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Compiled by Lauren Tatarchuk (@rawzestylauren)

Q&A 404

Lack of filtration (kidneys) causes back up in system ( lymph)
Proper role of sweating and proper role of urination with filtration

UC (15min)

Knowledge up

Two sides to everything (27)

You must go in to get out – ie meditation, prayer, solitude

Acid reflux (38)

Fungus – adrenals and kidneys always involved – why? Because they control the
lymphatic system; lymphatic system is your sewage system

Q&A 379 – Not Filtering, Antibiotics, Spleen, Acne, Candida

Regenerative detoxification and rebuilding the body and consciousness

Antibiotics and lupus/lyme/fibro
Grapes vs. bread on counter
Bacteria – putrefaction (33 min)
Fungus – fermentation

Detox problem out of you
Get focused and let someone help you who know

All cells serviced on site (36:50)

If you feel it, there’s a (genetic) weakness

Scarring = acidosis (52:40) / stretch marks the same thing
Hydration and systemic cleansing

Skin can be linked with low thyroid function

What side of chemistry is my condition on? (1:11)

Mylen sheaths down due to adrenals
-get them up and running for less pain

Pain is a product of acidosis

Hellville to Wellville

Knees/shoulders dislocating : parathyroid
Start moving lymphatic system and filtering

Stiff neck: lymph
Vertigo, blood pressure, dizziness, blurry vision – cerebellum –

Asthma – adrenals
Medulla are where neurotransmitters are produced

Depression – parathyroid – connected to transverse colon
Anxiety – adrenals
Mood swings/ anger – liver

Your thoughts keep you away from awareness

Systemic Acidosis – lyme/fibro/lupus

Each tissue has blood (feeding), nerve (moves) and lymph (cleans) – three energy
flows that sustain all tissue (1:44)

Acid creates agglomeration – catatonic environment, everything starts sticking
To heal – walk to other side of chemistry

Get yourself focused.

Blood flow – nutritional flow // Lymph flow – sewer flow (system of acids, pains,
swelling, cysts, skin, lupus, lymes, sucks calcium out of you, edema, all fall under this
roof of acidosis)

Treatment never cures, but if you reverse how you created this, always cures

Lupus/lyme/fibromyalgia – guys, very doable. Very getting rid of. I don’t use curable
because those are diseases and diseases aren’t curable. But when you have systemic
acidosis which they call those things…very curable (1:48)

You don’t get anywhere by stimulation of tissue, you want dynamic energy from
cells (1:53) (coffee enemas = NO NO)
Energize, promote, enhance, enliven, turn on

Q&A 354 – Dry Fasting, Attention/Focusing, Varicose Veins

Disease fabrication of the medical mind
The end goal of detoxification is the regeneration of tissue

Only way to get rid of neurotoxicity is detoxification – we’re into regenerative
detoxification, so not only are we going to be cleaning the toxins out of the body,
we’re going to be regenerating that which has been damaged by them (15)

Kit breakdown / which one to choose for blood pressure/ adrenals/ endocrine (22)

Sugar metabolism problems – adrenals

Be strong against that which is negative

Reverse how you created them

Metabolic waste (waste from cells), the system that wipes your cell’s butt is the
lymphatic system

Too much protein/acid-forming foods robs vascular walls

Kidneys and adrenals control the lymphatic system

Too many acid-forming foods, blood stops that by leaching calcium from connective
tissue lining to try to stop these acids – in that event you get two things going: you
get weakened vascular walls (herniated walls), which is varicose and spider veins,
at the same time you get calcification, hardening of the wall ; all of this blocks blood
flow – poor blood flow to tissue and then death of cell – have to work on parathyroid
glands, high flavonoids – fruits and berries (helps repair vascular walls) (30)

You don’t want to do exercise if you’re not filtering (31:50)
Have to filter waste out if you’re going to create more

Top blood pressure number = neurotransmitters from adrenals

Tumors/cysts come out from kidneys

Low blood pressure = low adrenals

Dandruff is sewage going out of the skin instead of down to be filtered (43)

Q&A 322 – Swollen Belly & Bowels, Parkinson’s, ALS
Acidosis = Swelling; fruits don’t cause it, they’re pulling it out of you

Major fermentation = fungal problem, carbohydrates are fungal issues; fermentation
problems is pancreas, pancreas is what digests carbohydrates

“Naturopathic” right now is the natural side of “medicine”

Interstitial fluid is 80% lymph and 20% blood (16)

Starch craving – fungus
Gas from putrefaction (carbon side / protein vs) or fermentation (nitrogen side /
starches and sugars) (18)

Detox deeper – leave bananas out

People insisting on needing protein because it’s a neurotransmitter problem, not a
protein problem (21)

Your body does not burn amino acids or protein for energy
Proteins are NOT burned for fuel (22)

Put your mind aside for awhile and absorb into the now (33)

Love everything because it’s part of the one

Herbs – natural botanical pharmacy of earth

Freedom brings consciousness and awareness – survival throughout eternity

Pharmaceuticals in all their ways are suppressive

Levels of foods relate to consciousness

Magic of Wellville

You’re going to have your state of consciousness hooked to whatever you eat (52)

Lymph system deals with waste from cells

We need spirituality on this plane, not academics

We’re one species – the difference is genetics and lifestyle and all that (1:00) – the
only differences are the levels of steroids, and hormones and neurotransmitters by
different levels of glandular health; also the ability to digest

I don’t like to be put in categories because we are a species (1:00)
You have to trace out why people are the way they are

We have this mind that has to classify, organize, and separate – that’s the mind that
does that

We are a species with varied weaknesses – fix the weaknesses

Concepts and ideas floating around in society that aren’t true and are causing people
a lot of pain and a lot of trouble and health issues (1: 12)

Try it on YOURSELF

You can’t put everybody in the same categories – everyone has something different
to teach you and different levels to them – you just have to determine whose telling
the truth and whose not – how do you find that out? You wear the robe, ride the bull
– get on top and go.

When you are in toxic levels, your adrenals are chronic

Specialty: regenerate tissue and cells

We roll up our sleeves are in your lives, clean you up and rebuild you – whole
different level of work

We’re here for the world to get better and well and lift this world up in

The mind deals in separation – consciousness is one

Sulfur creates acidosis, gasy/bloaty, fungal problems

Cellular proliferators – antler and panex ginseng

Getting filtration and elimination moving

High electrical high nutritional foods

Eating dead animal tissue is not healthy

You want to get your skin cleared up, go after your lymph system

If you want to get well, you just have to do certain things to get there

Skin problem = thyroid problem

How well we help people and bring people back from hellville to wellville

Doing it only because it gets people well


Q&A 329 – Parkinson’s, Fungus, Asthma, Migraines

Basically you keep things simple to heal – it’s that fight to keep things simple
because the mind always wants to go: “but” – there’s no but’s, it’s simple stuff;
you’re reversing how you’re creating the problems, it’s that simple; you’re reversing
the chemistry, the physics, you’re using science in nature to reverse how you
created these problems and you’re learning how genetics plays a role in setting the
stage for tissue function ability – so those sort of things will help you to get you to

Deodorant – microwaving your armpits

Messing with lymph system – long, painful death in all ways – fibro/lupus/lyme

The real problem has been the acid side of chemistry

Detoxification is that golden key that unlocks your door to wellville

Nothing is too difficult and nothing is beyond your reaches; can experience anything
you want just have to realize it

You don’t kill, you enhance and make strong

Adrenals weak – neurotransmitters go down and your milens go down – in the iris
you get nerve rings; your lymph system starts to back up; when it starts to back up
in the cerebellum that’s where we get into Parkinson’s, ALS, vertigo, MS – problems
that deal with dropped muscles and neurological dropping of everything; all kinds of
problems neurologically; dizziness, vertigo, swinging blood pressure; locks the head
from draining – sinuses, etc.

Cellular waste same ph as coke

Remedy to poison ivy is jewelweed

Non-swinging blood pressure: kidneys/adrenals
Swinging blood pressure: cerebellum

People have lost the concept that things can be fixed - because medical doctors
don’t fix things, they treat things – that’s their consciousness

Herbs – whole consciousness
Don’t want to supplement isolates

Systemically acid for years: fibromyalgia/lupus/lyme

Attending to symptoms in a state of chronic means to suppress – cause is continuing
to go on because you haven’t changed anything in your body that caused it (21)

Starches – first way start developing fungus, the metabolism of sugars is done
through the adrenal glands and the average person has adrenal weakness

B12, Iron, zinc deficiency – adrenal glands (28ish)

Adrenal glands have 25 mineral cortical steroids for your mineral utilization except
for calcium – gets utilization from parathyroid glands

Lab stats are based on the average unhealthy person

BUN, creatin readings (30)

Infection means toxemia and toxemia is the acid side of chemistry with parasites
working with it (34)

Lymph system deals with lipids
Mal-absorption of the lymph system would yield you poor fatty acid absorption (36)

Four phases: (39)
If you don’t digest your foods properly – looking at stomach, gallbladder, pancreas,
first part of small bowel
Absorption – when lymph system backs up – goes through bowl wall because made
up of cells

Any allergies – lymphatic problem
Allergy reaction – suppressed neurological event (autonomic nervous system makes
you breathe)
Have to detox lymphatic system (immune/sewer system)

It’s not difficult to fix all these things, the body does it without you having to do too
much work except being discipline with what you’re putting down the tubes – that’s
the big deal

Surround yourself with beauty

When you work, work from consciousness

Q&A – 336 – Nutritional Deficiency, Bags under the eyes, Teeth grinding

Nutrition used through steroids and hormones, predominantly steroids (5)

Simplicity of life and health

You change things by fixing how you got there

It is not what you do occasionally, it is what you do consistently

Adrenals down = down in zinc, selenium

Bags under the eyes – both kidneys failing and when they’re failing, the lymph
system is backing up – when that happens, how does your body fight this acidosis?
Calcium, cholesterol and edema – you see the swelling, the calcium building up and
the loss of it in tissue and then the cholesterol comes (38)

Adrenals are the brains of the kidneys

Spiritual texts – anything by Jay Christian Emerte // Paul Twitchell

Dandruff – lymph system backed up in the head (44)

Emotional problems, depression, etc. , have to fix the glands – work on parathyroid

Focusing 6 min on a negative thought can slow the immune system down for up to
21 hours

Don’t work yourself down to other people’s level, bring them up to your level –
bring everyone up with you


High Blood Pressure

Anxiety, shortness of breath, COPD, asthma, lung problems, and asthma-on is
neurological – ADRENALS - autonomic nervous system (second brain in solar plexus
and stomach area) involved

Autonomic nervous system: parasympathetic that reaches to cerebellum and
sympathetic which reaches to adrenal glands

Adrenal glands produce neurotransmitters that turns on this nervous system and its
geared to emotions; neurotransmitters either turn things on or turn things off

Stress – decreasing/ increasing certain neurotransmitters (6min)
When shutting down kidneys, shutting down the lymphatic system – filtration of
system through kidneys

Nothing can just sit and be static/stagnant in creation

Systolic number (blood pressure – top number – adrenal glands) should be at 120 –
when it’s below, tired = autonomic, adrenal glands // above 130: something’s
kicking it up a bit, stress, lymph, pressure, etc.
Diastolic directly related to kidneys – when kidneys stop filtering, start to raise
creatinine, build up of acid retention – UTIs from that, lymph not moving anywhere

Kidney major players in the lymphatic, elimination and filtration of acids out of the

Stiff shoulders, tight neck = lymph system backed up = not filtering
Cerebellum – parasympathetic side of central nervous system

Heavy viral loads = heavy lymph stagnation

Q&A 412 – Candida, Anxiety, Fruit sensitivity, Geographical Tongue

Get to know yourself beyond the physical – get to know who is behind those eyes of

I represent the Divine, uplifting this world

Diabetes – sugar metabolism problems (adrenals) type II
Type I considered beta cells and insulin producing problems whether suppressed by
lymph stagnation, genetic weaknesses, whatever
Of course can be fixed
Work on adrenal glands and kidneys

Twofold: acid side of chemistry and the lymph that deal with the acid side of body –
main avenues that destroy the body – genetics impacted by the acid side of

What’s the difference between one person who heals fast and another slow – acidic

Consciousness is always endlessly expressing itself

Nervous system – electricity of life; MS, ALS, etc – life is electrical first before it is

Link overweight with adrenals – no complete sugar metabolism, converting to fat

Thyroid – rate of metabolism in the body; low, don’t digest foods and that’s why you
put on weight;

Electrical qualities of the food is everything – awareness and consciousness of the
food dictates the chemistry and ph of the food

Predominantly living food diet for life full of vitality

Elimination is as vital as consumption

Overweight – non complete sugar metabolism // blood sugar problems – stay away
from complex sugars

Have to have simple sugar – carbon is the number 1 need on this planet for activity ;
energy factor of cells

Sugar is the number 1 need of the human body (12:20)

Cows and horses have 4 stomachs – what do they eat? Grass…that’s why think
people pushing kale, greens, etc…ehhh we only have one stomach – think about that

We are simplistic beings

Hair loss – big time acidic; acidosis of the body; lymphatic system backed up; acids
break down the cells

Low energy – adrenal glands – why? Neurotransmitters – electrical – autonomic
nervous system

Am I eliminating acids properly? Or am I still a little too stiff and tight for too long

If you create you must eliminate

Hypertension(high blood pressure)

Chronic fatigue – product of all your endocrine glands going down

Get your lymph moving and filtering through your kidneys

Depressed and moody – parathyroid

Do you sleep well? If you’re having insomnia the chance of having pituitary
problems is high

Start with two kidney formulas and one lymph formula
Always – essential to every protocol – two kidney formulas, something for
endocrine glands and add in an adrenal on top of it

No licorice root with high blood pressure

We know a lot but we don’t know much

Can’t kill viruses – can’t kill proteins – only way is to detox the viruses out of body

Emergency medicine is medical

Anxiety – adrenals WAY down // glandular hooked with adrenal herbs temporary
Adrenal 400 glandular for a month and a half
On top of endocrine formula
Parathyroid – glandular
Two kidney formulas, 1 if not 2 lymphatic formulas
GI broom
Stomach formula

Adrenals – sugar metabolism

Sulphur spawns fungus

Jewelry leaving dark marks – extreme acidosis (39)

It’s only you who can pull yourself together

You only have the chemistry of the fluid and your cells, that’s it, that’s all you got
(48) the nature of the cell is the consciousness of the structure and how it works –
the fluids take care of the cells feeding them the chemistry they require – or not –
and eliminating their waste that they produce in the production and utilization of
that chemistry – or not – and that’s where man is

High protein is decaying human body

Stomach is the seat of the autonomic brain

When you want to check the level of your health (health of your body)– check your
eyes; there’s really where you get to see your cellular weaknesses and the sate of
your lymphatic system and state of your body

You’re never stuck – go after your body as a WHOLE unit – you can change your diet
at any time at any place – start with being 100% raw and then transition to 100%

Sweating is as vital as urination

Acids leach calcium

Primary in breaking down of tissues: acids, not bacteria (job to break down acids)

Lupus/Lyme/fibromyalgia are what you end up with too much antibiotic use

Parathyroid weakness symptoms:
Loose skin, varicose veins, depression, easy fractured bones, prolapses of anything,
lack of tone

Only one road to wellville – foods that make you well and vital, starts with that, raw
electrical fruits

No machine can take a picture like your eyes can and show you what your eyes will
show you

Trust those who on are the wellness journey of actively helping others
Trust those that are actively involved in the wellness journey of others (1:11)

You’re either awake, or you’re not

Main food of humans is raw and electrical

Are you afraid of sweet? Then be afraid of water because its wet

Health field not a field for medical doctors
Medical doctors training naturopaths to think medically

ELITE in how to get people well

Coconut water if anything – not milk for babies (1:19)
Coconut milk

Bananas – one of nature’s perfect foods

Powerful in nutrition and electrical

Blood can’t be acidic even when eating acidic foods – your body is sucking itself of
calcium to maintain blood pH vitality – you can’t vary pH in the blood much
All other parts go acidic

Colic – Get off of milk; action of the body trying to unclog itself from what you’re
feeding them

Everything regenerates – but you have to understand under what condition that
things regenerate and under what condition to things deteriorate – only two sides of
chemistry so you don’t have to walk too far

You do what you have to do well

Don’t let the ego hit you in the face on the way out

Do things from your inner guidance

Move back from the mind, back from thought, into consciousness

What is lyme? Let’s call it systemic acidosis – systemic lymphatic constipation
Anytime a cell is damaged it will go to the lymph, if possible and the possibility is
your lymph system stagnant? Filtering properly? Fix that system to rememdy your
Systemic acidosis – whether lymes/lupus/RA – treat it all the same – going after
their lymphatic system, cleaning out bowels, everyone of them remedies the same
Have to understand the acid side of chemistry (1:38)

Neurotransmitters run mylen sheaths and autonomic nervous system

Botanicals aren’t made for diseases – that’s manmade concept – god made them for
tissues; herbs specific for specific tissues; uplifts cells

Constipation narcissism in the healing arts

Even when you’re healthy, doesn’t change the problem – how do you go after what’s
already built up, how do you go after all the weak tissues? How do you do that? See
and that’s what we’re after and it is simple as reversing how all of it was created,
processing the wrong food
All you have to do is be in a family tree that’s not taking care of themselves

All your body is, is a bunch of cells and two major fluids (1:46)
Easy to figure out

Detoxification is essential – veggie and seaweeds not detoxifiers
Sometimes so weak genetically, need help with some botanicals, need some herbs
Use herbs to help you

Eye pictures to see the condition of the body

If you have been diagnosed with lupus, lyme, fibro, any of the “itis”s, you are
systemically involved lymphaticaly and you have systemic acidosis (1:50)

Swelling product of acidosis

(1:53) When you start detoxifying, all the edema, all the pressure starts to come out
– what goes down, blood pressures , your kidneys start to relieve the pressure out of
the adrenal glands and goes to your genetics for adrenals = low
Chronic 90’s and below – neurotransmitters (the very thing that runs nervous

Tomorrows a new day and there’s regeneration always

Sometimes the obvious evades you because you have yet to learn through a different
avenue – me

Pineal gland – transverse colon

Symptoms tell you what systems down (2:00) **

Pineal glandular 2 hours before sleep

Have to excrete to change outcome

We are spiritual beings having a human experience

Regenerative Detoxification Specialist
Pull people out of suffering

Looking to modalities to fix your problems that can’t

Everyone has to realize limitation of each field

Cracks in the tongue 0 tongue an extension of GI tract
Tongue representative of gut tissue

80% lymph, 20% blood

If you’re trying to heal, go after eliminative organs – pooping and peeing
More vital (urine) than stool

I help people regenerate their body!!

Protocol Video
Addressing causes, not symptoms

Inflammation a natural immune response

Grounding is essential to stay balanced

I want you to realize that you have to understand causative factors if you want to
understand what you need to get well. If you don’t understand what’s causing your
problems, how can you understand how to fix it?

Regenerative detoxification is the golden key to unlock all things miserable, includes
emotional and mental issues (controlled by physical endocrine glands or chakra

Acids are aggressive and corrosive – burn up electrolytes

Q&A 272 – Broken Bones, Burning From Fruit, Bloating, Candida, PCOS

Physical, mental, spiritual, ego detox

Sewer/ immune / lipid carrier system (lymph) 4x bigger than the blood system
When blood gets tainted, we look at the lymph system to clean it up
Everyone else focused on nutrition in the blood

Cleansing and rebuilding human body – as simple as it gets; can turn around all
conditions; can get 95% of people, other 5% waited too long and went too far
Divine channeling: A good healer is open every moment to the present moment so
the universe force can flow through and into your clients – you teach your clients
how to get their own god flow (8:00)

Everything is curable, diseases aren’t curable because they really don’t exist, they
only exist in the mind of medical doctors
You want real truth and reality in your life, it’s chemistry and physics, and that
affects the way all cells function and how they express themselves - take a look at
functionality of cells

Lose the little self for the WE, for all of us, for one

Accelerate healing (bones) – parathyroid, bone formula
Green drinks

Wayshower- don’t walk for them, let the clients do the walking for themselves; no
true master walks the path for you – would never awaken or grow, always listening
to words; action speaks louder than words

Emotional detox – let it all go, no matter what comes up, let it all go – doesn’t matter
what happened in the past or past life; every moment of your life can have total
freedom (24)

You’re already perfect, so who cares?

Opening up people by feeding them truth – you’re slowly awakening the sleeping in
the people; one thing you say can open people wide up; be a channel, don’t think
what you want to say – keep it simple, you already know what to say; know your
subject and be able to dissertate it at any moment – yeah, you want to know about
health? And go on with it – start talking to animals and whatever is around.

Always let things go because things do not matter – creation is just drama, if you
carry drama around, there’s only one person that suffers

(29:50) When you have a problem, the first thing that nature does is clean you out,
and that’s just what you got to do. Even in a cold and flue like symptom – nature
expectorates. Throwing up, diarrhea, sweating, sneezing – all of these thigns are an
effort to eliminate something; most of these toxins are simply proteins which is just
another word for acids

Universal question: how is your terrain?

Polio went up 670% after polio vaccine

Standing on the pillars of truth – everything works a lot better, learn to accept the

Viral loads have to be detoxed out of the body – anxiety = adrenals

When adrenals are weak, kidneys are weak and you lose filtration so you would
then begin to develop a culturing medium or a lymphatic stagnation in body where
acid sewage would be building up, perfect scenario for viruses; most viruses are
mostly proteolytic , acidic – clean lymphatic system out

Fruit will stand up and let your weaknesses know you’re there – fruit is active,
powerful, much more than veggies

Nerve ring – low in steroids

Heavy sulphur = heavy candida

Generally speaking, low blood pressure, low blood sugar

Sulfur makes you bloaty/gassy

You’re not your body, only using it

There’s got to be wastes and acid to see a symptom (1:01)

Unpredicted menses – pituitary problem (controls everything) (glandular or herbal
formula) – reaps of congestion in the sinuses and the head area

Depression is a parathyroid issue – need to get it up // pituitary could be sitting on
top of it

Anyone with weak adrenals has fungus problems

Dandruff – what is dandruff? Extreme systemic acidosis, when you’re not filtering in
your kidney

Thyroid down and skin can’t sweat

Hair falling out – lymph

Underdeveloped breasts – pituitary
Get your adrenals up and your pituitary and you’ll increase growth of breast size
Female reproductive female should increase growth of breast size
Have to fix glands first

Detox is a regenerative procedure
It’s a regenerative movement
Movement towards wellville – movement of removing those obstructions in the
body that are breaking you down – that are store din the body because the lymph
system isn’t filtering so it had to store it

Dark circles under the eyes – major kidney problems

Q&A 411 – Atrophied, Diabetes, PSP, Phantom Pain

It’s about being aware of the truth of the situation, the cause of the problem; trying
to get this planet to shift from treatment based thinking to causative thinking

Q&A 413 – COPD/Chronic Asthma, Root Canals, CFS

Our minds are the most powerful thing in creation

Talk to the being that occupies that body – talk to the soul within the child

Responsible for changing the consciousness of the families – laying the groundwork
It’s time to turn on the light in the darkness

Problem of lack of understanding: how the body works and what type of chemistry
it must consume – chemistry of foods and body and how it interfaces
Sometimes you have to leave the family and go out and get your healing, and then go

We address the cause of problems, not the symptoms

Cancer studies can’t be reproduces – ScienceNews

Shake up creation so it can grow even more
Humans are kind of just imploding right now

Who cares what title you call yourself – you’re an expression of god, all a free being
enjoying the planet

Naturopathy – the science and practice of nature, nature is what everything comes
out of // when you take nature into levels of isolation – you then lose the unique
The people who treat symptoms NEVER get cured, you can say I lived in remission,
but you never get cured
You want the word CURED – if you want the word cured, you can’t treat, you must
understand you have to address cause
Illusionary concepts of diseases

If you don’t think you created your symptoms, think again

It’s difficult to take an unconscious person, conscious, if they’re not ready

Be straight (to family): I know I’ve been to a lot of medical doctors, they don’t
understand whats causing this. I have now learned deeper about the human body
and about what’s causing all my problems, about the main system down in my body
and what side of chemistry it’s on
-Talk about acids of coke

Separate yourself emotionally from family

Package you can use to get well (30:15)
There’s been some truth everywhere, but someone’s got to put it together for you
Can’t discredit it because everybody gets remedy when you do it

People in wheelchairs – one of main reasons is endocrine glands, specifically adrenal

There is regeneration
Everyone can get their remedy – some more genetically compromised // more
lymphatic problems, etc.
Keep working it and working it and working point

Point is you WILL get your remedy
When you change the diet, these things go away

Food humans eating now are not designed for our species
Man is an islander species

Your body is going to represent the chemistry you’re consuming (acid/alkaline)

Divine Love

Film your journey, show people what you go through // healing crisis, etc.

Acid forming foods are dehydrating, mucus forming

You are not weak. Your body might feel weak, but your aren’t weak – remember
where you come from - divine expression of the infinite
Be strong in consciousness, awake-ness- beyond thought
When you’re sick, don’t think, just relax

We don’t want treatment, we want cures
We are the premier group in helping this world bring the cures to everyone

Always go after GI tract when healing anything

Don’t always listen outside of yourself, externally, try listening internally and you
will hear the music and the sounds associated with where your consciousness is

Help those suffering overcome it
Stagnation are where the humans are
Field of obstructiveness to your flow of energy (48)
Removing obstructions to flow of energy, you remove disease

“How did my body get to this point?”
Learning how the body works – simple stuff

You must be able to replicate, replicate, replicate

Quantum physics – energy has intelligence

Gemstones VERY powerful
Set your herbs in gemstones and crystals

Worse thing you can do is talk over people’s heads
Work to be simple

What;s a stronger healing energy: Life force or mental force? Lol

The more you give, the more you get

Start at the crown chakra – that will take care of the lower bodies (1:02)

You are conscious being behind the eyes

If you never went through it, how’re you going to talk about it?

Ideas and opinions are worth 10 cents, experience is priceless

What do they know and how can they help you?

Education vs. KNOWING

Narcissistic intellectualism vs. conscious experience

Sometimes your mind blocks you from the truth

Enter the experience

All tissues are cells (all teeth are cells)

Root canals – lymphatic system is the problem in the first place
There has to be a cell can be fed and discharge waste – consume and discharge

Write with your own unique experiences

Dominion – good herbal college

I’m a lush

Dandelion and pokeroot – wonderful herbs
Sassafras – big, big blood purifier

I didn’t learn what I learned from school

What do I know that can help you, that can set you free?
What do you know from your experiences?

It’s not what you know intellectually, it’s what you see

Whatever you have to go through, you want remedy

(1:50) CFS:
1. Adrenals
2. Thyroid
3. Heavy candida, fungal problems
Play major role in CFS

You can’t imagine anything that doesn’t exist

Can’t go down helping

Use nature to accentuate nature

Eat a lot and losing weight = could have worms // hyperthyroidism (heart rate
higher than normal, buggier eyes, etc.) // mal-absorption

Make it happen for yourself

Don’t try to convince people who can’t be convinced

Pharmaceuticals at best, control symptomology, with a kick

Ask yourself: is it worth possibly fatal or extreme harm to your organs and glands
for controlling a symptom where you can eat what you want or is it better to change
what you eat, feel much better, get rid of all pain and suffering, have vitality, have
awareness and your love opens up and you have a beautiful life?

Take the why until you can’t take it any further

You’re allowed to grow and change and evolve – me

A Conversation with Dr. Morse and Hilde
We accept the radical as the norm not because of the allopathic community

Pain, heavy bleeding, etc. during monthly cycle, shows the level of acidosis your
body is in
Why would you bleed excessively if you’re clean?

Take care of your business

When you start cleaning your physical body, you are enabling your whole being to
live de-cluttered and unconstructed

Freedom is the nirvana expression of the infinite that you’re part of that fabric
You are the only one you’ve been waiting for
Never find things you’re seeking outside of yourself
You have to be who you’re looking for

Whose the traveler?

The many becomes the one

Q&A 249

If you’re skin isn’t clear, you’re not clean
It’s that simple, that means you have acids in the body that can do harm to cells
Getting kidneys to filter
You must eliminate byproducts and waste not just from digesting foods but from the
cells that are also digesting your foods, so to speak

Skin problems = acidosis

Get yourself sweating

When you start cleaning, things start to move out of the body – you’re shaking the
tree, inevitable – expectorate, eliminate
Expectorating more acids, goes up and down, up and down

Getting the thyroid
Deep breathing
Getting kidneys to filter
Cleaning up GI tract à resonate to liver and pancreas and clean those
Cleaning and enhancing any weaknesses the cells may carry

Detoxification events – cold and flu like symptoms
Run with it, work with that detox, let that clean yourself out

Neurolymphatic points get lymph moving and kidneys filtering

Awareness is when you start to notice things you never did before – starting to
observe and stop thinking so much

Kidneys – essential elimination of cellular waste and acids

It’s how you look and the questions you ask

Adrenals do control the kidneys

If you can keep that mind quiet, it’ll translate into consciousness

B12 – cofactor related to adrenal glands

Wrap nature around you – can’t make up for the sun with isolates

You can’t make argument for deficiencies until you fix: digestion, absorption,
utilization (hormone, steroids –adrenals down) and then of course proper
elimination to make sure the first three are doing well (because of the nature of the
types of foods and the high-acidosis of foods, colon is in horrible shape, and kidneys
are down like nobody’s business – chronic, twisted, distorted – serious colon and
kidney problems) Have to look at lifestyle: What are you consuming in chemistry?
Note: don’t expect good mineral utilization and total metabolic processes until the
adrenal steroids are handled (26:20)

Thoughts = conditioned state of activity and it has nothing to do with truth
That’s why consciousness is sought over the mind in people with the know and

No one is deficient when you fix proper digestion, proper absorption (lymph system
in the gut wall), utilization – you can’t just take in calcium, mag, vitamins and all this
without proper hormone steroids

That’s why I don’t get into supplementation – you’re trying to skip those three –
only way to have those three, need elimination

How do you fix them? You clean and restore them: diet and herbs – takes care of
EVERYTHING – clean and restore the function of

You fix the three by getting proper elimination going (kidneys, colon)

You can’t overstimulate and make good

Q&A 414

Detoxify the viral loads out of the body - depends on lymphatic system, how fast
you filter (47)

The beauty of true detoxification

Burning dirty fuel vs. clean energetic fuel

Fruits, berries, melons – foods that clean, restore, rebuild, and enhance and energize
and feed all in the same food – high energized foods
The blood likes to clean itself through the lymph system – the blood wants to get rid
of its waste through the lymph (50)

Wherever you have blood vessels you have lymph vessels – interstitial fluid is 20%
blood and 80% lymph

Antiviral herbs – parasite M an option

No such thing as killing virals, they’re proteins

Smallpox vaccine – herpes

Dig in and get yourself cleaned out

The more acidic, the higher the viral load

Scar tissue and stretch marks – same thing
To scar up have to be very acidic
Stretch mark – parathyroid gland – start utilizing calcium and connective tone (55)
Dig in and tone and strengthen the body

Everybody is at a different level lymphatically

Lack of tonicity, think parathyroid – mushy stuff instead of muscle
Parathyroid connective tissue

Exercise after you filter, not before

Get the acids out and the body will tone itself

Thyroid controls rate of metabolism (1:02)
Low thyroid means your digestion and metabolizing is slower, slow oxidizer

Mal-absorption is a lymphatic issue – bowel wall is lymphatically constipated –
chrones, etc. destroy tissues of intestinal wall (1:03)

If parathyroid down, not utilizing calcium

There’s nothing you can’t detox and fix, nothing is life threatening unless you don’t

Immunizations/vaccines (1:17)

Nerve rings/lower adrenals – vaccines can throw them into seizures and add right

Cause and effect rule creation
Acid breastmilk – colic, etc. (1:31)

Decay of human body – cancer

Using animals to mature the cultures in (vaccines)

Body just kicking out what you put in – symptoms, colds/flus/ etc.

Getting well isn’t always fun, but its worth it and necessary
Follow inner guidance

Emerging Virus – Book
Dr. Tenpenny – vaccines
Dr Suzanne Humphries

Adrenal glands – neurotransmitters, medulla – inner core, produces
neurotransmitters that run the highway of sympathetic and parasympathetic, comes
together solar plexus stomach area
Suppression of neurotransmitters – low blood pressure

Loaded with nerve rings – question whether going under anesthesia is smart

My health deteriorated to the point where I had nothing to lose

It doesn’t help anything to judge others
At any given time you can turn it around again

Q&A 415 – Digestion Issues, MS, Filtering Kidneys, PCOS

Acid diets cause acidic build up in the body and therefore damage organs and glands
/ acids corrosive side of chemistry

Kidneys are the organs filtering the great lymphatic system, the sewer system

All body symptoms have its basis in lymphatic stagnation 0 if you did not have
stagnatin of lymph - you wont have stagnation of blood // as long as there is no
obstruction to flow of energy then there’s no dis-ease – what obstructs flow of
energy? Certain acids of course due to lack of electrons, tend to create more
stagnation and conglomeration (5:45)

Inflammation normal immune response of the body to proteins, another word for
proteins is acids

What degree of strength or weakness is your genetics?

Kidneys – potassium // sodium – adrenals

Every cell has a sewer system to them

Natural rhythmic cycles occur when you eat foods designed for species and kept in
their natural state

Without you, your body does not exist

Power of proper chemistry

Feeling the energy of people – you see and know a lot more when you get out of the

Learn how to feel**

As long as one takes the position of fighting diseases, you’re going to be on the losing
side – as long as youre in a battle of disease, on losing side because totally drummed
up concept from seeing symptoms from people – break away from thought that
you’re unlucky one, then you realize cause and effect rules life completely; there’s a
cause and effect for all energy

Sulfur stuck in lymph system

Major fatigue – nervous system is involved // what helps increase neurological
performance? Neurotransmitters – brain and adrenal glands

MS brain always involved –cerebellum

Neurological cases: parathyroid and calcium utilization
Calcium – connective tissue, holding everything in place, nerve transmission

What gland controls most fatigue and energy – adrenals – big time autonomic
nervous system // adrenals top thyroid in this area

Clean and strengthen the cells of the human body – any objections? LOL
How to clean? Alkaline side of chemistry

Sometimes when things swell they choke off

When your air-condition breaks, you don’t call a plumber to fix it
You don’t go to medical doctors and talk about holistic healing? (42)

True compassionate healing
Herbs are not meant for diseases (43)
Herbs for every tissue in the body
Fluids go down first: lymphatics

Pituitary – irregular monthly cycles
Female reproductive formula
Vaginal dryness – estrogen issue

Ovarian cysts – kidneys and adrenals involved
Pituitary controls kidneys and adrenal glands

Pituitary à transverse colon, always connected

Use your mind but don’t follow it all the time

Q&A 417

Dark ring around the eyes – skin ring
Skin is down = thyroid down
It could be pituitary suppressing thyroid

Big pupil – neurological weakness

Right ear, cerebellum and mastoid – always involved in MS, ALS, Parkinson’s

4 Stages of eye coloring
White: Acute stage of lymph
Yellowing : subacute
Brown: chronic
Black: degenerative

Nerve rings – like age rings that go around

Lacuna – weakness in that area

Little white dots – lymph nodes, need to clean those lymph nodes out

Sediment = metabolic waste

Creations comes out of consciousness

Reverse the way you look at life: look at godhead downwards – how? Stop thinking
The mind is creation, the ego is your separation, individualization from the one

Have to lose yourself to find yourself – lose any points of identification of yourself

Diseases belong to medical community (created by them) and is lost in it

Get beyond mundane life of thoughts and things

Food and pH of the body

Ignorance is so high on planet about health and healing

Drug Lords – pharmaceutical (31:00)

The herbs are lifesaving, not pharmaceuticals
Some pharmaceuticals we need for emergency care, but not for general health care

Increased symptomology with detox (40)

Discourage pharm when botanicals can do quite well

MD’s trained in diseases

Can drop blood pressure medication no problem

They want you to feel like its so complicated so you think they are the only ones
who can deal with it

When you start pulling acids out of body it will pull the edema out of body with it,
everything that’s pressured will relax, inflammation comes out of tissues and stats
go down to genetic status – generally means low blood pressure

Teach us how to be prudent in taking care of people

Keto acidosis – cure equals watermelon

Keep body supported while you are being fixed (ie. Insulin)
Watch your insulin

Ride the world of balance

Treatment of diseases through natural means = same thing as allopathic approach

Welcome to come in there and get clinical and see how you do it in balance

Steroids suppress adrenal function
Adrenal glands control the kidneys, which control the lymphatic system

Acids break things apart

Licorice root – increases blood pressure

Helps to solidify what works – people no idea about what works out there
(document journey, write a book)

The way nature planned it – observation can teach a lot more than academics –
make your own discoveries

It can all be dealt with, with the proper focus

You don’t get a new body when you come here, you get a genetic blueprint, you get a
mutated body, but for you to fix your body, your genetic weaknesses and to get your
world turned around, it’ll make you grown and enter the god zone. It will allow you
to increase your journey. It’ll allow you to make your journey far greater

Which side of chemistry caused the diaper rash – ACIDS, of course.
All byproducts are acids, because you need that breakdown to get to the atomic
structure (1:27)

Have to tear down and rebuild

Fevers are vital to have (1:33)

Babies with fever, just put them on a fruit diet

Anemic – just a little liver/gall formula (drop or two for babies)
Iron problems, think the adrenal glands; why? Steroids

Key system to work on: lymphatic – will relieve all other systems (includes
endocrine glands, GI tract in its own way)

It’s not what you eat, as much as it’s what you digest, absorb, utilize (1:38)

Fatigue = adrenals and if you have fungus that’s on top of adrenals

All of us together can stop this and educate the planet

Herbs for iron = liver herbs

The question is are you utilizing the nutrients from the food?
Utilization requires hormones and steroids, where am I going? Endocrine glands.
Which one specifically? Adrenal glands

(1:47) can’t just give iron tablets for iron deficiency

Big difference between health care practitioner and medical doctor

MD- treatment and diseases
Treating something that doesn’t exist, don’t know what you’re treating, must
understand how the body works really

Where you have genetic weaknesses, it’s down 50-fold (lymphatic function) (2:09)

Time to fix the problem instead of removing the affect (2:10)

Kidneys hate protein

Foods either heal you or break you down
Base alkaline chemistry heal, base acid chemistry deteriorates (general rule, in

Withdrawing stimulants from diet which are proteins and all those things –
everything just settles down; and especially when you get your kidneys filtering and
getting rid of all these acids which are hypertensive, everything just “ahhh” relaxes;
that means all the stats go down too a little bit – you get to see genetically where
your adrenals are - you will hit your genetic base and then go up, you’ll get to see
how low do I go; if you go anywhere below 100 you’re going to really see chronic
fatigue and anxiety

Learn what detoxification is and what true healing is and you’ll understand what
everyone will go through

Dispensaries of pharmaceuticals

Always at the core of inflammation (non parasitic) is always going to be what side of
chemistry? ACID. Where do these acids come from in my body? Diets. Most people
are eating acid-forming diets. Lymph system down
Fix the system down in all those tissues

Inflammation is your own immune system’s response to what? Proteins/acids (as a

That’s why you detox to remove the causes of the inflammatory response

The adrenal glands control the autonomic nervous system - neurotransmitters
Mineral utilization
Sugar metabolism
Mother’s Milk
Proteins – least important as created by the universe

When you’re acidic, you hold onto water

Affect of acidosis – edema, coagulation, all that you experience in pain and suffering

Dogs – adrenal formula and kidney formula; go after kidneys of dog
Bumps – lymph system
Go after dog like you would yourself or your neighbor
All canine’s kidney weakness across board (2:36)
Dogs detox from the dog

60 beats per minute normal for humans

Autonomic feeds the heart – adrenals + cerebellum

When you’re enlarged in one area, you’re lymphatic system is knocked up all over
the place

Dog: Lymphatic I, Kidney I and Adrenals – see bottle for weights and amount

Energy doesn’t come from amino acids, it comes from carbon – carboyhydrates –
energy factors to cells – need carbon (sugars) (2:41)

Weakened adrenal glands suppress breathing

Gama – level E , not beta (2:57)

Flavonoids in foods – where you want to go in the first place

Oils are antacid (CBD oil – yes)

Hydrate and move lymph system – grape fast, green/red doesn’t matter

What systems are allergies involved in? LYMPH
Severe allergies = chronic lymphatic stagnation

(Vitiligo) Skin pigmentation – what gland has to be down that affects pigmentation
of the skin? *PITUITARY* - fixable
When pituitary is down no one else is happy
Upper circ // brain and nerve II

Cooked food lowers the systemic energy of the body (3:14) **

I want energy – I’m eating cooked food = losing your systemic energy

Energy factor of foods – energy factor is key
Cooking destroys energy from food, removing consciousness

If I want energy, I have to consume energy

In the morning you’re the most acidic

You break a fast with fruit – breaking fast from night before should always be fruit,
berry, melon breakfast


Q&A 422

We are terminated by our own waste inside of our body – the joke is all there

Most of these dis-eases and all this crap they’re talking about is metabolic waste
backing up and specific areas lead to specific symptoms lead to specific diagnoses
lead to specific names to these dis-eases

Acid ash foods are mucus forming

Focus of male energy power (21)

Anything that burns energy has to have an elimination system (23)
Fact of life

LDL is systemic (29)
HDL in the posphalipid chain that protects the cell wall from acids

Lymphatic rosary, generally from mother
Interstitial stagnation for years and years

You’re seeing the symptoms of acidosis
You’re seeing the symptoms of acid-ash based diets

Mainly amino-acid based foods: grains, beans, etc. = acid-ash

What can weaken a cell? ACIDS

Blood – bicarbonate for some protection but minimal
Draw of calcium – spider veins, varicose veins
Bone spurs and stuff like that

Fluid (that cells are living in) victim of an acid-ash diet
Kidneys and adrenals main players

Side effects of surgery: adhesions and scar tissue
You don’t get adhesions or scar tissue in an aklkaline environment

If you want to change what you see and are experiencing then you must change the
environment within your body (that your cells are bathed in)

We are alkaline-ash eaters

Regenerative thinking
Get myself alkaline

After surgery: bone/ thyroid and parathyroid formulas

Look beyond what you’re seeing

Malabsorption – pancreatic and gallbladder performance (compromised)
Digestion can get a blowback from malabsportion because the lymph system
interstitially in the bowel wall is backed up (39)

Orange stools = sulfur

Emotional sensitivity = adrenals

Strengthen and make whole again

Lacunas right up into bowel wall = genetic weaknesses
Little white lines in lacunas = healing lines aka sewing up

Dilated pupils = neurological problems (53)
Constricitd pupils = acidosis

Cerebellum: where the ANS comes into the CNS and where the optic nerves cross
and meet

Sewer system needs a way out

Ovarian cysts/prostate/testicles/etc. all that area: problem = kidneys

Sweating helps elimination
Be excited for cold and flu-like symptoms (1:08)

When you suppress fever, start suppressing lymph system

How deep can you go?

Ears clogged = 4 candles per ear, open these doors
Neti pot
Can chew on horseradish root to get stuff moving
Smell an onion to open
Neurolymphatic points
Get yourself sweating

Acids are agglomerating
Step on to the other side of chemistry of alkaline dominance: fruits, berries, melons
and veggies

In every way better

103 good temperature to detoxify with (babies) 1:14

Things that can build pressure in the head:
• Lymph node stagnation
• Heavy bowel toxicity (transverse colon chronic)
Open up doors to relieve pressure

Mucus protects the body (1:16)
Where does mucus come from? The mucosa – lines everywhere – it’s your
protection, protects the body
Body produces mucus when you eat a protein that is foreign – a foreign protein:
milk, meat (to our species)- body has immediate mucosic response to them
Most of your immune responses are to proteins, not carbon
Protein-based foods: grains, beans, meats

All the body is trying to do is eliminate what you have created inside of you
Maybe unconsciously, but you’ve still created this, and now your body is trying to
help you eliminate it – work WITH your body, it is all-wise

When you put toxins in the body, even animals, it’s just not good

Giving you vaccines so your lymph system won’t move out all toxins (1:20)
The lymphatic system**** that’s all it is (measles, etc.)
Suppression of great lymphatic system – build natural immunity through cleaning

Pharmaceutical world is about PROFIT
No thing as life-saving drugs (minus ER stuff)
There are some pharm needs in ER and surgeries
Big business to kill people and give everyone toxins


Heal and regenerate people

Vaccines suppress lymph system

I’m a warrior. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to stand up.

Detox Farm (1:28)
Gold geodesic dome
Sweet Nectar
Pyramid greenhouses

Brown in a blue eye is chronic lymph stagnation


But it's obvious when I read eyes. I have a parathyroid weakness and the symptoms of this can be depression, arthritis, spider
veins, bruising easily, sagging skin, scoliosis, prolapses, bleeding gums/ nose, brittle nails. Calcium holds together connective
tissue and is needed for good bone strength. Parathyroid also utilizes vit d. It's just obvious once you know the body, which
gland utilizes what. Adrenals utilizes iron/ sodium/ magnesium, potassium. Dr Morse is a biochemist as well as an ND and
master herbalist. He's done this for over 45 yrs

Detoxification is a system of healing that addresses the causes of our dis-eases and conditions

Any arthritis/lupus/lyme – you almost always see heavy antibiotic use
When you destroy bacteria and lymph nodes –how do you break down metabolitic
waste? Backs up to the cell

Cancer is a damaged cell – comes about when their own waste, by products, are no
longer dischargeable outside of the cell – fluids are no longer flowing freely
throughout the body

Life is nothing but variances of ph at one level of looking at it

If you can smell yourself, that’s putrefied protein if you can smell yourself
We shouldn’t stink as humans

When you’re not filtering your lymph system, you’re actually creating a stagnation
of a fluid that is from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet – the first time
you start to see symptoms of that is skin problems, dandruff, start to see stuff on the
skin that the skins struggling to get out
When kidneys aren’t filtering well, skins got to bear the load

Go to bed and wake up in sweat means kidneys aren’t filtering and your skin did it
for you
Lymph system is the main immune system
Immune system is a simple system – you have damaged cells – immune cells takes
those cells through the lymph system (not through blood system that’s impossible)
to the lymph nodes where macrophage are and bacteria by the way and that
bacteria breaks down those cellular acids which are about 3ph – this is why if you
can’t get these cellular metabolitic wastes to the lymph nodes you’re going to feel
3pH internally

Immune cells – macrohpages

Urinate or sweat the waste out – very few go through the stool

Leukemia – white blood cells and platelettes – talking about two different tissues:
the spleen or the bone marrow – either one can become acidic and break down –
both of these tissue have the same things: blood brings in the goodies, lymph cleans
waste away
Happens everywhere in body – feeding and cleaning you

Interstitial fluid – fluid around the cell (80% lymph / 20%blood
Think: when you have a pimple and pop it – 80% lymph and 20% blood
That’s what you see in tumors

Stagnation because of lack of elimination

Reverse how you created it

When something seems complex, back away
Let simplicity and the Universe work through you

Lipids fight acids (ie. Cholesterol)

Mucus congestion causes snoring

Antibiotics suppress the lymph system - shuts down symptoms
Bacteria sucks up sewage – it’s not at fault
Bacteria in lymph nodes killed via antibiotics – HAVE to have bacterial action in the

Stuffed ear – ear candles are gentalist, nicest thing out there
Sinuses need to drain and what that’s saying – can see a kidney problem with that-
but also the bowels, clean up GI tract along with kidneys to get those sinuses to
drain – get all that fluid “lymph” to drain and it’ll open it right up
Kidney on the side of stuffed ear is the weak side

Moles are a fungus. They are an indication of an adrenal gland weakness and the body's
inability to metabolize sugar. Have you ever noticed they get bigger and more
numerous with age? Dr. Morse has answered questions about moles in many of his

Any mole (and moles are just cells) can become cancerous (mutated) when you have a
backed-up lymphatic (sewer) system. Remember, the body is just a bunch of cells and
two fluids: blood and lymph.

Follow a proper detoxification protocol to clean out your lymphatic system, work on
strengthening and rebuilding your adrenal glands, take a parasite herbal formula
(Parasite M is a good one) to kill the fungus, and they will shrink, fall off, and disappear.

Pancreas, inability to digest complex sugars.. so it comes out as a fungus symptom=
They are fungus and happen due to weak adrenal glands and pancreatic weakness =
impaired sugar metabolism

Alkaline urine means your losing your electrolytes and not filtering
Urine should be low 6’s ph (acidic)
Saliva should be higher 6’s

When the body comes across a weakness, it’s gotta do one of two things: over
support it or get rid of it, that’s nature; as you weaken you’re prime for virals, etc.
setting up condition for them to thrive


Beet – parsley –dandelion green
Plus other greens
Kelp supplement

Teach / Help people identify problems

Q&A 425
When you’re looking to get well, this is your time
Don’t overstress or overwork yourself
You have to help yourself

How do you know what you believe is true, factual at all?

Get yourself free or you’ll have to keep coming back until you do

Align yourself with foods of the highest electrical element
Highest nutritive on the planet

Swelling is when acids are accumulating and you start to see the water – osmotically
– being pulled into these highly chemically, acid, dense areas
Kidneys and adrenals responsible for this

Skills > academics
Schools by skills, not academics

High fungals can contribute to adrenal fatigue

Thought and emotion take energy out of you

Stress is acidosis

Adrenals are your emotional glands – you stress with them

Since I created this problem, I can uncreate this problem. You have to work for your

Everything you’re doing, sitting on top of your genetics

Chrone’s – thickened bowel wall; acids chewing on your intestinal walls (lymph)

Interstitial – in the wall of your stomach, around your cells you have a sewer system
that isn’t moving well (chrone’s – lymph system not filtering through the kidneys)

Dehydration – systemic acidosis

Acids damage and mutate cells

Bloating- fruit interacting with sulfur

Have to push through these things: fruits + herbs

Change the perspective from where you look from

If you don’t get rest, you’re not going to get well

Add adrenal tonic when bump down to adrenal glandulars 200

Adrenals = autonomic nervous system

Never use glandular in hyperactive case
If hyperactive anything, stay away from specific herbs

What’s deep behind these genetic weaknesses and behind these weaknesses in cells:
acidosis in the lymph system
This is the system that’s creating these problems in man

Be strong. Be love.
Q & A 426

The power of wellness, of feeling free – these are great feelings, great expressions

Suffering a a vehicle for change

Wayshowers and messengers from the Divine

Ayurvedic – 12 min

Sometimes when seeking the truth, takes you from hell and back – but it makes you
stronger, more powerful, that you’ve done that – just don’t wallow in your suffering,
pull back and grab control, keys to unwind your suffering physically and spiritually
– just relax, relax, learn who you really are by getting out of your head and thoughts
for a little while

Be in the present moment with no thoughts.. Be aware of your thoughts from afar.

Whenever you have weaknesses, you don’t have acid-ash diets

Utilization requires steroids from adrenals and help from thyroid/ parathyroid (27)

We’re a species – same nutrition for everyone

Let them all suffer around you, don’t you worry about it

Give your light to the world

Decided to help myself and lift my self up from despair and unhappiness and

People are willing to die suffering just to eat what they want

Either you do it and get well, or you suffer – you’re decision

Cancer not a death sentence at all, except to those who choose to treat it


Fruit only food that can regenerate brain and nerve tissue

Acids cant strengthen, they weaken, they are corrosive

Big words to say a bunch of nothing

Why do we consume food at all? For the energy of it

Plants give back

Cooked food is augmented

Energy is key component of consciousness

Become conscious and no one can play tricks on you

Don’t mistake healing crises for problems

Body is going to get rid of its weaknesses and replace it with stronger tissue

If you don’t have your health – what is that going to cost you? Everything.


Q & A 428
Acidosis is the key factor – only two sides of chemistry (19)
Only have two fluid-based symptoms that initiate or deal with chemistry, the rest
are just cells – which two fluids deal with chemistry: blood and lymph

Blood cant be acidic without your death, so whcich system is it that carries the acids
out of the body? The lymphatic system – that’s why it’s a cholesterol lipid based
system, uses the kidneys and the skin as the eliminative organs; yoru skin being the
largest eliminative organ of the body; and your kidneys vital – left kidney drains left
side, right kidney drains right side of body – that’s why you see symptoms on one
side of body, because one kidney generally goes down over another; what sits on top
of them? The adrenal glands. What does the medulla – the inner core – of the
adrenal glands produce? Neurotransmitters – for the Autonomic

Stomach is brain of the autonomic nervous system

When the medulla goes down, your blood pressure starts to go low on the top (top
sysotolic blood pressure is based on neurotransmitters) and when they go down,
that’s when your blood pressure goes down (or squeezed and go up – adrenals full
of pressure)

A lack of neurotransmitters wears down the myelin sheaths down and pretty soon
start to see nerve rings in the eye and start to see all things autonomic go down –
breathing is more labored, hard to exhale, COPD, asthmatic, etc. now that is going to
start shutting down the lymph system

When the kidneys and adrenals go down, these are some of the things that go down
in your body:
Mineral utilization
Sugar metabolism
Anti inflammatory
Female/male issues
Lymphatic system down

As it goes down it takes everything down with it- both neurologically and
lymphatically and acidically

Get yourself disciplined.

We’re the PREMIERE group

You need CONSCIOUSNESS – strength, not nervous system-strength

When you start seeing things growing on your skin, what does it tell you about the
health of your body?

Your body starts smelling like the food you eat

Have to fix adrenals to fix lymphatic system

Kidney capsules
Stomach & Bowel capsules
Kidney tincture
Pancreas tonic
Parasite M
Brain & Nerve II

Things do not have to be complex to be true, in fact, the more complex, the less true

Clean and strengthen. Clean and strengthen. Clean and strengthen.

What creates malabsorption? Same thing that causes that causes chrones, IBS, etc. –
lymphatic system down interstitially within the bowels

Diabetes (49)

Thinking cant get you to new levels of understanding –

See @ 1hr mark about cells and waste and removal

Blood – lymph – nerves : 1:02
Acid obstruction to flow of energy


Q&A 433

Swelling is first sign of acidosis

Dig in my dear one – get into this body and clean it up

You can’t have a gas tank without an exhaust

Acids make you stiff and sore
Acids chew

Analogy at 23:30 min

Understanding the lymphatic system, you understand man’s suffering

Blood flows well but the lymph can swell – when lymph swells, it restricts blood and
nerve flow

Three energy flows of body: blood, nerve and lymph

Isolates (~29) aids in symptom of

If you want pain relief, you gotta eat it

Fix it all the same way – must drive the intellectuals MAD (haha)

Complete metabolic panel – just for fun
CBC – immune panel

Growth hormones in thymus (T cells – natural killer cells)

You cant treat symptoms and have a cure

Virus – lymph system
Stagnant lymphatically – sewer system backed up

Help the body detoxify itself – help it get itself back

If you don’t get ‘er done, it’ll get you done

Pain – when you kill too much bacteria in your body (lymph nodes) – acids go

Go after your health

Not a bacterial problem – it’s an acid problem

Get yourself focused


Q&A 435

Use your eyes at a barometer and keep digging into the areas you see in your eyes
until it’s cleared – back to light blue or light brown

Gland responsible for skin = thyroid
Gland responsible for kidney = adrenal (22)

Depression – parathyroid gland (get glandular, 2 3x a day)
Endocrine gland formula or endocrine gland AND pituitary

Pull yourself in, hang in tight, move past your thoughts and you’ll be alright

Responsibility is yours, I’ll walk with you, but you have to do it

It’s good to awaken – and there’s always another level

Look at the millions of people they’ve harmed with antibiotics – if they only knew
that killing of bacterium in lymph nodes sets that patients up for nightmares in the
future (28)

Craving for red meat – probably worms
Where interstitially the lymph is backed up, it’s backed up through you – it’s just
how much and where?

Blood – giving the nutrition and energy based on the foods you’re eating
Lymph – collecting waste and carrying it away

Q & A 436

It’s for the experience of it
All life is, is a succession of now’s (12)

Your attention is your consciousness
There is no judgment in consciousness

Everything is just experiences – how you choose to label them, is your mind (17)

You understand only what you’re ready for

I had to learn balance to teach balance
Here to establish a new level of healing, establish this new modality
Establish an essential high level of healing on this planet

There’s plenty of people starving for this information, don’t waste time on those
who don’t want to – who aren’t ready to grow, wish them well on their journey (27)

It’s developing your strength – all your “why’s”

Knowingness comes from experiences

Everything is calculated (36)

Don’t worry about it, just get it done

Mucus causes sore throats

The more acidic, the more dehydrated, the more agglomerated, locks right in there –
have to loosen it up, only way is through hydration which comes from alkaline side
of chemistry(40)

Acids have more protons than electrons (vise versa for alkaline)

Thymus produces some growth hormones

Pituitary – affects monthly cycles

Heal-All capsules for bowels

All a process of alkalization which is a process of rehydration

Everything including people are fermenting – moles, etc.(1:16)

Bloating – could have a lot of sulfur in your gut, could be from your mother or the
use of antibiotics as a child and now you have a lot of sulfa in the gut and you have
gassy/bloaty or you’re not breaking down you carbohydrates properly which give
you gas which lead fermentation or you’re not breaking down your proteins which
lead to stomach problems initially which leads to giving you the putrefaction (1:18)

To detoxify properly, have to eat living foods

Miscellaneous Gems

Systemic acidosis = systemic inflammation = systemic pain

All the same causative factors – this has been the allopathic’s problem, trying to
lump everything as different “diseases” which basically are uncurable but treatable
– well it just shows you how limited the modality is in recognizing factual causative
factors and then the remedy that follows

Our biggest problem is the healthcare system and dietecians – have led men astray

Lose the fear, get rid of the concept of diseases, and get to basic chemistry of base
and acids; understand body’s two major fluids, everybody is a cell in there that eats
and poops