insurance. This optional There are over 3,000 on-line courses to choose from,
coverage is available to the employee and their families including business skills, safety training, computer
and the premiums are paid for by the employee. Full details classes, sales training and more. Employees can access
courses from any computer with an Internet connection 24

Spinvi Human Resources • Rose Camara | Human Resources Manager • 571.289.0548 |
hours a day through the Training toolbox on the Insperity 529 COLLEGE SAVINGS PLANS
Employee Service Center. These courses are available at
no charge and do not require a supervisor’s permission to 529 College Savings Plans are tax-advantaged college
access the courses. investment programs sponsored by most states and
Spinvi also provides financial support to employees who available to any U.S. resident, regardless of state
participate in externally sponsored educational courses residency. Plan participants make post-tax contributions
which meet the criteria. Such support is intended to into an account on the behalf of a beneficiary.
enhance employees’ professional development and their Your investment grows tax-free as long as your money
skills and knowledge related to our business. This Tuition stays in the plan, and withdrawals to pay for qualified
Assistance Policy is a program for eligible employees higher education expenses are exempted from federal
classified as “full-time,” reimbursement for eligible income tax. Higher education expenses include tuition,
expenses is limited to 100% of tuition expenses up to the room and board, books and fees, and any other expenses
amounts of $1,500 per year for eligible courses applied to students are required to pay to attend any accredited
a graduate degree program, during January 1 - December college or university.
31 of the current year. If you choose a 529 plan sponsored by the state in which
you live, program advantages could also include a state
EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) income tax deduction for contributions and state income
tax exemptions for qualified withdrawals, in addition to
The Employee Assistance Program is provided to all the federal tax-freesavings.
employees of the Company through Optum 24. The EAP You can generally invest either a lump sum or make
provides confidential counseling and support programs periodic contributions to a 529 account. Contribution
to employees and their families and most services are limits range from $120,000 to $235,000 per beneficiary,
available at no cost. For additional information please considerably higher than the limits for other types of
refer to the Insperity Employee Service Center. investments typically associated with funding higher
Adoption assistance is provided to full-time employees EMPLOYEE SERVICE CENTER/MARKETPLACE
with at least 6 months of service. Eligible employees may Get connected with online services and information,
be reimbursed up to a maximum of $1,000 per calendar streamlined transactional capabilities, smart work tools
year for qualifying expenses incurred through the private and purchasing advantages for work and home from
adoption or licensed adoption agencies. Please refer to the Insperity! Log on today and discover the possibilities
Insperity Employee Service Center for more information. within your state-of-the-art, customizable Employee
Service Center and MarketPlace at
Credit Union services are available for all employees. For
401(k) PLAN
more information please refer to the Insperity Employee Generally, all full time employees over the age of 21 and
Service Center. who have worked at leas 1,000 hours are eligible to enroll
in the 401(k) plan after their 6thmonth anniversary with
Credit Union services are available for all employees. For Employer matching contributions are made on a per pay
more information please refer to the Insperity Employee period basis based on the amount of the employee’s
Service Center. pre- tax and/or after-tax Roth contributions. Spinvi
matches 25% of employee deferral, up to the first 6% of
compensation for the period, and is immediately vested.
To maximize the amount of match received annually, you
must contribute continuously throughout the year.

Spinvi Human Resources • Rose Camara | Human Resources Manager • 571.289.0548 |