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Tertiary Sources

Stoll, David. "Guatemala." ​Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity​,

edited by Dinah L. Shelton, vol. 1, Macmillan Reference USA, 2005, pp. 419-422. ​World
History In Context​,
&xid=7ea30324. Accessed 19 May 2018.

Overview of bloody conflict in Guatemala. Mainly focused on the Mayan genocide

but also provides some background information starting in 1944.

"The United Fruit Company Instigates a Coup in Guatemala, June 18, 1954." ​Historic
World Events​, Gale, 2012. ​World History In Context​,
xid=e74c22ae. Accessed 20 May 2018.

This source focuses specifically on how the coup of 1954 came to be. It also had
helpful information about pre 1954 governments. A lot of information specific to a
handful of important individuals

Secondary Sources


A VAST ENTERPRISE." ​New York Times (1923-Current file), ​Jul 04 1954, p. 1.
ProQuest. ​Web. 20 May 2018 .

Article from the 1954 new york times on the United Fruit Company. The article
explores the company’s involvement in latin america along with its roots and
connections to various governments. Very in depth analysis of UFCO.

Anna-Cat Brigida. "Witnesses Expose Ronald Reagan's Dirty Secret in Guatemala." ​The
Daily Beast, ​Jan 15 2016, ​ProQuest. ​Web. 21 May 2018 .

This article gives you a Mayan perspective on the atrocities committed against
them and what life in Guatemala is like. It also draws a clear connection between
Reagan and Montt.
Schlesinger, Stephen, Richard Nuccio, and Jennifer Schirmer. "Preserving Bitter Fruit."
Harvard International Review​ 21.4 (1999): 24-9. ​ProQuest. ​Web. 21 May 2018.

Provided a lot more information about the U.S. and the CIA. Presented a lot of
information especially against the CIA and Reagan and how they dealt with the

Primary Source

“President Reagan's Address on Aid to Contras.” ​ | National Politics |

History | Nonfiction Books​, performance by Ronald Reagan, C-SPAN, 2 Feb. 1988,'s-address-aid-contras​.

This is a 20 minute video of a nationally broadcasted speech President Ronald

Reagan gives regarding America’s role in Central America. Though the speech is
specifically about Nicaragua, it still ties in perfectly with the rest of my research.