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4 Recover Your Soul Wors and Music by [ton John and Bernie Taupin J=104 ¢ go en, Eny ee E A ort En Ey, fi Ba- by you're miss ing some-thing in the ait, T got-ta name ©1997 Willam A. Bong Lt, Hania, Warner/Chappell Music Lt, London WS 8 42 x5 x x 2 What's go - ing on? you have a life— but irs tom and tat - tered, piece - es of your heart. May- be you're los ~ ing sink ing like_ a tear. La~ zy old sun-set stopped turn - ing. losing bat - de You have a world A-lone at night ¢ 6 You lose the day——_________ and gain_ the dark, ‘That per-fect world. is ne - ver clear. Love was a fire bur it stopped burn ~ ing. You have to fight for the things that mat — ter your heart, save- your soul— don’t drag your love a= cross the your feet, and_ your for ~