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2018/05/14 2018/05/23

EclipseCon Europe 2018 Call for Papers Webinar: Variability management with
Review the CFP, talk with your team and submit your talks Capella and pure::variants
today! Join Robert Hellebrand from pure-systems GmbH and discover
how Product Line Engineering can increase your engineering


2018/05/14 2018/05/15

New Proposed Charter for OS.bea Working Latest Roundup of EE4J Activities for Jakarta
Group EE
New proposed charter for OS.bea Working Group is ready for There has been a recent flurry of EE4J activity as the Eclipse
review. Paticipate by adding feedback on the mailing-list. Foundation is positioning Jakarta EE as the new home for ...

( (

2018/05/10 2018/05/15

Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure: Java roadmap: Eclipse's Jakarta EE enterprise

Upcoming Changes Java takes shape
The Eclipse Foundation outlines the 39 projects that will make
up the new cloud-native, microservices-friendly enterpris... Page 1 of 2
Open Innovation Community - Eclipse IDE | The Eclipse Foundation 5/25/18, 10)40 AM

Eclipse CBI is undergoing important changes, including (

Kubernetes/ Docker via Red Hat OpenShift & CloudBees roadmap-eclipses-jakarta-ee-enterprise-java-takes-shape.html)
Jenkins Ente...

2018/05/04 2018/05/14

Eclipse Newsletter - Java Tools and Runtimes What's new in the latest milestone build for
This month, read all about Eclipse projects: Collections, JNoSQL, Eclipse Photon?
MicroProfile, OpenJ9, and Vert.x As the Eclipse Photon GA release approaches June 27, here is a
look at the M7 milestone release.

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