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Should Parents Send Their Children to Pre-School Education?

By Deshinta Rosalina Puspitasari, 1206246553

Every parents want to give the best for their children. Parents will pay attention in
many aspects to help their chidren get better life. One of the aspects that parents will pay
attention to is in educational aspect. Parents will try to give best education to their children in
order to open a chance for their children to reach their dream. Moreover, some parents are
introduce education to their chidren since the early age with send their chidren to pre-school
education. Sometimes sending children to pre-school education will be good because it
allows children to socialize and build interactions with others. Children also can get
education from teachers who are knowledgeable and have experiences in teaching pre-school
students. Some pre-school educations are also provide some fun activities that will build
children to be more active and creative. But, these advantages will be reached only if children
and parents can adapt well with pre-school education. If we think more about the effect of
sending children in early age, we will find different condition. In fact, pre-school education
give more harm than good for children and parents

There are some reasons why pre-school education give more harm than good for
children and parents. First, pre-school educations can’t give one-on-one attention to the
children. Psychologically, children in about 4 years old still need an attention from the
parents. When they are in pre-school education, they also need attention from their teacher.
But, teachers in pre-school education can’t give focus attention to a children because there
are also many children who need their attention. This condition makes some children become
uncontrolled. Moreover, some of them may feel lack of attention and they prefer to be silent
along the lesson. It is a kind of bad learning experience for children. This bad experience will
make bad effect along children’s school career because children may think that they will also
find that bad experience in all types of school.

The second reason why pre-school education give more harm than good is because
pre-school educations can limit creativity and free exploration of the children. As we know,
4-years-old children have a great curiousity. This great curiousity let them become more
active and creative. That’s why some people say that 4 years old is a golden age to build
children’s creativity. They enhance their creativity by doing free exploration of something.
This free exploration may be limited if children go to pre-school education. Based on
research from Psychology Profesor Alison Gopnik in his research about “Teaching Kids in
the Early Age”, he suggest that when 4 years old children attend pre-school education, they
unconciously narrow their thinking and only consider the information that their teacher
provides. On the other hand, when children don’t attend pre-school education they have more
chance for wider range of information and consider more option.

The third reason why pre-school educations give more harm than good is because
entering pre-school education education usually high in cost. Almost all pre-school education
are high in cost. In the US, the fee that should be paid by parents who want to send their
children to pre-school education is about $7500-$1200. Whereas in Indonesia, parents should
pay about Rp. 6.000.000,00. The high cost of pre-school education of course become a
problem for most parents. They should work more hard in order to pay the pre-school
education’s fee. This condition sometimes make them get stress which is bad for them and
also their children. This high cost may be okay if the quality of pre-school education can help
children enhance the skills, knowledge, and creativity at all. But in fact, there are still lack of
pre-school education which can provide good quality education for the students. So, do you
still want to pay a high cost after you know that pre-school education education not give the
best for your children?

In conclusion, sometimes pre-school educations are beneficial for children. It can sees
from the child’s interactivity with others, the variaty features of fun activities in pre-school
education, and the teacher who have ability and experience to communicate with pre-school
education children. But, we should also thinking about other aspects that may lead children to
some disadvantages. It may lead a traumatic experience that can impede student’s educational
career. Besides of that, sending children to pre-school education also take a bad impact to
parents that may lead parents should pay high cost. So, it is reasonable why parents should
not take their children into pre-school education.

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