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HI! Higher management, bankers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals Middle management, teachers, creative and media people eg graphic designers etc Office supervisors, junior managers, nurses, ‘specialist clerical staff - white collar Skilled manual workers, plumbers, builders - blue collar Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers Unemployed, students, pensioners, casual workers Which class are you Oa Os Oa O c2 Oo OE The Psychographic Table "ASPIRERS, ‘SUCCEEDERS RESIGNED EXPLORERS ‘sTRUGGLERS REFORMERS Seok tarus Marelli acquistive, onemated 9 image and appearance, personaand fashion. ‘ypealy younger people ‘Seek control, Strong goals confidence, workethic ahd ongaiation Typically higher management and profemonal ‘Seeks survival igi and authoritarinvafues Ierested inpset and tradition "Typically older People Socks dacotery. Ener; ndidualismand ‘experience Values difference and adventure. Typically a younger demographic (tudent) Seeks exape Aliented and disorganised. Few ‘ewources beyond phyiealaille Buyealeabol unk food lottery tickets Typically ower demographics ‘Seeks enlightenment. Heedom of estrictionsand personal growth Social avareness and independent Fdgemene. Ari-mateiahitc bot aware of good What would you be considered? Main streamers Aspirers Succeeders Resigned Strugglers Reformers OO0O0000