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1. What part of the cell is responsible for breaking down and digesting things?

A. ribosomes
B. lysosomes
C. endoplasmic reticulum
D. vacuole
2. Identify the organelle pictured.

A. chloroplast
B. endoplasmic reticulum
C. golgi apparatus
D. mitochondria
3. What part of the cell serves as the intracellular highway?
A. endoplasmic reticulum
B. golgi apparatus
C. cell membrane
D. mitochondria
4. Which of the following would you NOT find in a bacterial cell?
B. cell membrane
C. golgi apparatus
D. ribosomes
5. Which of the following is found in plant cells, but not animal cells?
A. cell wall
B. vacuole
C. mitochondria
D. endoplasmic reticulum
6. The jellylike interior of the cell is called the:
A. vacuole
B. cytoplasm
C. cytoskeleton
D. nucleus
7. Identify the organelle.

A. golgi apparatus
B. endoplasmic reticulum
C. mitochondria
D. lysosome
8. What part of the cell makes proteins?
A. ribosomes
B. mitochondria
C. lysosomes
D. vacuole
9. Where are ribosomes usually located in animal and plant cells?
A. inside the nucleus
B. near the cell membrane
C. on the endoplasmic reticulum
D. inside the vacuole
10. What part of the cell serves to process, package and export proteins?
A. mitochondria
B. endoplasmic reticulum
C. nucleolus
D. golgi apparatus
11. Which part of the cell has the genetic material and is often called the "brain of the cell"?
A. Nuclear membrane
B. Ribosome
C. Nucleolus
D. Nucleus
12. Which organelle uses energy from sunlight to make glucose?
A. Mitochondria
B. Nucleus
C. Chloroplasts
D. Vacuoles
13. Which part is missing from human red blood cells?
A. The nucleus.
B. The cell membrane.
C. The cytoplasm.
D. Protein
14. What is the function of this cell?

A. Send the sunlight to chloroplast

B. Catch bacteria
C. Protect the skin
D. Send a impulse to the brain
15.Where you can find this type of cell?

A. Stem
B. Leaves
C. Root
D. Brain

Essay :
1. Write 4 type of cells that you know and its function!
2. Explain how the plant cells get the energy! Tell the complete process
3. What is the different between cells, tissue, organ, and organ system?
4. Make a table that show the different between animal cells and plant cells!
5. What is the function of RER and SER?
answer :
1. b
2. d
3. b
4. c
5. a
6. b
7. b
8. a
9. c
10. d
11. d
12. c
13. a
14. d
15. c
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