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01 Notes
Appropriate Activities for Six to Eight Year-Olds

Language and Reading

● Read a variety of ___texts____ (___Fiction_______, __nonfiction___________,
___poetry___________, __drama____________) and ____respond________ in different
● Begin to develop ___listening____________ skills and use ____active _______ listening
● Begin to develop _speaking____________ skills and use __language_________ to express
● Use _____communication___________ and _____technology___________ skills to accomplish a
● Read with ______fluency________, ___comprehension____________, and more independence;
expand ____vocabulary__________
● Learn to ____recognize______________ words and construct ___meaning____________ from
● ____write________ for a variety of audiences and purposes
●Develop the ability to ___read______, __write_________, and ___count________ whole numbers
●Use tools for __measurement_______________ to measure non-standard and standard units; use a calendar
●___estimate_________; use simple ___probaility___________ experiments and interpret findings
●Tell ___time_______ to five-minute intervals
●Learn names and basic properties of simple ___geometric___________ shapes
●Collect _data______ by counting, measuring, and conducting simple surveys and experiments
●Recognize and create simple _____patterns_______ and describe by their __attributes____________
●____Compare_________, ___sort_________, and ____order________ things by one or more
●Use their ____senses_______ to make __observations______________
●Use their __own____ rules to classify living/nonliving objects
●Seek _information_______________ about animal life cycles, weather, properties of materials, and sound
●__ponder_________ and ___process_____________ plant, soil, human body, and earth/moon/sun systems
Social Studies
●Understand neighborhoods, ___communities________________, and regions of the local, state, nation, and
●Develop a sense of __citizenship________________ --- people making a difference
●Draw from personal ___experience__________ and __imagination________________; become more
aware of themselves
●Use ____appropriate_______________ subject matter --- family, five senses, counting, and retelling stories
in pictures
●Recognize that ____mistakes______ can become creative opportunities; distinguish reality from
●Observe how __artists______ tell stories and create moods through art; tell original stories through art
Music and Movement
●Recognize and use basic musical elements --- ______melody________, ______rhythm______,
_____harmony________, ____lyrics____, ____tempo_____, and ___pitch_____
●Have children make their own __rythm__________ instruments