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गगुरूजज, मगुझझ डडिपझशन हह और मह हमझशश व्यशकगु ल रहतज हहहूँ। मगुझझ क्यश करनश चशडहयझ?

उत्तर--डविपश्यनश डडिपझशन कश अपपूविर इलशज अविश्य हह।

डकसज डशडविर मम शशडमल हहोकर अपनझ शरजर पर हहोनझ विशलज ससंविझदनशओ कहो समतश भशवि सझ अनगुभवि करनश सजख लहो।

जब डडिपझशन आयझ तहो स्विजकशर करहो कक मझरझ मन मम डडिपझशन हह ।और अविश्य हज मनहोडचडकतस्क(psychatrist) कझ मशगरदशरन मम रहहो। यह
बहहत जरुरज हह।

सशथ सशथ डकस बशत कहो लझकर डडिपझशन हह, उसझ दपूर करकझ , कझ विल डडिपझशन, abstract डडिपझशन कहो स्विजकशर करतझ हहए उस समय जहो भज
शशरजररक ससंविझदनश पकट हहो रहज हह, उन्हम तटस्थ भशवि सझ दझखनझ लगझ तहो इस डडिपझशन और उससझ सम्बसंडधित ससंविझदनशओ कहो अडनत्य भशवि पर
आधिशररत समतश सझ दझखतझ दझखतझ डडिपझशन दगुबरल हहोतश जशयझगश, और समय पशकर समशप हहो जशएगश।

परसंतगु इस डविदश कहो डकसज दस डदन कझ डशडविर मम भलजभशसंडत डसख कर हज इसकश पयहोग करनश चशडहयझ। एक बशत ख्यशल रखनज चशडहयझ कक
डडिपझशन जहसझ ददर मम मनहोडचडकत्सक कक सलशह और मशगरदशरन अविश्य हज लझनश चशडहयझ।

Q: How can I be sure I am capable of doing the meditation?

SNG- For a person in reasonable physical and mental healthwho is genuinely interested and willing to make a sincere
effort, meditation (including "noble silence") is not difficult. If you are able to follow the instructions patiently and
diligently, you can be sure of tangible results. Though it may appear daunting, the day's schedule is neither too severe nor
too relaxed. Moreover, the presence of other students practicing conscientiously in a peaceful and conducive atmosphere
lends tremendous support to one's efforts.

Words of Buddha

"Yesam sambodhiyaṅgesu, sammā cittaṃ subhāvitaṃ, Ādānapaµinissagge, anupādāya ye ratā,

Khīāsavā jutimanto, te loke parinibbutā."
"Whose minds are perfectly developed in the factors of enlightenment, who have no clinging,
who take delight in the abandoning of grasping, who are free from taints, such shining persons
have attained Nibbāna even in this world."

(Dhammapada: 89, Panditavaggo.)


8 August 2016 · Mumbai

Venerable Ledi Sayādaw, Myanmar �

We are grateful to the eminent bhikkhu Ledi Sayadaw, who foresaw that within the next 100
years, the first Buddha Sāsana of 2500 years would come to an end, and at that time, the
Saddhamma preserved in Myanmar would return to its country of origin, India, and from there,
it would spread throughout the world. He also realized that this important mission could only be
fulfilled by a householder.

Therefore, after centuries, the Venerable Ledi Sayadaw opened the door of Vipassana to
householders. He taught Saya Thetgyi and established him as the first lay Vipassana teacher in
modern times. Saya Thetgyi fulfilled this responsibility with great dignity, skilfulness and
competence. He was accepted by many lay people as well as bhikkhus as a lay Vipassana teacher.


� Ven. Ledi Sayadaw firmly believed that at the beginning of the Second Dispensation of the
Buddha, Vipassana will return to India from Myanmar and will benefit people for a long time.
Sayagyi U Ba Khin was also of the opinion that Vipassana will continue in its pure form during the
Second Buddha Sasana, that is, for the next 2500 years. He sent our Principal Teacher Acharya
Goenkaji to India for this express purpose. Goenkaji too is confident that the teaching of the
Buddha will remain in its pristine purity for the entire duration of the Second Dispensation of the


aDhamma Nanadhaja�

Shwe Taung Oo Hill, Yin Ma Bin Township,Monywa District, Sagaing Division

Contact address: Dhamma Joti Vipassana Centre

Dhamma Nanadhaja, meaning ‘Flying Flag of Wisdom in Dhamma’ (named after Ledi
Sayadaw),will be situated on The Shwe Taung Oo Hill, on the west bank of Chindwin River, seven
milesaway from Monywa, Yinmabin Township, Monywa District, Sagaing Division, near the
ChindwinBridge. There is a cave on that hill where Ledi Sayadaw, practiced Vipasasna and wrote
the Manuals of Dhamma.

At present Ledi Sayadaw's statue is located there and seems to bebenevolently looking down
where the Centre is to be constructed.

In 2004, the local governmenthad granted six acres to establish this Vipassana centre.

Since 1996, off-centre courses had beenheld in Dhamma Yeik hall, Su Taung Pyae Pogada, in
"डविपश्यनश कझ धिमर पथ पर"

एक बशत ध्यशन मम रखनज चशडहयझ डक कभज दगुसरहो कक पगडत सझ अपनज तगुलनश मत करनझ लगनश।

एक जहसझ तपनझ पर भज दहो सशधिकहो कहो एक जहसश लशभ एक डजतनझ हज समय मम नहज डमल पशतश।

अलग अलग सशधिक कश अलग अलग कमर ससंस्कशरहो कश ससंग्रह हहोतश हह। डकसज कश अडधिक डकसज कश कम। अततः पगुरझ ससंस्कशर दपूर हहोनझ मम अलग
अलग सशधिकहो कहो कम यश अडधिक समय लगतश हज हह।

�लझडकन यह ध्यशन रखनझ कक बशत हह कक सशधिनश कश हर एक क्षण अपनश लशभ दझतश हह।

डविपश्यनश कझ धिमर पथ पर डकयश गयश जरश सश भज पररश्रम डनष्फल नहज हहोतश।

अततः धिजरज कझ सशथ और दृढ़तश कझ सशथ सशधिनश कझ पथ पर आगझ बढ़तझ रहहो।कल्यशण हज हहोगश।

"on the religious path of vipassana"

One thing should be kept in mind that it should never be compared to the progress of others.

In the same way, even the two saints are not able to get the same benefits at the same time.

Different take have a collection of different activities. Less than someone else. So it takes less or less time to take away
the entire rites.

� but it is a matter of consideration that every moment of meditation gives its advantage.
A little work done on the path of vipassana is not vain.

Therefore, continue with patience and perseverance and practice the way of meditation. Welfare will be the same.

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Q: You speak of being overpowered by negativity.How about being overpowered by positivity, for example, by love?

A: What you call “positivity” is the real nature of the mind. When the mind is free of conditioning, it is always full of
love—pure love—and you feel peaceful and happy. If you remove the negativity, then positivity remains, purity
remains.Let the entire world be overwhelmed by this positivity!

#SNGoenka #Dhamma #Meditation #BeHappy

Q: At times I feel guilty about what I have done.

A: Feeling guilty will not help you; it will only cause harm. Guilt has no place on the path of Dhamma. When you realize
that you have actedinawrongway,simplyacceptthefactwithouttryingto justify or conceal it. You may go to someone you
respect and say, “Well, I made this mistake. In future I'll be careful not to repeat it.” And then meditate, and you will find
that you can come out of the difficulty.

#SNGoenka #Dhamma #Meditation #BeHappy

Q: What is true compassion?

A: It is the wish to serve people, to help them out of suffering. But it must be without attachment. If you start crying over
the suffering of others, you only make yourself unhappy.This is not the path of Dhamma. If you have true #compassion,
then with all love you try to help others to the best of your ability. If you fail, you smile and try another way to help. You
serve without worrying about the results of your service.This is real compassion, proceeding from a balanced mind.

#SNGoenka #Dhamma #Meditation #BeHappy

Q: During daily life if we have a few moments, is it helpful to be still and observe sensations?

A: Yes. Even with open eyes,when you have no other work,you should be aware of the sensations within you.

Q: What is depression? Is it an external, or an internal, problem?

A: All problems are internal. There are no external problems. If you go deep inside and discover the cause of your
misery, you will find that every cause lies within yourself, not outside. Remove that cause, and you will be free from

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