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Star trek | need all my Trekkies to help me with this *Required What is your age? Because apparently the target audience is 16+ is this true? * O 1620 © 21:30 O 31-40 © 41-50 What is your gender * O Female O Male O Prefer not to say © Other: Where are you from? I’m guessing West Midlands because how the hell am | getting to Asia with this * Your answer Do you watch star trek a lot and have seen the entire tv series and films? | know | have! * O Yes O No © Other: Do you use any of these social media platforms? * O Facebook O titer CO Instagram D Tumblr O snapchat CO otter: Do you follow star treks social media and the cast involved? * O ves O No O other: Where do you typically watch films? * CG cinema O Tetevsision Gi Netix Nowy O ovo CO online website O other: What time of year do you tend to watch films * © Autumn spring O Winter CO summer O otter: What time of year do you tend to watch films * Autumn, Spring Winter Summer Other: