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by Willis Hall
Stanza 1 Stanza 2 Stanza 3 Stanza 4 Stanza 5
The persona is very The persona says According to the The persona's The persona says
proud of his father his father is not persona, his father is not his father is very
who he feels is the afraid of scary father is not afraid of brave. He is always
bravest. His father movies or afraid of ghosts. vampires, wolf- keen to show it.
is not araid of skeletons. He can overcome man, or But, when he sees
anything that any scary things. Frankenstein’s a spider, he has to
happens at night or monster. get mom to help
daytime. him remove it.

Moral Value
 We should acknowledge other people's abilities and strengths.
 We have to learn to accept other people's weaknesses.
 We must respect each other.
 We have to value and treasure family relationships.

 Parent-child relationship
 Hero worship and admiration
 People have their own skills and
 Admit that everyone has weaknesses
and flaws

Place : House – the child is talking about the father
being around the house - watching television
and a spider in the bath.
Time : No specific time frame

Literary Devices
Symbol : – ‘dead of night’ - symbolise the
and darkest part of the night
– ‘anything under the sun’ - anything
can be seen during the day
Repetition : – ‘My dad's as brave as a dad can be’

(line 1, stanza 1) ; (line 1, stanza 5)
– ‘He's not afraid of...’ –
(line 3, stanza 1); (line 1, stanza 2);
(line 1, stanza 3); (line 1, stanza 4)
Assonance : – ‘If Frankenstein's monster knocked

on our door’
Alliteration : – ‘And things that scare most dads
the most’