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Ice water ice water

Ice baby, ice baby

If your balloon is empty

Please go home and change it

Ice ice water

Ice ice baby change your balloon

If your fuel’s empty

Please go home and change it

Saturniño (also called Ice ice baby; but some people call it Ice baby ice baby)

Physical Description

Cute, little Saturn cloud babies believed to have been formed from the clustering of the abundant
ammonia ice found in Saturn’s atmosphere.

On the outside, they look like humanoid clouds complete with arms and legs. Very little is known yet of
the interior of their bodies but it is believed that they are supported with a skeleton like structure that
allows them to crawl, stand, and walk very much like how we do on Earth (This is believed so because
Saturn’s gravity differs to that of Earth’s by just 5%)

They can live in very cold temperatures of the upper Saturn atmosphere. They can only maintain their
shape in these regions because the pressure is not to high.

It is believed that they sustain themselves from consuming and converting hydrogen into their food.


The population is very young in age and they are still very few scattered around the atmosphere of
Saturn. Most of them are still very young because Saturn revolves around the Sun very slowly. Imagine
having a year that is equivalent to like 29.5 Earth years.
Habitat and Transportation

Without a solid surface on Saturn to live on, they live in secured modules suspended and connected to a
collection of large hot air balloons that float on the upper atmosphere where temperatures may be colder
but the pressure is tolerable.

These balloons need a lot of energy to keep them afloat and carry the load of the dwelling modules and
this is why these beings have not grown very large and massive.

They move about and travel around by the means of their own personal hot air balloons and travel from
one community to another. (hence the chant) (show props)

Behavioral Characteristics

They have high pitched voices because of the composition of hydrogen and helium in their atmosphere.

They are very proud of their home planet because they consider it to be the most beautiful in the entire
universe. (They can be a bit “mahangin” at times because of how proud they are of their home planet.)

When moving about their habitat, they choose to crawl rather than walk even though it is believed that
they are able to just because they are afraid of falling off into Saturn where they will fall and then float
endlessly towards Saturn’s core with no solid surface to stop them. They trust their hot air balloons to
transport them around and carry their civilization afloat.